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  1. E39 Road Presence

    The M5 from the front or the back is the daddy, however the Alpina is a real sleeper!
  2. E39 Road Presence

    Loi, Jay, I think, comes across ok with his dry sense of humour, apart from not liking Wheeler dealers and MB. Anyway, getting back to the E39 post..............
  3. E39 Road Presence

    Yes, Southport Dan.
  4. E39 Road Presence

    Driving back into town today along the Tarleton bypass I ended up following an E39, and stuck with it for around 5 mins, it was a black Alpina B10. 3.3, so an inch or two lower than standard, and wider back tyres, poodling along at 50 mph due to speed camera's. I was reminded that God, the E39 still looks good even after all these 22 years, they still have tremdous road presence even when following from behind.
  5. Back into a 5 series! 523i just purchased

    The E39 group is still the biggest most commented group on the BMW5 forum, AFAIK.
  6. Ford Escort

    Good man.
  7. Ford Escort

    Tbh Duncan I'd forgotten how many Escort mk's there are, when I think of them I tend to visualise the mk1 and 2. By the time it got to the mk6 the Escort was probably played out as a range. I remember quiet a few rough Astra's in the nineties, in diesel form as pool cars at work.
  8. Ford Escort

    Yes, the mk4 was the runt of the litter, it just didn't look right proportion wise.
  9. Ford Escort

    It was bbc Inside out at 7:30 Terry, featured a few assembly workers who made them at Halewood 50 years ago, and one current owner who said he would never sell it even if he was offered a million pounds. Dedication?
  10. Ford Escort

    The venerable Ford Escorts is fifty years old this week, the original working man's motor, and the Base for the hot shot RS2000, and not forgetting the Ford Mexico. I still think even the basic 1.3 still has " je ne sais quoi" There is a programme on tonight about the people that built and still run Escorts, but I think it is a regional broadcast, North West...... God's country.
  11. E39 M5 in Modern Classics

    For me the 130i doesn't look right in the same way that the small Mercedes don't look right probably because we are used to seeing larger models. Very few manufacturers excel at making both large and small cars, maybe Ford with the XR2i at one end and the Granada Ghia x at the other. Saying that the 130i because of its size will be a blast on the back roads or better still the track, each to their own I suppose.
  12. E39 M5 in Modern Classics

    It was a good write up championing the merits of an e39 M5, bmw's finest hour, and one of the all time greats.
  13. Is it a Euro shade for the green paintwork. Don't think I have seen that shade before.
  14. Bl**dy handbrake adjustment

    Has to be said, if your car is over 20 yrs old it may be suffering from a stretched handbrake cable, so no matter how well adjusted your shoes are if you have a stretchy cable you are going to get a reduced braking effort when you pull the hand brake on.
  15. Advice on an a Alpina please

    Looks tasty enough, apart from the gimmicky steering wheel.