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    F10 M5, 1968 Ford Cortina 1600e, Lotus Carlton
  1. Choice dilemma. ... E39 or E60

    I have owned both, 2 x e60 M5s with around 30k miles in each and then an e39 m5 for another 15k miles as a stop gap deciding what to buy next after getting bored in a Porsche. I now run an F10 LCI M5 CP. Case for the e60: Make no mistake about it, the e60 is miles ahead of the e39 in every measurable way, it is better built, more toys, accelerates faster, brakes harder, turns better and so on. It has a screaming engine and so many settings it really is possible to set it up to your own personal taste. Don't forget that the e39 is 20 years old plus and hopping from one into the e60 this age gap will show. Case for the e39: A proper manual gearbox, timeless looks, comfortable and has enough toys to make it a pleasant environment to be in. The car also feels much smaller than the e60 and the way it builds speed is deceptive. It is also cheap (relatively) to maintain, parts are available and you can still get BMW to look after it. Running costs, I averaged 12 mpg in both e60's and 19 in the e39. Tyre/brake wear seemed about the same. Servicing was cheaper for the e39, but I had a full auc warranty on both e60's which meant any repairs/fixes didn't really cost me anything.The e60 used about 1 litre of oil every 1500 miles or so, very little oil use of the e39. Problems; nothing on the e39 other than wear and tear. 1st e60 needed a lot of work on the fuel gauge/sender/lines which cost the warranty company almost £3k. Nothing of note on the second e60. Driving experience; I do not drive like the stig and normal driving to work and back and there is little to choose, but then I think a 530d of either variety would be the same. The real difference was when wanting more... the e39 just drives faster and remains refined, the e60.... well press the M button, unleash 507bhp and scream it round to the 8.5k rev limit and there is nothing else like it, it sounds like an f1 car and goes like it. The manual gearbox in the e39 is sweet, the SMG in the e60 is absolute rubbish in full auto but really suits the car when pressing on in flappy paddle mode. Don't believe what you read about them being bad, I would agree it isn't as good as the DCT in my current f10, but it can be driven smoothly, it just takes time to learn how to. If it were my money I would take the e60 m5 over the e39 m5 every single day of the week. The only proviso, and it is a big one, I wouldn't touch an e60 M5 without a full BMW AUC warranty. I would (and did) run the e39 without that safety net without worry. Having said all of that, the f10 knocks both into a cocked hat, you really cant beat progress.
  2. Second car / classic BMW - who do you insure with?

    I use A Plan for both of my classics. Both have agreed values and limited to 5k miles pa each.
  3. 2018 BMW M5 Officially Arrives with 600 HP and AWD

    I really like the look of it, and am waiting for one to be available to test drive and check it out properly. I am interested to see how much of a step it is from my current F10 M5, which in itself is a massive step from the previous generations. The real issue with the F10 is that you can end up at daft speed without really trying or indeed noticing, and I suspect the new one is more of the same. Can you use all of the performance on the roads? No way. Is it good knowing you have it anyway? Oh yes!
  4. Drivetrain shake!

    Rear wheel balance weight fallen off.
  5. Another future classic ruined by a Barry!

    Agreed. The pic is of my LC which is why it looks used rather than a show queen.
  6. Another future classic ruined by a Barry!

    And to contrast, this is what a real Lotus Carlton engine looks like.....
  7. Some more of my old tat....

    Link doesn't work for me either, takes me to an Ebay holding page which says something went wrong.
  8. 135k miles and track use?

    How much would it cost to have them replaced as a precaution rather than drive around worrying it could go pop at any moment?
  9. M5 flat battery

    Final update, replacement Nav unit fitted very easily but didn't solve the issue. I gave up and took the car to my local friendly indie who took a look. They told me that they recoded the replacement Nav unit to the car and this solved it. Not really sure what that meant they actually did, but 6 weeks later all is well and everything works as it should. Ken
  10. Pure Rally (Warning)

    Did you pay by credit card? If so, you can probably get your money back from them. S
  11. Buying A House

    If you looking for a standard mortgage and are confident about your ability to count then a mortgage broker is a cost you don't really need to pay for. They come into their own for non standard mortgages for self employed etc where they are probably worth it. For the move itself, again, if it is all pretty straightforward then a licensed conveyancer will be fine, any hint of complication then a solicitor is worth the extra. Finally, if you plan to rent out your current property then you current mortgage will be invalid and you will need to change this to a buy to let mortgage, if you are lucky your current lender will be able to deal with this, if not you will also need a new mortgage on this. Ken
  12. M5 flat battery

    Update in case anybody is interested. I have now traced the issue to the Nav screen not switching off when the car is locked and alarmed. Somehow this is now a live circuit so I assume that the Nav unit itself is not controlling the 'off' command correctly. Short term fix is to take the fuse for the radio/sat nav/cd player out and having done this all is well with the battery. So I have now sourced another mk2 sat nav module (want to keep the car original) and will install this when it arrives and hopefully this will solve the issue. Update to follow.
  13. F10 M5 steering wheel judder > 90 mph

    I had a similar issue with an E60 M5 and the dealer response was the same. A local indie took the car out and diagnosed it as a rear wheel out of balance, they took the rear wheels off, balanced them for £20 and it cured the problem. S
  14. M5 V10 wanted

    I have owned 2 of these cars and they are worth waiting to find the right one. Only comment I would make, the active seats are a great laugh for the first 10 minutes and then you will never use them again... at least that is what my experience was, so I wouldn't be hung up on them. k