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  1. Good to hear you have the priority mods organised Simon. Welcome to the .club
  2. Took it for an MOT this morning. Passed. Even said the handbrake was good!
  3. Hi Russ. Must be an early one to be tds. Looks in good fettle though.
  4. Welcome Red. Hope your new car is trouble free.
  5. Welcome Phil. I'll be surprised if you can ask a daft question that someone hasn't already asked.
  6. Yes please. Put me on the list.
  7. I heard on the news that the driving test is going to drop the reversing around a bend. Does this mean that even fewer drivers will be able to back up without mounting the kerb?
  8. Zero, but when the warmer weather arrives I've got a wiring fault to sort out. Shouldn't cost anything though. BUT, THE MOT IS DUE THIS WEEK,!
  9. Hi there Joe. So, you do car upholstery! Could be a lot of work coming your way.
  10. White lights at the back? Highly illegal ! How about introducing yourself?
  11. Hi Robertas . Not everyone reads the New Members bit, try asking again in the section for your Series car.
  12. E39

    Hi Corkreb, welcome to the forum. Sounds like your best bet to put you on the right track would be to have the fault codes read. Could save a lot of time.
  13. Just been to the NEC with my 1955 Austin. No electronics, never missed a beat. The older my 530d gets, the more I worry about total 'leccy melt-down.
  14. Subtle difference between over-staying your welcome in a motorway services area and clocking up £28k in charges.
  15. Odd indeed unless it's something to do with the headlamp washers.