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  1. Insurance Hike

    I’ve just had my renewal notice from Post Office Money, who seemed quite reasonable last year. With no changes to circumstances and less than 4K miles a year, it’s gone up from £370 to £495. What is going on?
  2. Lear Amps

    I suspect that they are as expensive as their jets. Unless someone is giving it away, I would suggest you forget it.
  3. Insurance Hike

    I agree that fossil fuelled cars will continue to be targeted, but insurance is about risk, not what’s socially acceptable. I would pose the same risk in an electric car. A 30+ % rise cannot be justified by even the Green Party. If I didn’t need it to pull the caravan, I’d tell them to stuff it and get rid of the car.
  4. Hit and run story

    Someone knows.
  5. What would you do .. keep it or sell it - E39?

    Inclined to agree with that last comment. If you flog it you’ll get peanuts, so don’t spend more than you have to. Just keep it clean, keep it going and keep it.
  6. New Fridge!

    We got last week too. It’s called Yorkshire.
  7. Bmw cherry popped!

    Welcome Tom. Get the ‘niggles’ sorted and tackle the rust as soon as the weather improves. The car will be all you hoped for, I’m sure. Make sure the cooling system is A 1. Overheating kills these engines very quickly. Keep us posted.
  8. cabriltt

    Welcome. All the best people have e39 Tourings. Hope you love yours.
  9. To close for comfort !

    Lucky escape. Not the best vehicles for tackling snow covered hills.
  10. What are you eating right now? ONLY PICS

    The cake looks good and the the tea-pot is ace. I’d like one of each please.
  11. Road Tax Fine

    Allows someone ready to make a profit out of someone else’s misfortune. If everybody did everything right, think how many debt collectors and associates would be out of work.
  12. Selling mercury

    Specialist metals company? Johnson Mathay or somecsuch name?
  13. NKOTB

    Hi Simmy. Glad that your problems are only little ones. As you say, if can’t get an answer on here, then no one knows!
  14. E39 Rear Cup Holder £25

    I’m not knocking your very good offer, but considering how flimsy these things are, I would rather fit a couple of bathroom fittings!
  15. New Datsun GTR?

    I’m on the list to wave to one as it goes by and put a piece of paper on the road to get a souvenir tyre print.
  16. Angel eyes are not called angel eyes

    Lay odds no one starts calling them corona rings.
  17. VAriable damper control

    Judging by the response, no one here as a clue either.
  18. s333eet

    Welcome. Weather should start to improve about April.
  19. Winter advice from the AA....

    Excellent. My kind of humour.
  20. Oh the irony!

    Deliberately crashed by a Vision Express undercover agent.
  21. Apple Pencil - can ANYONE get it to work??

    Fall-back situation is graphite. Even works under water, or outer space.
  22. Hi from Wiltshire

    Hi R. Post your many questions in the relevant section. The response should be better.
  23. vacuum pipes

    Can’t remember off hand what Dexron number, I’ll check, but a search on this topic will give to you. Doing it yourself is not difficult. If you feel less than confident with the spanners, have your ‘man’ do it. Drop the oil when warm, fill and restart the engine . Run it through the gears for a few minutes, drain while still hot. Then clean the pan, change the filter and refill. Good to go. Ask him to swop the lock-up solenoid while he’s in there. Don’t cost a packet and good insurance.
  24. Yep, i did it again...

    Take out the ads and you’re left with ten pages. Mega ripoff. They all deserve to go bust.
  25. Road Tax Fine

    Unless you can get a major media player like the beeb to fight your corner, you’re stuffed. A national newspaper might be interested, but don’t hold your breath.