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  1. Steve McQueen yes, also Clint Eastwood is pretty cool, but any Brits yet?
  2. I also enjoyed my mk5 Cortina 2.3 Ghia X, a good and pokey car in its day, pic taken around 1986! 31years ago bloody hell.
  3. Yes, nail on the head the E39 is a ''great all round car''
  4. Money no object, then it would have to be an M5 or Alpina, failing that any M30 engined E28 with the, must have, manual gearbox, my 528i bought six years ago for £650, in terms of £££'s per smile one of the best, cheapest cars I have ever owned, would I sell it, I have been offered 2k, yes but only to get another one so it would be the wrong reason to sell. A 535i SE in a good colour, manual, with 16'' BBS or Alpina wheels would be a big, if costly improvement on what I have. Still hankering after one Duncan? Can cruise control be retrofitted to an M5 Dan?
  5. Not ageing well, and not very fixable for Joe and his bag of spanners on the drive 10 years down the line.
  6. A good question by the post op, but no one seems to know why there are left and right fitment marks Clavurion. I hope you used good quality spring compressors on changing the dampers Duncan, as you really have to wind those springs down to change them, you will know having done the dampers.
  7. Agreed, it also looks to be standard spec rather than the SE, its still a peach though with the classic M30 engine.
  8. That is truly a one off I don't think it will hang around even at 12k..
  9. ^^^^ Yes.
  10. Not over keen on those cloth insert seats, full leather is better.
  11. I also put Smith&Allen fully synthetic transmission fluid in my gearbox on an oil change 2 years ago, and has been ok so far. Two points spring to mind,1 I'd go with the recommended transmission fluid, in this case Esso LT 71141, or equivalent for Zf transmissions, secondly the colour of the trans fluid is down to the dye, so just because it is the same colour doesn't mean its the same or compatible. Esso and Mobile LT71141 fluid is golden, the Smith&Allen equivalent fluid is red. Its laughable now' but back in the 1990's when the E39 was the current model this oil was only available in 25 gallon drums, and AFAIK BMW dealers would not entertain a transmission oil change as it was stipulated ' life time fill ' or more accurately use until the gearbox burns itself out. Saying that automatic transmissions in the e34 and the e39 seem to be very long lasting on the whole, mine is on 139,000, still running sweet as a nut (famous last words) the transmission is the original, the date Aug 1996 was stamped on the filter when the transmission fluid change was done.
  12. So maybe its the E39 that doesn't suit yellow, Car colours are very subjective and personal, I never thought gold colours suited bmw's particularly well. but Mercedes always looked good in gold.
  13. Do any cars look good in yellow though?