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  1. E39 Wood Trim - NOT Vavona, Walnut, Poplar?

    Many thanks, but I think that is Vavona.
  2. Intravee & Low OBC

    Thanks, will keep an eye out!
  3. E39 MID & Radio (CD or Tape) Units

    Hi all, Looking to fit an MID to my car so looking for both in dash sections. Preferably the MID would be the one WITH the telephone buttons but I would consider the one with the button 'gap' on the right hand side. Thanks
  4. Intravee & Low OBC

    OK. I would like the trip info on the MID at some point so I may just look for a High MID - especially if any MID will work in my car. Then I need to find a radio module (top bit) which has definitely come from an MID car, not IRIS?
  5. Intravee & Low OBC

    Ok that's great, so I could also upgrade to a CD player too? Do you know if the late ones take MP3 discs like the E46's do? Problem is I'm not sure I have ever seen a car with MID and without the high cluster so I will probably struggle to find the correct MID? Thanks for all your help!
  6. Intravee & Low OBC

    Do I not need to swap the cluster to get the MID working then? I could do that at a later date?
  7. Intravee & Low OBC

    I really want the MID but I'm not 100% confident in doing it myself or the likelihood of finding all the bits. How would I identify a car with the IRIS system and was it an option?
  8. Intravee & Low OBC

    Yes it does! Sorry not used the car all week.
  9. E39 Wood Trim - NOT Vavona, Walnut, Poplar?

    Thanks, reminder!
  10. Intravee & Low OBC

    Hi Richard, The basic one I believe, the tape player looks to be attached to the lower half which has the basic narrow screen. Thanks
  11. Intravee & Low OBC

    Hi all, I'm back on here after 5 years since selling my previous 540i Sport and now have a 525i Sport. Unfortunately the new car doesn't have NAV and has the Low OBC - is the Intravee likely to be of any use to me? I remember the indicator flash, coming home lights, etc functions but I'm unsure how you would set this up without a screen. Just wondering if its worth me looking for an Intravee to buy and also if anyone knows how difficult the High OBC upgrade is (as I believe the retrofit loom is no longer available). Thanks
  12. OEM E39 Fischer Cassette Box

    Does this plug in and light up?
  13. Hi all, I have recently bought a 525i Sport with silver interior trim but I can't help wanting a bit of wood in there! Years back I had Poplar which I know I am unlikely to find, but some sort of walnut may do the job. I assume that is what this car has (or maybe just not so in your face Vavona!) Let me know! Thanks
  14. A few bits

    Sent via PayPal, hoping my address is on there too. Thanks
  15. A few bits

    Hi, I've confirmed I need 12 grille clips now and I will leave the second lot for now. Thanks,