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  1. 525TD cut out while driving, now won't start

    Mine did this to me once but I got an injector error light on the dash. It turned out to be the in tank lift pump.
  2. Thread resurrection time... I'm going thru the same thing at the moment - drivers sport seat base heating pad tests bad. Did you find a decent replacement?
  3. Looking for the thigh support switch from a non-memory electric sport seat - 61311378380Also the seat loom from the same seat if anyone has a seat that is worse for wear that they are pulling apart!Thanks for any help.
  4. 540i Automatic Gearbox Problem

    Pull the trans sump off and check the linkage to the mechatronics, it may be jammed? Anything special about this car?
  5. Aftermarket door handle seals / trims

    Shogun on bimmerforums makes VERY good replacement ones. See his thread here: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1381192-FS-outer-door-handle-gaskets-E32-E34-E36-Z3
  6. BMW E60 M5 19" Wheels

    If anyone has some factory E60 M5 19" wheels for sale in great condition, please let me know. Must be willing to ship to Australia. Thanks!
  7. E60 Alpina Wheels 19"

    Hi all, Does anyone have a lead on some 19" Alpina wheels to suit an E60? Can see some on Ebay UK, but the seller won't respond to my offers and emails so open to any others that are around. Will require international shipping to AUS. Thanks, Aden
  8. Hi all, Found some unicorn poo and am looking for ballpark values on them so I can try to make them mine. E34 sedan rear door sun blind kit in great condition, all in tact with clips, door cards, etc. E34 sedan electric rear sun blind kit, all looms, switch, etc. I found an old Ebay listing from the US for a sun blind kit for the doors and it was around $US450 - seem right? Thanks!
  9. Checked that, had a previous repair done and had one broken wire which was for the glass release which worked again after another repair. With the key in the tailgate barrel, I also get the RM clicking trying to trigger the central locking.
  10. Visually checked the power protection relay and it looked fine, but didn't go any further as I thought if that failed I'd be getting issues with other systems? Wipers, windows, etc, all function correctly.
  11. Hi all, Recently picked up a 9/92 build 525i touring and it's in pretty good shape apart from a few niggles - the main one being that the central locking doesn't work! Things I've tried (not including a lot of Googling): -New general module -New relay module -Checked all fuses with multi-meter (only one blown - which was for the aux fan) -Checked fusible link -Powered actuators directly through the door loom while unplugged from the body loom, actuators react when powered on the correct pins Interior lights and electric windows work perfectly! When you trigger the central locking using the drivers side pin, door barrel or boot lock, the RM clicks, but no locks operate. Not even the fuel cap lock What would cause there to be no power getting to the actuators? Should I start pulling fuse boxes out to check for any bad connections and corrosion? Everything looks very clean under the back seat without any signs of water damage or misuse. Could there be another relay I haven't identified? Appreciate any guidance.
  12. Interesting e34 540i on eBay

    Seems a bit overpriced, but if anyone ends up buying it I'd pay handsomely for the engine.
  13. 95 TDS Air flow meter

    Could be the MAP sensor which has a pipe fed from the inlet manifold. If the sensor is faulty or the pipe has fallen off you won't get boost.