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  1. Max M4X WW

    2000 BMW 540 touring auto 106k for Sale ono £6500

    Sounds beautiful
  2. Max M4X WW

    E39 Business cassette round pin.

    I think duncan has both, but does yours have all working pixels?
  3. Max M4X WW

    E39 Business cassette round pin.

    Is this the one I was meant to be having? House purchase took over and totally forgot. Do you still have an MID?
  4. Max M4X WW

    Cam Cover Bits

    HI, 98 Hawthorn Way Any others can be deleted. Thanks
  5. Max M4X WW

    Cam Cover Bits

    Paid, thanks. You should have my address etc.
  6. Max M4X WW

    Cam Cover Bits

    Thanks, I have figured it out now, can I also have 15x 11121437395 Do you sell the sealant that is also required? Thanks
  7. Max M4X WW

    Cam Cover Bits

    Hi, Need to do the usual cam cover gasket, I can't figure out which other bolt seals I should be replacing as there are a few parts on the diagram. Any ideas? 1x 11129070990 Thanks
  8. Max M4X WW

    Intravee & Low OBC

    As predicted I do have the square pins but I have only just realised I won't have a plug for the MID and re-reading your post above I assume I need to get the plug and splice it into a few places? (unless the plug is hiding behind the dash somewhere, I assume not!) Thanks again.
  9. Max M4X WW

    Intravee & Low OBC

    Great, thanks. I read the manual and I thought it would work just without any display. I will rip it out tomorrow, check the pins and get an MID and Radio.
  10. Max M4X WW

    Intravee & Low OBC

    I've just plugged it all into the car with the 'integrated' radio still in and nothing seems to happen. Do I need to reset it as I believe it came out of an M5 which probably had nav?
  11. Max M4X WW

    Intravee & Low OBC

    So I picked up an Intravee on ebay which arrives tomorrow - now I'm wondering if I can actually use it with my current set up. I think I have found a correct MID on here which I plan to buy and fit also. Will I be able to get the lane change and an iPod working? Thanks
  12. Max M4X WW

    E39 Wood Trim - NOT Vavona, Walnut, Poplar?

    Many thanks, but I think that is Vavona.
  13. Max M4X WW

    Intravee & Low OBC

    Thanks, will keep an eye out!
  14. Max M4X WW

    E39 MID & Radio (CD or Tape) Units

    Hi all, Looking to fit an MID to my car so looking for both in dash sections. Preferably the MID would be the one WITH the telephone buttons but I would consider the one with the button 'gap' on the right hand side. Thanks
  15. Max M4X WW

    Intravee & Low OBC

    OK. I would like the trip info on the MID at some point so I may just look for a High MID - especially if any MID will work in my car. Then I need to find a radio module (top bit) which has definitely come from an MID car, not IRIS?