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    F10 M5, 1968 Ford Cortina 1600e, Lotus Carlton
  1. Non stroker E39 on eBay & autotrader

    I agree with you. This reads like a non specialist just writing stuff down without really understanding what he has got, for example most of the stuff he lists is standard on the car. I would go and take a look if you are interested and buy on condition and history. S
  2. E39 M5 in Modern Classics

    Agreed about the 130, for me, it works so much better as the 230/240, I think the shape is so much better. The one thing about the e39 in the magazine that annoys me is the super chav plate
  3. 2005 M5 E60 ABS

    If it were me I would be into a BMW dealer to let them take a look - an E60 M5 with suspect brake problems sounds like a recipe for disaster.....
  4. Road Tax Fine

    Pay the fine. 1) you let somebody else fill the form out instead of doing it yourself 2) you have the money in your bank, you know it wasn't taken No way an appeal will win.
  5. New Wheeler Dealers

    I have just watched the first 2 episodes on catch up and have to say I really like it. I think Ant is good and I like the fact they are showing more of the mechanics stuff and taking the time to explain it.
  6. I was asked to be the wedding driver for a friend on New Year's Eve. I thought the car looked great, more importantly so did the bride.
  7. My twopence worth - in the foreseeable future the only cars that may see substantial value increases will be ultra low mileage, low owner, full history type cars. I think it will be years, if ever, if the more run of the mill cars saw large value rises. Unless yours is one of the former then you won't see your money back on a proper bare metal colour change for many years and even then it won't be original so likely slightly impaired valuewise.
  8. Choosing an E60 M5

    Having owned 2 of these I can say that, somewhat unsurprisingly, Clarkson hammed this up to make the point. For example, sat nav woman is very simple to switch off, the indicators do self cancel, nobody does all the idiotic set up stuff he did and so on.... But still, it makes entertaining tv.
  9. Strange vibration at motorway speed

    I had an e60 with similar sounding symptoms, turned out to be a rear wheel weight had fallen off.
  10. Some tw*t has nicked me car....

    Glad it seems to have resolved itself and a pretty scary few hours. As an aside I have the BMW app on my phone which has a handy "locate the car" feature.
  11. Choosing an E60 M5

    As others have said, the E60 M5 is not inherently unreliable, but it has the ability to suck the cash out of your wallet if it does go wrong. Personally I wouldn't buy one without a full BMW AUC warranty, but I appreciate this is now more and more difficult to do. If I couldn't do that then the comment you make "These tend to have reasonable to good history, " would worry me, I would recommend only buying one with a 100% full and complete history and then speak to the last BMW to service the car to ask about it. If you can find a reasonable example then they are a hoot to own.
  12. Real M5 ownership costs?

    And to put the 12mpg into context, my current F10 M5 CP is averaging 24mpg doing exactly the same job as the E60.
  13. Real M5 ownership costs?

    A number of reasons; - It felt like sitting in any other 3 series - No real sense of occasion when driving in the real world, I am sure if I drove like the Stig on a race track it might come alive, but I don't All in all, it was so competent that it made it feel boring as an everyday car. I never wanted to look back at it when I parked it and walked away. S
  14. Real M5 ownership costs?

    I also owned an e92 M3 which I only kept 3 months as it was one of the most boring cars I have ever owned..... Horses for courses i suppose