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  1. TV guide....

    Oh you young people! Just you wait. Specsavers already have you on their radar. I’ll stick with my Radio Times thank you. Can can’t wrap the sprout peelings in the online guide!
  2. MOT reminder

    Smart move. Years from now, kids will ask “What’s a pencil Grandad?”
  3. Ambient temp sensor

    Just read it and take ten off. Bugger about replacing it when it’s warmer outside and you’ve got nothing better to do.
  4. TV guide....

    I hit the big 7, O. this week, so I am so old school as to be almost pre-school! We have the Radio Times delivered EVERY week. Plenty of reading and info. Vastly better than ‘on the box’ guides and considerably quicker to find something. There is a point at which the tech approach is actually pointless. ( which is a programme I like btw)
  5. FFS!

    Big Brother and thousands of his mates. You won’t dare fart soon.
  6. MOT reminder

    When all the tech dies we are going to be up sh*t creek aren’t we?
  7. Thank you and goodbye

    Manuals being in the minority, you shouldn’t have any problem selling it. Keep looking in Dark and let us know what you are up to. Cheers.
  8. Eratic engine

    realoem have detailed parts diagrams. This should help you pin down what goes where. If someone in your area could read the fault codes that would help even more.
  9. Auto Transmission on a 1997 BMW E39 523i

    I think you will find that the GM boxes were fitted to diesels. Love your old one.
  10. MOT reminder

    Second to last actually. Just read it myself.
  11. Hello All

    Welcome. Apologies for no one saying hello sooner. Compulsory condition of joining is posting pictures. Past or present, but preferably both.
  12. Hi I am new to the forum

    Welcome. Only 56k? Wow! Where has it been?
  13. Hello I'm new here

    All a matter of taste. Yours is obviously very different to mine. Don’t know what these wrap jobs cost, but unless you have money to burn, you need to be sure to get it right first time. Anyway, welcome. Put some pictures up of the before and after.
  14. Hi.new from barnsley e39 525d touring

    Barnsley. We are almost neighbours. Our cars are getting broken for parts regularly. Picking up some good seats should be easy, unless they are a rare colour.
  15. E60 inlet manifold onto my E39

    You didn’t explain why the change. Is it a better shape?