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  1. R44M BM

    It’s been a while....

    The finish looks spot on! how much did that cost you? did you drop the car off to them? i have centre caps, the little M stickers and wheel bolts all OEM ready but need to sort the wheels out!
  2. R44M BM

    It’s been a while....

    Keep the pics coming @Essex boy any pics of the wheels? I need mine doing! Im on the border of Essex, photoshoot perhaps?
  3. R44M BM

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Amazing! any technical specs @DennisCooper ? will it replace all the components in my boot? BM54 etc Will it work with my M Audio setup?
  4. R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Hi all, After years of procrastinating, I decided it was time to get my dream car (as a youth) The e39 was always a special car to me, the timeless and classic BMW looks and the "wolf in sheep's clothing" character. I had to itch this scratch and tick this off my bucket list! With prices slowly creeping up, the search had to begin! I decided to start looking for an e39 last year. I had a specific choice of specification: Black Facelift Black leather Titanium interior trim As standard as possible In October, I found one which seemed to tick my boxes in Wales and after confirming a price and arranging a deal, the seller decided he was keeping the car and did not end up selling the car to me. I was heartbroken. Many M5s have been on the market since but non caught my eye up until a few weeks ago. I set my eyes on a 2002 M5 which looked like it needed some TLC but ticked my boxes. Black, Facelift and with the interior I wanted. After seeing the car, it was clear it needed some loving as it has been parked up for some time and neglected however it was now or never and I wanted a car which needed (some) loving. After a test drive, the deal was done and I was the owner of a M5! Heres the Original Spec: Tyre Pressure Control Gradual Tint Windscreen Electric Steel Sunroof First Aid Kit and Triangle Smoker Package Individual Audio System Through Load System Park Distance Control Rain Sensor and Auto Light Activation On-Board Monitor with TV Cordless GSM Telephone BMW 6 Disc CD Changer Australia version Ski Bag Front Sliding Arm Rest CD Preparation She has some (subtle) mods - a tubi exhaust, window tints (they will be coming off ASAP!) and the previous owner ripped out most of the OEM sound system! My plan is to restore her to her former glory! I have a list of things I want to do! I have a few other cars in my Garage including a Stage 2 Golf R and Audi S5 (3.0 Supercharged)
  5. R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Cheeky rear end pic! OEM LED F10 number plate units reveal the blue in the paint work! Recent work carried out: repair rear door handle which refused to open (new handle and cable) I have purchased an OEM front bumper grille as mine has the two duct holes which I am not a fan of!
  6. R44M BM

    E39 540 Sport on a Murky Morning

    looks amazing, a very special car with some interesting history (I have been following the threads!) anything else planned?
  7. R44M BM

    Quote please

    Any chance of a price breakdown for the following please? Front windscreen seal - 51318159784 Rear windscreen seal top - 51318159785 Rear windscreen seal bottom 51318159786] 51311925433 x 3 (clips for shield) E39 M5 side Mouldings (full set) 51132496165 M5 moulding badge Undercover: 51712498987
  8. R44M BM

    E39 M5 Front and Rear Struts Replacement

    James, I picked up M5 shocks from ECP, I triple checked with BMW / Sachs and ECP and they are certainly M5 shocks, most notably the weight of the shocks are a dead give away (they are made of aluminium) as well as the part numbers which cross check with the OEM parts (see my thread for confirmation)
  9. R44M BM

    E39 M5 Front and Rear Struts Replacement

    Nice work! I managed to get the last set of Sachs M5 shocks from ECP .. they were Defo M5 ones as I cross checked with the dealers... Can't wait to fit mine now! Bet you are glad you stuck with OEM ?
  10. nice!! love that colour!
  11. R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    A few minor updates: had a new windscreen fitted as it still had its original screen and there was loads of stone chips which was annoying me!! replacement was Pilkington and OEM replacement with the climate feature. Cleaned and polished the glass and applied a few layers of Autobrite direct "Hell Shine - Ghost Rider" which repels water very well! Here is HellShine Ghost Rider in action! Stipped the rear offside door to see why the door refused to open from the outside, discovered I need a new handle and cable.. purchased the cable from the stealers and I managed to find the handle in carbon black on ebay.de fitted my new mats Also got Chapman Detailing over to refurbish the dashboard as it was showing signs of wear and tear ! its safe to say the interior looks factory fresh! Love the F10 gearknob, the throw /weight feels spot on! Some random pics after a long drive and wash! Plans for the coming months: Send the brakes off to be overhauled fit the new OEM discs / Ferodo DS2500 pads refurbish the wheels and fit the new OEM decals / centre caps / wheel bolts fit the new suspension (OEM)
  12. R44M BM

