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  1. Sounds like you a big branch and give it a damn good thrashing!
  2. Bet the next takeoff wasn't so nifty.
  3. My 530d is on 188k and autobox is perfect. my lads is on 210k and perfect. Both had the fluid and filter changed. Can only suggest you listen and 'feel' very carefully when you test drive it.
  4. I don't know if we have that service, but the last time I rang 101, I gave up after 15mins without an answer.
  5. Can't unless we change the caravan for a much smaller one that the Westminster could pull. You could give me a quote for fitting the seats and column. Only way it's going to happen.
  6. If it helps, I faithfully promise to come in a five next time.
  7. Around the same time I built a Nova kit car, hydraulic roof/canopy, on a beetle chassis. That had the same wheels. Looked hypersonic, went like a snail. Kids loved it.
  8. Glad you found it. Obviously been ignored for many tens of thousands of miles. Lesson to all. Change it every couple of years regardless.
  9. Enjoyed the get-together guys. Lucky we left when we did, it absolutely pissed down later. Perhaps we should all turn up in wet suits next time. We won't stand out so much.
  10. Yes there are three. If the one under the passenger seat is on it's way out, the engine on max demand will want more than pump can give. When I had mine remapped, I had to change the pump. It could just about cope with the standard state of tune but not any higher. Sounds like this is your problem. Very easy to swop.
  11. Welcome Muz. You will love it once it's running like it should.
  12. Interesting idea, but if you'd ever seen me play football you might want to reconsider.
  13. I could do that, if I was suspended from a crane . Awesome. Better than the Dutch guys.
  14. The electric seats and column are still in the garage. Beginning to think I will never get around to fitting them. So that rules them out as suspects.
  15. Afraid Andrew can't make it, due to family commitments. But don't panic, I'll be there! Just hope the weather is reasonable.
  16. Welcome Fin. Having a similar vintage model, I can only agree as to how well they drive. I did the transmission job a few thousand miles ago, including the solenoid. Was good before, is good now. And yes, running on brown slush is not to be recommended. Looking forward to the pictures. Where is home, btw?
  17. Interesting bodge, but with 6+ amps going somewhere, I need to find it and sort it. Only surprise is that fuse doesn't blow.
  18. I too have a current drain problem, which is being held at bay at the moment by pulling fuse 4. It does disable the interior lights, plus the parking sensors and the SLS system. Every month, or when I couple the caravan, I have to put the fuse back until the suspension has pumped itself up, then pull it out again. Bit of a nuisance but better than a flat battery. With the fuse in, the drain is 6.7 amps! God knows where it's going.
  19. Nice model, but spoiled by the out of scale metallic paint.
  20. I would have thought armed robbery got you a five stretch at minimum.
  21. Very sad. My thoughts and best wishes go to his family.
  22. Welcome. Looks like you and your pals are fond of beemers!
  23. Don't need it right now but what is that Dan? Can't see the link.
  24. The shite to beer ratio is directly proportional. Bring a spare driver and you can out-shite everyone.
  25. Sounds like a Clavaurian problem.