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  1. andy-e60

    My LCI Headlight Conversion...

    What happens if you remove the hid kit and simply install the stock normal H7 halogen bulbs into the dipped beams ? What happens if you swap the adaptors left and right ? What happens if you remove the lci halogen headlights and plug back your original pre-lci halogen headlights (obviously without the adaptors from the US) ?
  2. andy-e60

    My LCI Headlight Conversion...

    Did it work earlier and then stoppped working or it didnt work at all from when you installed the convertor / adaptator harness from the states ? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wiring-Adapter-For-Halogen-04-07-BMW-E60-to-Use-on-08-10-LCI-Halogen-Headlight-/122907563292 Is it that ^ seller that you got yours from ?
  3. andy-e60

    e60 530d juddering when braking

    Sounds like it was the discs and not the suspension arms.
  4. andy-e60

    e60 530d juddering when braking

    Most probably. I'll know more when it comes off.
  5. andy-e60

    e60 530d juddering when braking

    Mine varies with temperature - meaning for the first few minutes of driving with the sticking caliper - there is no judder. I'll report back once the caliper has been changed.
  6. andy-e60

    e60 530d juddering when braking

    On mine it has been identified as a sticking / binding front offside brake caliper. It'll be changed this month and hopefully will solve it.
  7. andy-e60

    e60 530d juddering when braking

    I have the same problem and in the process of investigating it. I had the discs skimmed earlier this year and the problem went away. Its back now so my money is on dodgy discs (they are genuine bmw value range) though i'm not ruling out a dodgy caliper or two. And the Lower control arms were changed but made no difference before the discs got skimmed.
  8. andy-e60

    E60 HID Fitting Guide

    ^ Great to know yours sailed through . Absolutely no reason why having aftermarket hids would ever prevent a mot pass - be it the old or new mot. Total misinformation out there regarding hids which is completely unnecessary.
  9. andy-e60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Vlady your LCI halogen headlights with your Aftermarket HID Xenon kit are still absolutely fine 100%. If your MOT tester passed them last year - the SAME tester should / will pass it now. The latest (post 20th May 2018) MOT Inspection Manual is no different regarding: 1. Headlight Washers 2. Headlight Self-levelling They both MUST work IF present / IF fitted. .
  10. andy-e60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    VOSA have already commented ((made their viewpoint and interpretation clear)) on this matter well AFTER the May 2010 "Guidance" from the DFT. The bottom line (even today) is that just having an aftermarket HID xenon kit in 2018 is NOT a reason to fail the MOT. The car WILL fail the MOT if the headlight beam pattern is out of tolerance on the beam pattern analyser with OR without an aftermarket HID xenon kit. The immense and persistent misunderstandig (confusion) arises from those (general public & misinformed + in need of further training MOT examiners) who misinterpret the headlight washers & auto levelling as being MANDATORY items. These two items are recommended but their absence is absolutely NOT a MOT failure. IF headlight washers and auto levelling ARE present - then they both absolutely MUST work. Their absence is NOT an automatic fail. The MOT testers do not have to be "friendly" and they certainly aren't doing anyone any favours if they pass cars with excellent beam analyser patterns on cars equipped with Aftermarket HID Xenon kits. The beam cut-off on my LCI halogen projector blessed with an aftermarket hid xenon kit is superb and my MOT tester is not friendly and hasn't been since well over five years. .
  11. andy-e60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Above is how it has always been. As far as I can tell so far (unless someone can show me any different from the new Mot Manual) the "new mot" is no different for headlights / hid kits.
  12. Very good, thanks.
  13. andy-e60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Thats true for e60 Lci Xenon headlights. Lci halogens don't have this obvious inner/outer brightness difference.
  14. andy-e60

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    You already have factory oem xenon / hid headlights with projectors. The lights output should be excellent as it is. That's assuming everything within the headlamps is working as it should.