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  1. Hi Dan. Welcome to the forum. Nice looking motor. A bit more refined than the Scooby I suspect.
  2. Hi Andy. What have got that needs tuning?
  3. Had the headlights shining six feet in front of the car for a few weeks. Assumed the adjusters were broken and the self levelling was'nt working. My lad noticed the sensor hanging loose at the front and fastened it back with an elastic band. Instant repair! So I got the car up and found the link to the suspension arm was ok but the clip onto the arm had broken. Drilled out the end of the link, fitted a bolt through it with a captive nut into a jubilee clip and hey presto, permanent fix at zero cost.
  4. Depending on what is above the bolt position, you may be able to replace it with a longer boot going right through the body, if you can't get the original set-up to tighten.
  5. White smoke is usually water vapour I think. Do a compression test. Could be a head gasket problem.
  6. When did they announce increases in VED? I certainly missed it.
  7. Only applies to sport steering wheel. So I won't get one.
  8. Why would gas be bad news?
  9. Can I suggest we meet at Rother Valley again, then worst case Raymond can catch the bus.
  10. Who's going to rag me about electric seats now? See you next time mate.
  11. That is mega cheap RichardP. Who is that With?
  12. Industrial size sick bag?
  13. Interesting, or spooky? As you say these handbrakes are notoriously bad, but mines passed the last couple of years without any attention. I'd go somewhere else next year if I was you.
  14. Good job I'm coming then. It's nearly my wife's birthday, but you just have to make the effort don't you?
  15. Hi Haz. Can't help with your car enquiry, but welcome anyway. A lot of members don't read this bit, so try asking your question in the E60 section. Nothing to lose.