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  1. Rear wheel balance weight fallen off.
  2. Agreed. The pic is of my LC which is why it looks used rather than a show queen.
  3. And to contrast, this is what a real Lotus Carlton engine looks like.....
  4. Link doesn't work for me either, takes me to an Ebay holding page which says something went wrong.
  5. How much would it cost to have them replaced as a precaution rather than drive around worrying it could go pop at any moment?
  6. Final update, replacement Nav unit fitted very easily but didn't solve the issue. I gave up and took the car to my local friendly indie who took a look. They told me that they recoded the replacement Nav unit to the car and this solved it. Not really sure what that meant they actually did, but 6 weeks later all is well and everything works as it should. Ken
  7. Did you pay by credit card? If so, you can probably get your money back from them. S
  8. If you looking for a standard mortgage and are confident about your ability to count then a mortgage broker is a cost you don't really need to pay for. They come into their own for non standard mortgages for self employed etc where they are probably worth it. For the move itself, again, if it is all pretty straightforward then a licensed conveyancer will be fine, any hint of complication then a solicitor is worth the extra. Finally, if you plan to rent out your current property then you current mortgage will be invalid and you will need to change this to a buy to let mortgage, if you are lucky your current lender will be able to deal with this, if not you will also need a new mortgage on this. Ken
  9. Update in case anybody is interested. I have now traced the issue to the Nav screen not switching off when the car is locked and alarmed. Somehow this is now a live circuit so I assume that the Nav unit itself is not controlling the 'off' command correctly. Short term fix is to take the fuse for the radio/sat nav/cd player out and having done this all is well with the battery. So I have now sourced another mk2 sat nav module (want to keep the car original) and will install this when it arrives and hopefully this will solve the issue. Update to follow.
  10. I had a similar issue with an E60 M5 and the dealer response was the same. A local indie took the car out and diagnosed it as a rear wheel out of balance, they took the rear wheels off, balanced them for £20 and it cured the problem. S
  11. I have owned 2 of these cars and they are worth waiting to find the right one. Only comment I would make, the active seats are a great laugh for the first 10 minutes and then you will never use them again... at least that is what my experience was, so I wouldn't be hung up on them. k
  12. Hi I had an issue with my sat van (mkII) as it kept ejecting the disc so I purchased a mkIII to replace it, Yesterday I disconnected the battery and swapped the two units over. With the battery reconnected I restarted the car and I had some odd stuff going on with the display screen. The various options (television, telephone, DSP, OBC etc) slowly went black and unselectable. The sat nav was available on the screen but it froze everything up. So back into the boot and put everything back to how it was with the mkII unit and off to google. Seems I need to do something with a trimble so I left the car overnight thinking I would do that today in the daylight. So, I go out this morning and the car has a completely flat battery, which is odd. I disconnected the battery entirely and the charged it. Reconnected and all was well, went for a quick drive and everything seemed back as it was, although the options on the screen seemed to select slower than before, but maybe that was in my mind. This evening the car alarm went off, never done that before and when I went out to look it turns out the battery is completely flat again. I am pretty sure I reconnected everything back the same, it is only 2 connectors, blue and purple, so am at a loss to understand what has happened. As the battery is flat it means on of two things, something is now somehow live and drawing current or the battery is shot. There was quite a bit of time between leaving the car and the alarm going off which leads me to believe it isn't the battery. Any thoughts? Ken
  13. I store 2 classic cars and disconnect the battery rather than run a trickle charge. I also leave the windows slightly open and the handbrake off. Never bothered to anything with the fuel, just parked them up with what ever was in there. I also don't cover with anything, a cover can trap moisture, so leave uncovered but be prepared to clean the dust off in the spring. I also leave one of the cars one axel stands, the other on its tyres. Cranking over without fuel/spark to get oil going before starting is a good idea. Ken
  14. I followed the brilliant thread on here;