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  1. syncrofred

    Diesel 11p a litre more than petrol

    I seem to recollect some fuss about the difference in price being unjustifiable and the prices levelled out. This was a couple of years ago. I assume ‘they’ think we’ve forgotten. I think I’ll have my car converted to operate on the Stirling cycle and run it on coal.
  2. syncrofred

    The Christmas present....

    You can always rely on someone lowering the tone on this forum. Must be why it’s so popular.
  3. syncrofred

    Newbie here e60 535d

    Hi Allan. Welcome to the Forum. We derv fans will soon be an endangered species.
  4. syncrofred

    Hello Everyone - E39 530i Sport

    Welcome Starbucks. Nice machine that deserves looking after. Put a fluid and filter change for the auto box on your to do list.
  5. syncrofred

    newbie here!!

    Welcome guys. We derv lovers must stick together, we are in line for serious persecution.
  6. syncrofred

    Top Gear to get worse.

    Nothing I’ve read tempts me to start watching it again, but if pulls in lots of money and help the Beeb to remain advert free, then I hope it runs for ever.
  7. syncrofred

    All you need is a positive attitude....

    Have to say you are right with that one.
  8. syncrofred

    front wing cabin microfilter drains blocked

    While you in that area it’s worth checking that the wiper motor isn’t under water! Caught mine just in time, my lad wasn’t so lucky.
  9. syncrofred

    Rother Valley meet 2018

    You can’t fool us mate. Sunny Southport has rendered you insensitive. You need some good Yorkshire air asap.
  10. syncrofred

    Rother Valley meet 2018

    You’ve been feeling bad for several years. Why change now?
  11. syncrofred

    Rother Valley meet 2018

    Biggest lineup of 5s I’ve seen in a while. The sun shone, the Park was full and the beer and chips were spot on. Roll on next year!
  12. syncrofred

    Rother Valley meet 2018

    I’m coming in a Five, just to be different.
  13. syncrofred

    E39 touring newbie.

    Looks like a very well looked after car Freza. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do mine.
  14. syncrofred

    Halfords discount????

    Agree totally with the Halfords comments. Broke a socket, took it back, changed for new no problem. I’d had it several years and it had done a lot of work. Always buy their stuff when I can.
  15. syncrofred

    Hi, new e39 owner

    While the auto box is working well, do a flush, fluid and filter change as a preventative measure. While you are in there, change the lock-up solenoid. Not a big expense, but very worthwhile.