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  1. £100 including 'leccy seats? Snap it up sunshine.
  2. Almost certainly.
  3. Welcome Charlie. Are beemers more child friendly than Audis?
  4. After all the horror stories on here about flaps, how can anyone possibly think that leaving them in could be a good idea?
  5. Can do the 28th May, but I'm at Tatton Park in June.
  6. Whenever my wife's 206 is called on, it starts instantly, no matter how long it's been stood. MOTs hold no fear and rust wouldn't dare to appear on it. It's also comfortable and handles sensibly well. Short runs and around the city it's better than the Beemer.
  7. This is true, but I have noticed that all too often they don't get a welcome. I seem to do a lot of this. Come on guys, we are supposed to be a friendly team.
  8. Sounds reasonable. I'll have to connect the ammeter again and sit patiently waiting for it to go to sleep and see what the reading goes down to. Always assuming that it does go down!
  9. 0.5 may be too high, but it's a hell of an improvement on 6.5. If connecting the ammeter wakes it up, then it seems reasonable to think 0.5 when awake is a not unreasonable figure. At least it will take twelve times as long to flatten the battery.
  10. I didn't reconnect it, just put the meter between the terminal and cable. This morning I started pulling the fuses and when I pulled the one for the the interior and trunk lighting the current drain dropped from 6.6 to 0.5. So, it looks like I've found the problem. I can live without the interior lights for a while. Chances are high that the fault is in the loom near the tailgate hinges.
  11. Mine was mapped to 500nm a couple of years back. Currently on 187k. I've changed the fluid and filter and it's perfect.
  12. A filthy perv and a LAGER drinker! The landlord should ban him.
  13. I don't even know what a G30 is, but welcome anyway.
  14. Welcome to the forum Father. You will get a real panning if you don't remove the Msport badge. This is regarded as high crime on here.
  15. Do you think the cable has developed some slack? Could a spacer to fitted somewhere to tighten it?