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  1. +1
  2. What happened to the General Election post, running to about 8 pages now disappeared, have keyboard warriors spoilt it again!
  3. We shouldn't laugh Duncan.
  4. Bugger I remember now, a low life nicked it, did you never hear any more on it Norris, after sharing and publicising the theft.
  5. Nice, do you still have the e36 M3
  6. Seeing you've been inundated with replies Dan, and you are usually good with offering advice, a couple of pics of my cc set up. The main actuator is bolted to the N/S inner wing, along with a relay probably, the main cc unit is above the glove compartment along with the main ECU, then there will be cut off switches on the foot pedals. Perhaps more importantly than getting the parts, find out if the cc system was ever fitted to an M5, and even if the cc loom is in place. Maybe USA spec M5's had cc, they tend to like that sort of thing over there.
  7. Why do quite a few car for sale ads black out the registration number, and plate, is it to prevent history checks, do they not realise it makes it look like they are trying to hide something, it would stop me making a journey to stand in front of the car, which is the whole point of an advert.
  8. Bob Harper, editor of Bmwcar for nearly 2 decade's, is bowing out, to go freelance. Bob along with that other chap Andy Everett, both exceptionally knowledgeable in all things bmw, and more importantly their articles very readable. Hopefully, we haven't seen the last of him.
  9. Dr No, Live and Let Die, and The Spy Who Loved Me, are my favourites, I also saw the SWLM, as a kid on the big screen, came out at the end thinking it was very good, everything including Carly Simons title song, Nobody Does it Better, heard it on the radio a few times when the film was being shown.Moore gave the genre a light hearted slant that hasn't been repeated since. Does anyone have any views on what was Roger Moore's career best performance? I remember seeing him in a film where he is killed in a car crash driving a 1960's Rover, I cannot remember the title but quiet good. I also liked Lee Marvin's view of him, so RIP Roger, and thanks for entertaining us.
  10. How did you get on with changing the fob battery Duncan?
  11. Steve McQueen yes, also Clint Eastwood is pretty cool, but any Brits yet?
  12. I also enjoyed my mk5 Cortina 2.3 Ghia X, a good and pokey car in its day, pic taken around 1986! 31years ago bloody hell.
  13. Yes, nail on the head the E39 is a ''great all round car''
  14. Money no object, then it would have to be an M5 or Alpina, failing that any M30 engined E28 with the, must have, manual gearbox, my 528i bought six years ago for £650, in terms of £££'s per smile one of the best, cheapest cars I have ever owned, would I sell it, I have been offered 2k, yes but only to get another one so it would be the wrong reason to sell. A 535i SE in a good colour, manual, with 16'' BBS or Alpina wheels would be a big, if costly improvement on what I have. Still hankering after one Duncan? Can cruise control be retrofitted to an M5 Dan?
  15. Not ageing well, and not very fixable for Joe and his bag of spanners on the drive 10 years down the line.