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  1. vanhool

    Are all under tray fixings the same?

    Keeping the driveway clean then. Not a fan of them myself Jay, just something else to come adrift, and if it happened when you were going on a long journey it would be a pain.
  2. vanhool

    MOT advice

    So no definative answer yet, I thought putting my car through a month early not only allowed you to maintain the MOT anniversary of the current one, but then left you a period of grace to fix any of the failed defects. Beginning to think I was wrong with this, but needs clearing up one way or another.
  3. vanhool

    Are all under tray fixings the same?

    Other than smoothing the airflow under the engine do the undertrays serve any purpose.
  4. vanhool

    MOT advice

    If your car fails an MOT, with the existing MOT having 1 month left to run, can you still legally drive/park the car on the road?
  5. vanhool

    Been a while.......

    Yes, I fully agree, Re stop/start, roadworks etc, you would need the patient of a saint, and not pleasant driving conditions, may even contribute to that modern phenomena called road rage. Remember the RR incident a few years ago, where a row over a parking space at Tesco's lead to a fatality! FFFS. I'm sure motorists fell out and had rows 20/30 years ago, but even so. Roll on self drive cars!!
  6. vanhool

    Been a while.......

    Steady on Duncan, there's no need to hand your driving license just yet, you could always move to a less conjested area of the country? though I agree driving is only enjoyable on fairly traffic free roads.
  7. vanhool

    Bonnet release

    You could try swapping the original bonnet springs onto the new one, they maybe stronger springs. Double check that the bonnet is definately locked down when in the closed position, it is not something that you want flying open at 70mph.
  8. vanhool

    Fridge Kaput

    Our fridge keeps tripping the house circuit breaker when plugged in and turned on. Is there anything to check what it might be before throwing the towel in and ordering a new one. It's a Candy model. TIA Steve
  9. vanhool

    When did you last change an exhaust?

    I bought a 1996 528i se, nine years ago, 50,000 miles later and the exhaust is still going strong, when it does expire I will have no qualms about replacing it with an original OEM exhaust, which I believe are Ernst Boysen, a high quality German exhaust manufacturer. You get what you pay for, do not confuse Boysen with Bosal.
  10. vanhool

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    JPS would probably be banned today on account of tobacco advertising. Remember when Formula 1 racing cars was awash with tobacco sponsorship, Marlborough, Embassy, Rothmans to name a few. Colin Chapman's John Player Special did look good though.
  11. vanhool

    Sicario 2

    I watched the first Sicario on TV last night, it was very violent, made Scarface look like Playschool. However, it was well made and acted, the second one is not made by Denis Villeneuve, and does not have Emily Blunt in it so I will pass on this violent fest, in the same way that I will pass on these horror gore fest films. God, I'm getting old. Lol
  12. In agreement with quite a few valid and good view points being aired here, live within your means and you won't need finance Dan, I can never get my head around someone taking out a loan plus interest to finance something that is deprciating in value from the minute it is purchased, I also struggle with this ''keeping up with the jones'' mentality, try and work to live, and not the other way around. As the wise old man said, '' Never get too busy earning a living, that you forget to make a life, one life to live, one chance to live it.
  13. vanhool

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    The differance in build quality between BMW, and bread and butter cars, ie Fords used to be enormous, today this is less so, and has been the case for the past two decades. Ford are now making very driveable cars that can hold their own, even when compared to premium manufacturers.
  14. vanhool

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    Boy oh boy those Granada’s were big cars in their day, with a big road presence too.