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  1. Should I worry about soot build up on valves?

    What about that Terraclean system that folk bang on about? Would that do it?
  2. New member/owner e39

    Welcome Dobbo. I suspect you will fall under the e39 spell and this car will be around a lot longer than you expected.
  3. Hi im new.......

    Hi Gavin. Welcome. Being partial to trucks and living in Leyland, you will be familiar with the Leyland Transport Museum. Visited a couple of years back, really enjoyed it.
  4. Blanking swirl flaps is good?

    Mine got done a few years ago and I have never noticed any roughness or lack of drivability, at any speed or temperature. Just for your peace of mind, do it.
  5. Tailgate rot

    I’ve been putting it off for months, but today I made a start on sorting the rot in the corners of the tailgate at the bottom of the glass opening. The hole where the wiring goes through has rotted out and when it rains the tailgate fills with water. Not good! I’ll post some pictures as I go along, just in case anyone else needs to tackle the same job. Needless to say, if I had done this at the first sign of a rust bubble, it would have been a much simpler job. I’m going to be sensible and do the bubbles on the sills while I am in the mood. Don’t need the car for a few weeks, so no rush. Went back down into the garage after lunch to find the hazard lights on. Must be something to do with disconnecting the wiring. If it does it again I’ll disconnect the battery. In fact I think I will anyway.
  6. Tailgate rot

    Well I've made a start and it's not looking good. The tailgate is bad on the nearside and very bad on the other. I've started on the offside sill at the rear too. that's crap on the end, but the structural parts and jacking point are perfect, thank goodness. The tailgate has been given the rust cure treatment while I wait for some small cutting discs for my dremel-a-like. All the rough bits will be cut out and new metal welded in.
  7. E39 article on Honest John Classics

    Can’t argue with the content, but then, there isn’t much of it. Just glad I’ve got one!
  8. Trailer tyre - technology swap

    +1. My caravan rolls on van tyres. Easy to source and not expensive.
  9. Speaker Static

    You can’t just say “solved” and leave us hanging!
  10. Traffic jam boredom?

    Says the video is unavailable.
  11. How Toxic is your car

    Interesting article. Got to be electric for the future. Wonder what emissions are like from the battery factory?
  12. Using an electric car to power your home

    Agree with that. i3 must be the ugliest thing on the road. I want a Tesla. Shame I can’t afford one.
  13. Mr

    On no account replace just the one shock. They must be done in matched pairs. Serious safety issue.
  14. Another oldie worth dusting off.

    Idiot. Him not you.
  15. The people who make vast amounts of money out of the making and selling of guns will continue to buy the power they need to protect their industry. No matter how many deaths there are in America, this is never going to change. The "fifty percent " who want changes, don't shout loud enough and don't vote in the right politicians. come back to this thread in ten years and see if anything has changed. Don't hold your breath.
  16. My babe...

    Looks very well kept. Keep up the good work.
  17. Back in a 5 - Christmas came early!!

    Unless she's a serious driver, tell it's been chipped, mapped and whatever and the throttle response is frightening. Hopefully she will keep well away!
  18. Now then

    Welcome Dan. Being new, your car won't be needing any attention from you or us for quite a while. One hopes!
  19. So you service your own car - newbie help

    If you do get a diesel there is a good guide at the start of this section.
  20. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    "Note to self, must try harder and show all working out in margin."
  21. 530d. What causes smoke

    Could you have leaky injectors that put excess fuel into the inlet overnight?
  22. Car theft back

    A few years ago I had a Pug 406 diesel, that I regarded as a very good car. One day the glow plug relay failed and I couldn't find a replacement at the breakers. I refused to pay the exorbitant price that Peugeot wanted, so I fitted a simple switch and stuffed it under the dash. This was a car that would never ever start from cold without the full glow plug cycle. So, if I forgot to switch it on and count to ten the car wouldn't go. Quite an effective anti-theft device.
  23. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    I remember hearing and smelling mine a few years back. Now I'm retired I never has to go out early, and if it's really cold, not at all! So, if it still works or not, I really don't know. Will follow the thread with great interest though. Post up lots of close-up pictures as you go along.
  24. 530d. What causes smoke

    Do you give it some boot straightaway, or after having driven a few miles? The longer you resist booting it, does the volume of smoke decrease, or stay the same? Just thinking of possibilities.
  25. Car theft back

    A lot to be said for walking away with the rotor arm, or its modern equivalent, in your pocket. As least, when your car gets to ten plus years old it's not as desirable to car thieves.