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  1. Yep, i did it again...

    Take out the ads and you’re left with ten pages. Mega ripoff. They all deserve to go bust.
  2. Road Tax Fine

    Unless you can get a major media player like the beeb to fight your corner, you’re stuffed. A national newspaper might be interested, but don’t hold your breath.
  3. Only about five times the value of my car. Bargain. I’ll let you know when it arrives.
  4. I broke it again

    Always nice when a repair goes to plan, doesn’t break the bank and leaves all your knuckles intact!
  5. Immobiliser Problem

    Hi Owain. I see no one has replied to your post. Try asking in the relevant car section, a lot of folk don’t read this bit.
  6. New member & first time BMW owner

    Hi Mr Moon. Nice looking car. Still getting used to it? It is so different from what you’ve had before?
  7. Prospective buyer

    Hi Maxwell. Don’t want to put you off if you really fancy an E34, but it sounds like a very expensive proposition. If the engine is as worn as you suggest, you are looking at a minimum of £1000 to rebuild it. Add the same again for bodywork and paint, plus all sorts of ancillary bits and expenses. A decent, running and roadworthy car would be a better bet and lot cheaper. Perhaps I’m being pessimistic, but your description would put me off, unless it was a serious classic and had some real value.
  8. Turbo Blanket?

    Never heard anyone mention that before. What’s it supposed to do? Something like exhaust wrap?
  9. Car rust repair above back bumper

    Looking at your pictures nhasan, I would say for certain that a two to three inch section needs cutting out and new metal welding in. Done properly, the repair will outlive the car. I would expect any decent body shop to do a good invisible repair.
  10. Does anyone know part number for this???

    That part looks a dead ringer for exhaust pipe hangers, available for peanuts at lots of places.
  11. How would you react............

    Tried to look ,but just got message Access Denied.
  12. How to test an automatic gearbox?

    I once removed an auto box from a Mk1 Scirocco, drained the fluid and didn’t refit it for about a year. In the interval, the internals corroded and the box was u/s.
  13. Hi - new boy here...

    Welcome Stu. Hope you sorted your problems. If not, you only have to ask.
  14. vacuum pipes

    When I did mine I used about three metres, but the engine mounts looked ok so I left those. Still good four years later.
  15. E39 rear suspension arms question

    Both have a good rep. Save some cash and get them.
  16. E39 restoration project.

    Hope it all goes well Lewis. What warranty are they giving you? £1800 could probably buy you another car, but it wouldn’t come a decent warranty on its auto box.
  17. Front Control arm dramas

    In some areas, I have been pleased to see it designed by an engineer and not a bean counter, but as said, some jobs are such a p.i.t.a. Still sorting the tailgate rust at the moment. Seriously weird way they have fitted the wiring ! Totally responsible for the rust. Designed by an idiot.
  18. Autobox erratic when cold

    They hold the lower ratios longer to speed up the warming time. If it seems excessive, or erratic, check as above. Despite the ongoing arguments, that will never be resolved, your box will benefit from a fliud and filter change. No mechanical device thrives on mucky lubricants.
  19. Bloody frozen !

    Gummipfledge?? I’ll have to Google that one, never heard of it.
  20. Hi all

    Hi Grubby. Never driven a Porsche, but I think you are comparing very different cars, built for very different tasks. If you must go around corners that quick, put your veggies in the footwell!
  21. vacuum pipes

    Hi Amy’s Dad. Blank off the pipes that went to the swirl flaps. Replace all the other flat and perished ones. Some go to the engine mounts to change the stiffness according to load. The ones that are responsible for ‘pulling like a train’ go to the turbo actuator. If these are not perfect, the turbo vane geometry is not changed and boost is only correct at one engine speed, usually high up the Rev band. Performance is poor until this point is reached. Sort this and you should be pleasantly surprised at how your car takes off. Invest in a remap and you will be even more delighted.
  22. Possible 5 series owner here

    Hi Ray. You don’t say what model year you are looking at. Us members with the E39 have full size spares as standard. I presume later models don’t have the space below the boot floor? So what’s occupying what is a huge space on our cars?
  23. TV guide....

    Oh you young people! Just you wait. Specsavers already have you on their radar. I’ll stick with my Radio Times thank you. Can can’t wrap the sprout peelings in the online guide!
  24. MOT reminder

    Smart move. Years from now, kids will ask “What’s a pencil Grandad?”
  25. Ambient temp sensor

    Just read it and take ten off. Bugger about replacing it when it’s warmer outside and you’ve got nothing better to do.