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  1. Paste me in will you. Flandy too.
  2. That's made my 'don't crap yourself ' muscles ache! There are some very strange people in the world.
  3. I should knock off the hire cost for buggering you about. Unless the paint job is already well discounted.
  4. Hi Alex. Hope you are enjoying your retirement and getting out in your 'toys' on a regular basis.
  5. There is a 'master' valve in the compressor unit and I believe, individual ones in the reservoirs feeding each bag. Raymond is the SLS guru. Give him a shout.
  6. Could be a faulty valve. If you sure the bags are good and the problem is intermittent, that would be favourite.
  7. What do call 'reasonably' priced. There are a lot of cars around and many with a better spec than this one. Have a look at a few. You haven't mentioned if it's manual or auto. If auto, does it shift gears super smooth? You're a mechanic, you know what a re-con will cost you.
  8. Hi Davy. Welcome to the wonderful world of BMW. I think that most folk on here would say that the 520 is under-powered for such a big heavy car, but if insurance and such is a big factor in your choice, then it should be the cheapest. Keep us posted with developments.
  9. Next doors cat?
  10. They well might. I believe petrol mowers are mega crap in the emissions dept. Have to fit a second 'grass box' to house the cat, egr, particulate filter and tiny adblu doo-dad.
  11. Recently made a new connection for mine with a suitable nut and bolt. Headlights now shine on the road and not the front bumper!
  12. As above, the labour cost on a 15year plus car could well consign it to the scrapers. If I had to do I would, but I'd expect to spend several slow days and many sleepless nights on the project. Would also call on No. 1 son for back up! Considering that the fan on modern cars runs all the time, it is quite amazing how reliable they are.
  13. I had my pollen filters out recently to check the wiper linkages and yes, the motor was half submerged thanks to blocked drain holes. Just caught it in time.
  14. Plastic covers over a car's vitals have a lot to answer for. I bet the breakers are full of such casualties.
  15. Can't make my mind up about amber angels. At first glance I think normal bulbs with a bad earth. Think I would have to go with brilliant white.