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  1. mudd786

    It's all in the details

    My passenger head rest rattles ugh so annoying other than that well screwed together oh and yes concur with the seat belt rattle
  2. I recall reading in the f10 they have really insulated B47 and mounts are really absorbing, they mention engine is almost cocooned to enhance refinement and aid heat up apparently supposed to retain heat for much longer I presume x1 due to design and chassis can’t seal engine as much
  3. mudd786

    F10/F11 heating, or lack of!

    Would be interesting if you could pop up the efficiency graph for 10 minutes without the ac on see if it changes any on a flat ish part of the m40, curiosity
  4. mudd786

    F10/F11 heating, or lack of!

    yes it adds a huge load to the engine 15 - 20 % consumption i remember reading, Hence why most green info is if your at slow speeds and its warm just put your window down as your stop starting and this has a huge drag on the engine. imagine the efficiency bmw have tried to obtain by omitting a belt driven steering pump, making it electric and a steering pump is tiny in comparison. On motorway as the engine is already at a decent torque level use the AC esp as opening a window will cause more drag hitting the efficiency harder. yes your totally correct you must use the air con just keep it healthy but just pop it on now and then on motor way. My nephews 330D compressor was leaking and the garage found it to be the shaft seal at the front he said thats where they go if they havent been used enough that seal dries up and flattens allowing the refrigerant to escape I had my e39 for 9 - 10 years just used ac when it was a boiling hot day or really stuffy and occasionally during winter to keep it operational .
  5. mudd786

    F10/F11 heating, or lack of!

    Uses much more fuel I just use it if I get condensation or stuffy feeling in cabin or obviously when it it’s hot ahh miss the heat relflective wind screen and DG windows lol
  6. mudd786

    F10/F11 heating, or lack of!

    the temp gauge is it oil temp ? myn looks like a oil can with a thermometer on top is this correct ? as i have been thinking that i dont have a water temp gauge
  7. LOL but they use those drivers and daaaaaayuuummm they tighten up those bolts I snapped a wheel brace trying to undo a wheel nut, placed it on the nut and i swear i was jumping on it did not shift brace bent and snapped, and yes hurt my pinky toe :( alot
  8. mudd786

    F10 520d 2010 Won't Start

    if you have breakdown cover this would be a good thing to check my nephew filled up at a unknown petrol station car drove a few mile stopped dead after it spluttered and ran rough. AA man found in the end fouled fuel. was gritty and sandy looking my nephew said after he had it removed and cleaned out. After that been running ok. Hes car is a 330d 2010. I hope its something as simple as this for you.
  9. they do not seem too dissimilar to my existing ones, I hate cleaning them also getting between that gap of the spoke ugh that is why the design on that 19 looks nice and also prob easier to clean feel like I spend as much time washing the car as the blinking wheels ugh and they not even that special lol
  10. a little off topic is this design only available as staggered ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-BMW-5-6-Series-19-Front-Alloy-Wheel-M-Sport-351M-F10-F11-F12-Runflat/253923090208?fits=Car+Make%3ABMW|Cars+Type%3A530d|Plat_Gen%3AF10&hash=item3b1efedf20:g:nuEAAOSwLfRbM5nR:rk:22:pf:0 My 520d stand 17s just look horrible I do not want staggered setup as i like ease of same tyres and rotation? Ideally would want 18s so as to keep the ride soft as possible cheers
  11. I have received the heaters and rewired the switches to use the BMW seat heating switches the mats look and feel good a fabric flexible weave with the carbon fiber heating element so pressing the button brings on all three LEDs, push again two LEDs, push again one LED, the output to the mats drops also respectively 12v, 6v and 3v. final button push sees all off and no power also when you remove 12v switch cable it switches off and stays off. the illumination of the button also works. so looking at the button it will be oem to look at. next step fitting to the seat and then i just need to source a permanent 12v feed fused for main power and a switched feed to possibly ignition on ? and then a illumination feed hope i can get all this from the rear easily. just need to get some free time now
  12. mudd786

    F10/F11 heating, or lack of!

    Yes the heat should come through pretty quickly I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the heater gets hot wife and I were concerned with being a diesel may take ages to warm up. 5min I would say at current outside temp you can feel warm to hot air come through. I do have have a concern though the windshield fogs over a few seconds as though there is a lot of humidity then you hear the fan adjust and air comes up to the windshield and clears do not like that makes me think something not right. Almost as though air con has been on etc and then switched off but i always look to see air con is off. Also on the E39 you could leave fan on auto and select position of air feet body etc new one only allows full auto or manual. Myn is the basic climate control which could be why.
  13. mudd786

    Headlight dance?

    exactly that using filters it creates a pattern that avoids dazzling the car (s) your following the camera sees the cars and adjusts the pattern around them. In the headlamp there will be vertical and horizontal actuators and lens filters so the lamps can move left right up and down individually then the filter can cut the light and create that box.
  14. mudd786

    Headlight dance?

    Ah yes forgot about the camera mounted on the rear view mirror spot on, that is needed for the speed limit display also i remember now .
  15. mudd786

    Headlight dance?

    ye so LCI had xenons as standard as you rightly say vis pack gave you the adap and high beam The other optional ug is the LED lamps they supposedly have a 20 - 25% longer and wider beam they look crazy good and look so menacing