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  1. Some folk under go a personality change when they get behind a wheel, and have anger management issues, so best to avoid a face to face confrontation, as people have died over something as trivial as a supermarket parking space. Let it slide Andrew.
  2. I did this on my 528 about 15 years ago, I will concur with others that it is a PITA of a job, a couple of points to note, I didn't need to remove the exhaust or the prop, just the gearbox X member, pop the bonnet, it will then lower enough to get your hands in but you are working blind on feel alone on top of the gearbox. I found most of the wear leading to excess movement was where the rod No 10 in the diag passes through the bottom of the gearlever which has a bush pressed into it, not listed on the diag, if you can get someone to wraggle the gearlever, in gear while you look at the joint underneath, you should be able to see where the worn parts are. The gearbox knuckle joint No 13 is often cited as worn, this was not the case with mine yes it is designed to swivel, but a case hardened pin passing through the gearbox selector shaft and held in place with a spring clip did not show any wear, wear here will be between the rod No 10 diag and the knuckle, twisting the rod clockwise then anticlockwise after disconnecting from the gearlever should reveal if this is the case .Wear on the gearbox console, between No's 1,3, and 8, will also make for a sloppy lever. A small amount of wear will give you a sloppy gearlever by the time it has travelled from the gearbox up to the gearlever inside the car, and most importantly of all, to make sure your car is safely jacked, and supported before venturing underneath, there is no need to remove the wheels here. .
  3. New cars, '' too much bollocks, and nonsense on them '' love the phrase, remind me to mention that to a salesman the next time I go into Halliwell Jones, for parts. Lol.
  4. Has anyone noticed the format of the BMWCar magazine is changing, and in my opinion for the better, it seems to be more focused towards DIY owners, and maintenance in a similar fashion to the way Total BMW used to be run, and in doing so making it much more readable rather than just wall to wall road tests in foreign climes. Keep up the good work guys.
  5. Remembering that the M5 boot lid is different Den, has a spoiler on it, will it remove and swap over ok?
  6. Plus, is that the earlier pre 1984 front valance with a lip?
  7. A/C motor blown could be a sticking point, the motors are just behind the scuttle panel on a standard car,I don't know about one with A/C though. Good colour and interior, and nicely standard and unmodified E28.
  8. +1
  9. What happened to the General Election post, running to about 8 pages now disappeared, have keyboard warriors spoilt it again!
  10. We shouldn't laugh Duncan.
  11. Bugger I remember now, a low life nicked it, did you never hear any more on it Norris, after sharing and publicising the theft.
  12. Nice, do you still have the e36 M3
  13. Seeing you've been inundated with replies Dan, and you are usually good with offering advice, a couple of pics of my cc set up. The main actuator is bolted to the N/S inner wing, along with a relay probably, the main cc unit is above the glove compartment along with the main ECU, then there will be cut off switches on the foot pedals. Perhaps more importantly than getting the parts, find out if the cc system was ever fitted to an M5, and even if the cc loom is in place. Maybe USA spec M5's had cc, they tend to like that sort of thing over there.
  14. Why do quite a few car for sale ads black out the registration number, and plate, is it to prevent history checks, do they not realise it makes it look like they are trying to hide something, it would stop me making a journey to stand in front of the car, which is the whole point of an advert.
  15. Bob Harper, editor of Bmwcar for nearly 2 decade's, is bowing out, to go freelance. Bob along with that other chap Andy Everett, both exceptionally knowledgeable in all things bmw, and more importantly their articles very readable. Hopefully, we haven't seen the last of him.