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  1. vanhool

    Never expected to see this.....!

    That is some mileage in an E39 m5, fair play to you Seesure.
  2. vanhool

    BMW Car Mag - Why so BUSY?

    I agree, Andy's BMW motoring articles are always interesting, and more importantly, very readable. I particularly like his DIY topics.
  3. I also had a string of Ford's in the 80's, then came to realise the build quality of BM's was in a different ball park. Running a 90's car is likely to be more fixable when it goes wrong if you bother to learn about the in's and outs of it. Depreciation will have bottomed out which is money down the drain on a new car. I run a 1996 528i se, and have no qualms about it being an older model Mark.
  4. vanhool

    Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - please read

    Well done Dave, for raising awareness of bowel cancers.
  5. vanhool

    E39 v E60

    I think an E60 Sport with 18's, and the improved front/rear bumpers looks about right. The early non facelift with a downturned lower front grill less so, and looking a bit arsey from the back, the facelifted E60 looked better from the front end. Surprised to hear it to be less nimble than an E39, Bmw cannot have spent ££££'s in R and D to produce a lesser vehicle. I still think the E39 cabin is better, current models included. Has anyone gone back to an E39, having owned an E60.
  6. vanhool

    E39 v E60

    As an E39 owner I didn't like the E60 when it came out, thinking it looked heavy and clumsy, the E60 however has grown on me over time, to the point where I think it is wearing the years quite well. I'm looking for some owners views who have owned both E39 and E60 models, fire away chaps.
  7. Welcome, may also be worth checking for siezed brake calipers re the vibration. Some nice pictures BTW, there is just something so so right about an E39 in Titanium or Arctic silver.
  8. vanhool

    Boot locking

    I had this, and yes it was a broken spring on the lock assembly not allowing the lock to latch. Remove the lock, replace the spring, job done.
  9. vanhool

    E39 M5 market

    Good luck getting a lower milage M5 then, would you want one that has been driven, or one that has been stored. I concur with the rust/handbrake comments though. Duncan hit the nail, when stating it is a niche market for these cars, even though they have been getting a lot of good publicity in motoring mags.
  10. vanhool

    Best and Worst thing about an E39

    +1 for a piss poor stereo, before the E39 you could actually choose what radio you wanted in your car.
  11. Ok, so this type of post may have been done in the past, the E39 as a range are a lot older now and may produce different answers, for what its worth, my two cents: Despite being 22 years old the driver appeal, and build quality is still evident across the range, fairing better than my E34 did at the same age. Plus, depreciation has bottomed out and nice ones are increasing in value. Worst: It can no longer be deemed a modern car.
  12. vanhool

    2002 e39 losing auto gearbox fluid

    Try posting in the E39 section for a better response. Transmission leaks can occur between the torque convertor and transmission seal, the tail shaft seal, the oil pan gasket, and the oil cooler pipes, and the oil cooler itself. You could put a sheet of wallpaper backing paper under the car to see where the area of the leaks are, after removing the plastic undertrays.
  13. vanhool


    Well, at the airport now had a brilliant few days did the hop on hop off tour, a couple of museums, Charles Bridge, Old Town Sq, Wencelass Sq, and a few nice meals, and beers (cheaper than Paris), and burnt a fair bit of shoe leather. If you like a city break then I can recommend Prague. Lastly, thank you all who posted tips on here, including humorous skits. Ta Steve
  14. vanhool


    For sure it is a great city to visit, if you are planning on going again, leave it a few months as the Astronomical Clock tower is under going renovation, and is covered in scaffolding. Edit currently removing the scaffolding.
  15. vanhool


    Cheers Seesure, Good stuff.