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  1. olly22n

    Updated my stereo with a factory look.

    Fitting it this weekend - nice work on the cascade!!
  2. olly22n

    Updated my stereo with a factory look.

    So i bought one of these and it was broken out the box, so sent that back and took the route i always should have taken, and bought a becker grand prix.
  3. olly22n

    What to do with my 535?

    Its the right decision and good luck - it won't be cheap or easy but very much worth it
  4. olly22n

    E34 525i Exhaust Options

    I know their pricey but if you can spring for a BMW exhaust I would do - it’ll out last the car
  5. olly22n

    Updated my stereo with a factory look.

    Hi mate - the ones on eBay are 24v? is yours?
  6. olly22n

    Updated my stereo with a factory look.

    Overall thoughts on the Bluetooth and the hands free performance? i love my Becker but I need hands free
  7. olly22n

    Wheels to fit my E34

    What he said. I can’t imagine anything good coming from 18’s or reps. but I dunno, maybe some tsw venoms to go with your new number plates?
  8. olly22n

    Kit's E34 535i

    He does insurance work. his firms called glasstec
  9. olly22n

    Kit's E34 535i

    Get Paul Ralhan on the screen mate. hes the dogs
  10. olly22n

    Style 5 tyre choice

    i'd be interested in your old tyres if you change them
  11. olly22n

    Sword removal

    Brilliant. Thank you
  12. olly22n

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    New rear bumper gasket tonight
  13. olly22n

    Sword removal

    Ok cheers. So these bolts are at the steering wheel end of the column?
  14. olly22n

    E34 headlight upgrade

    I’d love better lights but old cars look shit with white beams.