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  1. Oh. I didn't realise. If anyone intested I can send pics on wattsapp. What's an alternative to upload pics now then...imageshack?
  2. Genuine bmw style 138 alloy wheels with Runflat tyres 17inch, 7.5j wide all round, 5x120, ET20 offset used but very good condition. only 1/2 minor age related marks which i have touched in with Silver touch up paint since taking pics no cracks/welds or repairs/flat spots. no buckles. run smooth no shakes tyres 2x REAR both matching GOODYEAR EAGLE NCT5 225/50/R17 94W RUNFLAT approx 6mm tread 2x FRONTS both matching BRIDGESTONE POTENZA S001 225/50/R17 94W RUNFLAT Approx 5mm tread but the passenger side one has more uneven wear on the outer edge due to tracking issue. but still legal as the rest of tyre is still 5mm and the legal limit needs to be at least 1.6mm across 75% of tyre , this should even out once driven over time i think come with genuine bmw centre badges price is £275 for the four wheels/tyres contact number 07 88 29 07 335 payment : either cash on collection or pay via bacs transfer if you want to arrange a courier Location central birmingham, 2 miles from city centre. approx 5/10 minute drive M6 junction 5 or 6 pics: just click on the image to show the actual image . dont know why this is happening
  3. sorted now mods please delete
  4. its done just past, 105000 its has full service history although not all by bmw I took it to a local garage yesterday, they put it up on ramp, removed the second undertray which covers the dpf to reveal the flexi. The mechanic said the flexi was fine and no need to replace it. He had a look under bonnet with a light and said that judging from the soot build up on the heatsheild on the car body in the engine bay it was the manifold. Since removing the undertray there has been a huge reduction in the amount of fumes i can smell (almost non ) . I think its because the fumes are flowing under the car now as appose to just coming in to the cabin via vents. He quoted approx £150.00 labour to do it I think i will study the diy guides online a bit more and order the manifold. i will attempt do do it and worst case i will drop it in
  5. thats a 5 series e39 in pic
  6. ok, thanks, what sort of figure am i looking at for a turbo thinking "if its not broke dont fix it mode at moment?" and any pointers to diy guides ?
  7. hi guys 525d M57 engine (2.5 diesel no lci 3.0) Symptoms as follows: strong diesel fume smells in cabin now for past couple months, been getting worse so ive decided to do something about it car doesnt feel as responsive from 1500-3500 like before my searches show its likely to be a cracked manifold or broken flexi my question is how can i confirm which one it is before ordering the cast iron manifold off ebay. I want to be sure I would like to do it myself as ive done the swirl flaps so have the "ability" and tools to give it a go Only thing worries me is snapping the studs on exhaust manifold I have removed the top engine cover, smaller engine cover at back and left them off I also removed the front undertray from underneath the car , will i need to remove the other undertrays aswell? So whats the next step to diagnose it...when i start the car i can definitely smell exhaust fumes but cant see any smoke also any links to diy guides appreciated thanks
  8. What sort of deal we talking. The 138s are good condition. Rears Goodyear nct 5 runflats 6mm front bridgestone potenza runflats 5mm but 1 is worn on outer edge due to tracking.et20
  9. on the look out for some budget 19s for E60 currently running on 17in style 138s which i dont like at all I can offer the 17in style 138s in px or buy outright details of the 138s: good condition. no corosion. 2 rear tyres goodyear nct5 runflat with approx 6mm tread. fronts bridgestone potenza runflat approx 5mm tread but the passenger tyre has worn on outer edge due to tracking .pics available if required. not too fussy on style but must not be buckled/damaged or previously repaired. original condition must have decent tyres as long as they fit an e60 without spacers and look ok will travel upto 50 miles from bham drop me a pm with details of wheels/offset/tyre sizes and price. But im on a low budget hence not wanting anything fancy, dont have to be genuine just basically 19 inch round, air tight and with tyres im looking regularly on ebay and gumtree aswell no real hurry but ideally want some this month
  10. have tried several times . it keeps going to the -------- after the orange triangle phase? and if i continue to hold it will go to the hidden menu anyone else had this issue, is it because the oil service is showing overdue by 2400 miles (its been done though)
  11. Want genuine standard mv2 for e60 so if anyone wants rid let me know near birmingham, can travel around 75 miles radius. cheaper better but reasonable price paid
  12. jake you mean the plug under near the sump how could that affect the service light no resetting?
  13. hi i serviced my car myself and tried to reset oil service light using the youtube guide but it doesnt seem to go into the "mode" . im reading that its locked because its gone over the mileage and the light is now red rather than orange? if so how can i do it a case of plug into computer? anyone in birmingham that can do it relatively cheap?
  14. got the front now so only need 1 rear 9.5j bump, anyone? looking daily on ebay,
  15. ok i stand corrected. that looks like a poor repair from what i can see. if it isnt buckled then i would get it re-done , theres a few genuine uncracked single wheels on ebay and gumtree,