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  1. ton246

    e23 735 Oil type

    I need to top the oil on my 1982 735i ,but I don't have a handbook, can anyone advise best engine oil please.
  2. ton246

    Valve stem oil seals additive

    Mines an M20 ???
  3. According to the mot history, my car wasn't mot'd (used) between 2007 - 2014, it seems the valve stem oil seals may have become brittle over that period of time, as the car produces a whiff of smoke when pulling away under acceleration. I have been told there is an additive you can use to soften the seals ? Anyone know if this is true & if so what is the additive ? Thanks
  4. ton246


    Sorry Mick, completely forgot about this, you still up here ?
  5. As title says, my drivers seat base is pretty ropey, if anyone has a good one, not torn / worn I would be interested. Many Thanks
  6. ton246

    What oil to use in a 525e ?

    Topped up with 10w40 fully synthetic, it took a litre of oil to put it up to the full mark. It does have a slight weep so will keep an eye on it.
  7. ton246


    Just let me know, I can make any night really.
  8. ton246


    Kincardine Bridge meet ??
  9. ton246


    I don't know of any other e28 owners, but would be up for a meet one night, need to do it soon before it gets dark !!
  10. ton246


    I stay about 10mins from Rosyth.
  11. ton246

    gaza01 528i build

    Fair enough.
  12. ton246

    gaza01 528i build

    Any progress ?
  13. My 84' 525e needs the oil topped up, the manual is a bit vague on what type of oil to use, and done a quick search on here but couldn't find anything. I'm thinking 10w40 but don't know if I should use fully synthetic, part synthetic or what. What do people use. Sorry if this has been covered before.
  14. ton246

    E28 odds and ends

  15. ton246

    E28 odds and ends

    Do you have a boot lock with key ?