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  1. Wow, that was a good investment.

    +1, for driving your cars is what it is about, well said.
  2. BMW E3 - if I had to have one car forever....

    Why does it have to be a touring, I suppose they have a practical benefit, but a saloon looks better.
  3. Best film ever?

    No Country for Old Men was very good, also the original Hitcher film with Rutger Haugher.
  4. Best film ever?

    What about " Bullet " for car chase?
  5. Best film ever?

    Yes Godfathers was very good, brilliant cast, and director.
  6. Best film ever?

    What is your best film ever, and why? To get the ball rolling mine might be "Lawrence of Arabia " even after watching it for nearly 4 hours I didn't want it to finish, probably Peter O Toole's finest acting performance ever.
  7. High mileage e39 530d yes or no

    Some phenomenal milages being quoted here, testament to the e39's longevity. Amazing!
  8. Sport headlining material

    Local coach trimmers may be worth a shot, years ago when I wanted Pacific blue cloth to retrim my e28 front door cards, local coach trimmers came up with the goods had it on a big roll exact match for what was already on the car.
  9. Nice ones are few and far between, so a train ride to Sheffield beckons.
  10. Andy's E34 looks a good un, just a shame it is just a 520i, woefully underpowered.
  11. E39 Prices What Should You Be Paying Realistcally

    Yes, I have an e39 M5, it is good very good, supercar performance for Mondeo money. So you prefer driving the 530?
  12. 2018 BMW M5 Officially Arrives with 600 HP and AWD

    So, no longer a true '' drivers '' car then.
  13. RIP Keith (Urquattro)

    Sorry to hear this. Condolences to Keiths family and friends, a long time member and contributer to the forum. RIP Keith
  14. E39 Prices What Should You Be Paying Realistcally

    Agreed, the M5 is an open road, long distance mile muncher, and not that great in stop/start traffic, as is any other manual gearboxed car.