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  1. andy-e60

    E60 HID Fitting Guide

    ^ Great to know yours sailed through . Absolutely no reason why having aftermarket hids would ever prevent a mot pass - be it the old or new mot. Total misinformation out there regarding hids which is completely unnecessary.
  2. andy-e60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Vlady your LCI halogen headlights with your Aftermarket HID Xenon kit are still absolutely fine 100%. If your MOT tester passed them last year - the SAME tester should / will pass it now. The latest (post 20th May 2018) MOT Inspection Manual is no different regarding: 1. Headlight Washers 2. Headlight Self-levelling They both MUST work IF present / IF fitted. .
  3. andy-e60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    VOSA have already commented ((made their viewpoint and interpretation clear)) on this matter well AFTER the May 2010 "Guidance" from the DFT. The bottom line (even today) is that just having an aftermarket HID xenon kit in 2018 is NOT a reason to fail the MOT. The car WILL fail the MOT if the headlight beam pattern is out of tolerance on the beam pattern analyser with OR without an aftermarket HID xenon kit. The immense and persistent misunderstandig (confusion) arises from those (general public & misinformed + in need of further training MOT examiners) who misinterpret the headlight washers & auto levelling as being MANDATORY items. These two items are recommended but their absence is absolutely NOT a MOT failure. IF headlight washers and auto levelling ARE present - then they both absolutely MUST work. Their absence is NOT an automatic fail. The MOT testers do not have to be "friendly" and they certainly aren't doing anyone any favours if they pass cars with excellent beam analyser patterns on cars equipped with Aftermarket HID Xenon kits. The beam cut-off on my LCI halogen projector blessed with an aftermarket hid xenon kit is superb and my MOT tester is not friendly and hasn't been since well over five years. .
  4. andy-e60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Above is how it has always been. As far as I can tell so far (unless someone can show me any different from the new Mot Manual) the "new mot" is no different for headlights / hid kits.
  5. Very good, thanks.
  6. andy-e60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Thats true for e60 Lci Xenon headlights. Lci halogens don't have this obvious inner/outer brightness difference.
  7. andy-e60

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    You already have factory oem xenon / hid headlights with projectors. The lights output should be excellent as it is. That's assuming everything within the headlamps is working as it should.
  8. andy-e60

    Steering vibrates when breaking

    Most interesting - unfortunately I'm experiencing exactly the same as the OP - also after changing the tyres !! Got to be one from the following ...in no particular order of likelihood I suppose. 1. Dodgy tyres / balancing 2. Warped discs. 3. Control arms / suspension. It's doing my head in as all seemed well before the tyre change and a 4 wheel alignment two weeks after the tyre change. I can't be sure if it occurred before the alignment though it was defiantly noticeable after they alignment. I hadn't thought about the control arms but reading the above posts, I'm thinking the combination of the new tyres and the new alignment may now be showing up the worn arms even more ? Wierdly though the vibrarion has been variable - I mean it seems to have almost gone away in the last couple of days. This makes me think it's perhaps less likely to be due to the discs and or just the tyres. Is the temperature or weather making a difference !! Whatever it is, I need it gone for sure.
  9. andy-e60

    New 530i M sport stolen

    Sadly this is happening a lot and was also on BBC Watchdog. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4456992/Shocking-moment-car-hackers-steal-60-000-BMW.html
  10. Hi, what is the part number for the ///M alloy wheel stickers and does that part number relate to a single sticker or a set of 4 ? How much would 4 wheel stickers cost delivered ? Thanks. Also, is the ///M sticker for the E60 M Sport steering wheel a different item ? If so, what is the part number for that and how much is one of them please ? Many thanks.
  11. andy-e60

    4 x 36136783536

    Hi, could please give me a price for 4 wheel centre caps. The part number is 36136783536. Thanks.
  12. andy-e60

    Impact of leaving the IBS disconnected

    Mine is uncoded and the ibs disconnected. No problems in four years since I got rid of the ibs after it failed. I wouldn't bother replacing it on mine.
  13. andy-e60

    Impact of leaving the IBS disconnected

    No on idrive Yes on diagnostic
  14. andy-e60

    which HID?

    It'll fit as long as it's done properly - see this link here...