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  1. syncrofred

    Rust e39 no hope?

    The general opinion is save your money and scrap it. Even if you are good at welding yourself, there is going to be so much more on a car that bad. Kiss it goodbye and get another that has been carefully vetted.
  2. syncrofred

    Rother Valley meet 2018

    We are planning a week away in Sept, but not decided where or when. So put me down as a yes, but I’ll confirm later. I’ll try and remember to see if Andrew is available too when the date is sorted. Can this great summer last long enough Raymond or are we heading for flash floods in the valley?
  3. syncrofred


    This thread should carry a health warning.
  4. syncrofred

    3night break suggestions please

    If you’re ok with ferries, how about Dublin?
  5. syncrofred

    Simple electrical connectors

    Simple waterproof and cheap. Fits the bill for me.
  6. syncrofred

    Hello everyone from a new member

    Hi Steve. Presumably you are going to fix it yourself. Good luck.
  7. syncrofred

    Buying part worn tyres

    As above, who buys a S/h car and immediately buys brand new tyres? No one I’ve ever met. But I wouldn’t set out to buy used tyres, unless they were winters and from a very trusted source.
  8. syncrofred

    New forum member into E28s (and E12s)

    Welcome to the Forum. Hope your search for a car goes quicker than for the garage. My son has a rust free E21 and he loves it. They are out there, keep looking.
  9. syncrofred

    Hi all.

    Hi Jambo. Let’s see the pictures soon as. Hope you love it.
  10. syncrofred

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Got it through it’s MOT on the second attempt, thanks to that sodding handbrake !! The drum looks capable of using a shoe that is 50% wider than standard. Has anyone ever found such a shoe?
  11. syncrofred

    New member

    Welcome Col. Looking at the forecast, it could a while before you get the camera out!
  12. syncrofred

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Good fix black cat. I’ve just stripped, cleaned and adjusted the handbrake, ready for impending MOT. Can but hope!
  13. syncrofred

    MOT time - not sure what to make of it...

    Sort the issues in your own time and be thankful you got off so lightly.
  14. syncrofred

    Hello from Sweden!

    Welcome aboard. Your top three missed out your wife. Mistake?
  15. syncrofred

    Lear Amps

    I suspect that they are as expensive as their jets. Unless someone is giving it away, I would suggest you forget it.