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  1. RIP Mark. Count Duckula was the best. Some of it was way too clever for children mind. Pure genius.
  2. My thoughts too Dan. Anyway, the "greener BMW" is in the 5th picture.
  3. And a lot of the flight control systems on Airbus planes. One heck of a diversified business. No, I'm not on comission
  4. I don't recall it being a "trick" one, so only a couple of thousand. They've only got to lift a "few" tons. Not like the one metre diameter cylinders at 30,000 psi which would lift 5,000 tons, but that's another story.
  5. If it's a reliable, cheap to run, plastic bodied V8 you want for 10K, I recommend : http://www.pistonhea...les/3235739.htm But, like most others, I have a huge soft spot for TVR's.
  6. Yes, JCB are good, but so are Liebherr ( and both are my customers, so I can't pick ). But which is the best ? - there's only one way to find out - FIGHT !
  7. Hi Darren, I've missed that luverly Arizona trim............. Winter draws on ( ooh er missus ) Cheers, Mark.
  8. Do what I did - post on a forum. That's why I'm here Thanks again Daz.
  9. All personal taste of course, but I'm not keen on the over-slammed look. Makes me think the suspension's gone Love the E9 though, and regret not swapping my Vauxhall Viva 2300 for one back in the eighties......
  10. Couldn't be any worse.......... Nice pics. Really like the blue one.
  11. DON'T DO IT ! I sold my 540 for a 52 CLK500, ran that for over 6 dull years, then bought my old 540 back. Nothing compares. Nothing. V8 E39's WILL be more valuable in time - as long as you don't mind waiting 10 + years ( I reckon ). But they will be the ones to have.
  12. I spent last winter on 19" Avon ZZ3's. No probs.
  13. Hear hear to all. V8's to the grave. Top marks for spending on the paint there URQ, looking good
  14. :lol: Only just read this thread, Welcome back Puggie mate, welcome back. P.S. SWMBO ? She Will Mostly Be Obdurate
  15. Welcome Mr Bond ( sorry, Dr. Bond ). Love the car and what you've done / doing. Don't recall seeing Toledo blue, but really looks good. Can't wait to hear your reports on the S/C and LSD - two things on my list to do. Cheers, Mark.