    Price for F10 Gearknob

    Hi, any chance of a price for 25112284205 F10 gear knob LHD Manual thanks
  13. R44M BM

    New wheels finally on.

    Looks spot on!!
  14. Hi all, My M5 interior looks practically brand new after an overhaul apart from the titanium trim which has some scratches and minor dents (not visible in the pic) Has anyone managed to find a wrap similar to the OEM titanum finish?
  15. R44M BM

    A few pics from f my new (to me) m5

    Well done! she looks very tasty!! you must be over the moon!! looks like a minter too!
  16. Following! I am in a similar boat! (on mine, mechanical sorted and interior is looking spotless) any pics of yours so far?
  17. R44M BM

    E39 M5 potential restoration

    only just checked this post! sorry!! i got the LED units from eBay, luckily they were complete with the OEM car loom (was from a F10) number plate connector so almost a plug and play jobbie! 2x 63267193293 needed
  18. R44M BM

    Anyone bought a car abroad and driven home?

    well done! love the colour.... you must be chuffed! is she home yet?
  19. R44M BM

    Anyone bought a car abroad and driven home?

    Not long to go! looking forward to this one!
  20. R44M BM

    Bluetooth / ULF compatibility list?

    Hi, does anyone know which BMW ULF unit will work with a Samsung S8? I know V13 works fine but anyone had joy with earlier units? Could do with having bluetooth in my E39!!
  21. R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Guys, you will be shocked to hear that Amazon had the pads priced up at a bargain price of £114.83 (P/N FCP997H) i have been hunting them down for months, they retail at around £200, some resellers have them at around £170 but when i saw them priced at £114.83 from amazon i snapped them up (prime delivery too!) they were the last ones in stock too! I know, very jammy!!
  22. R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    James, thanks for the encouragement, They are defo 100% M5 shocks..working in the trade, i got my guy at Euro Car Parts to check stock. I ensured the OEM part number matched: 31312229612 x2 (front) Sachs PN 556834 33521091922 (rear) Sachs PN 170857 also pretty sure (not certain!) that M5 shocks are silver and aluminium compared to 540i etc which are black and heavier.. I agree, the ds2500 pads will make a massive difference as well as the rebuilt calipers. I need to shop for some SS lines. Hopefully removing the calipers this weekend!
  23. R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Update: I have started to concentrate on the exterior / chassis I managed to secure the last remaining stock of the E39 M5 SACHS shock absorbers via EuroCarParts. These are OEM (M5 are silver painted shocks) and unbelievably lightweight! so much so that I had to open the boxes to make sure they had the shocks inside! they are made of aluminium. Also got ATE front/rear discs (OEM again) and Ferodo DS2500 pads. I have been wanting a M5 for 15 years or so - i have been planning the restoration in my head for years!! I know the E39 M5 ring taxi was totally OEM apart from ducting and aftermarket brake pads. If that setup was good enough for the ring taxi then I am sure it will be fine for me!! For anyone wondering why I did not go aftermarket (Bilstein Shocks / coilovers), the main reason is because so many E39 M5 owners regret changing from OEM to aftermarket as the car does not handle as good as OEM. Another point to consider is that the car is 15 years + old... replacing the suspension will be a night / day difference! I am removing the calipers and sending them away for a refurb (possibly painting them BMW Performance blue) and refurbishing the alloys in the original shadow chrome finish...
  24. R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    The BM54 stage 2 is £149 and the DTV stage 2 (with OEM steering wheel control) is £299... but PM me if you are interested as I may be able to get trade discount