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  1. R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Update: May 7th thanks @d_a_n1979 for suggesting the Amazon Mastic Sealing Tape. Worked a treat! spent some considerable time prepping the surface ensuring old adhesive was gone and made sure it was perfectly clean. Applied the mastic tape, put the membrane on and let it dry then got my karcher and sprayed directly at where the water was leaking and hey presto! all dry!! its been a few weeks and the mouldy damp smell has almost gone!
  2. R44M BM

    Bromley motor pagaent

    IF my M5 is up to scratch, I may be interested...
  3. R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Cheers Dan, ordered! I agree - the trick is in the prep work.. will post my results!
  4. R44M BM

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Ripped the interior out to locate suspected leak and deep clean the carpet
  5. R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Monday 16th April. With the weather warming up, it was a perfect time to remove all the seats and locate the water leak. Whilst we were there decided to clean the carpet using a combination of a vacuum cleaner, "Autobrite direct Fab upholstery cleaner" and the Vax. Heres the interior with the seats removed Heres the interior after a henry hoover session and Fab cleaner with the aid of a carpet brush Heres the final result after the vax removed 15 years of grime! As suspected, the vapour seal on the passenger side rear door is letting water in! hopefully sorting the leak this week!
  6. R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    Sat 14th April: We removed the headlights and repaired both the adjustment clips. A pain in the backside especially when we did not want to remove the lenses as I am concerned any replacement sealant is inferior to the OEM sealant and the last thing I want is misty headlights. Just need to take the car into work to make sure the beam pattern is legal!
  7. R44M BM

    E39 M Audio Sub woofer options

    Cheers for the heads up Dennis, just as I suspected, OEM only! not overly bothered about a thumping sound system as the V8 M5 sound track is music to my ears! I will be hunting the subs down on the internet in the meantime , no mega rush
  8. R44M BM

    Price for F10 Gearknob

    Hi, any chance of a price for 25112284205 F10 gear knob LHD Manual thanks
  9. Hi all I am a recent E39 M5 owner. My car has the M Audio package from factory Previous owner had decided to rip out the OEM sub woofers on the shelf. Trying to find replacements seems like finding hens teeth. Can anyone suggest alternatives please? I want to retain the OEM fitment and want them in the original location as opposed to a boxed sub woofer. thanks in advance
  10. R44M BM

    Restoring OEM M-Audio Components

    Hi all, thank you for those who responded. An eventful weekend to say the least! I finally discovered why I had no communication within INPA to: ANY of the A/V components (Nav / Monitor / AMP) PDC LCM Removed the passenger seat and got underneath the carpet to where we saw that someone prior to my ownership decided to (blindly) drill in the lambda probe loom from underneath the car and decided to conveniently drill some of the interior harness. A few of the wires were exposed - we carried out a repair to the wires and like magic, everything worked! as expected, the M Audio sounds decent, nothing compared to my B+O system in my Audi which is 10 years newer but that is to be expected. For an OEM system in 2002, it sounds good. My next mission is to find a pair of sub woofers!
  11. R44M BM

    Carbon Black ///M5

    We had some clear weather yesterday! decided to do some bits to the the E39! OEM F86 LED number plates unit fitted. fitting was almost plug and play as i got the LED units with the connector loom still plugged in and cut from the X6M just required soldering and coding... they physically fit the E39 too..Unlike after market units these don't light up half of the road behind you making the plate ineligible! Coded out the "cold checking" on the LCM too so no strobe effects on start up.
  12. R44M BM

    Restoring OEM M-Audio Components

    I sure do have the amp, the two subs are missing for now however I would have thought no subs would have not stopped the system from powering up?
  13. R44M BM

    Restoring OEM M-Audio Components

    thanks for the reassurance, i got the feeling my 16:9 oem headunit may be faulty !! just need to find one to test!
  14. Hi Luckily, my E39 M5 was equipped with the M-Audio package however the previous owner decided to remove all the boot components (BM54, Nav, TMC/TV Tuner) leaving me with nothing but a 16:9 headunit Over the past few months i have acquired: BM54 TV Tuner Module MK4 Nav CD Changer I have fitted these all in and I am getting a blank screen still on the headunit. The headunit is getting power (the buttons light up) and I do get a different black screen (slightly lighter black screen as if the headunit is getting power but no source) however nothing! Multimeter shows power is going to all the components in the boot / headunit and I have: checked all the fuses unplugged everything and connected just the TV tuner unplugged battery for a few hours ....still nothing! My next task is to eliminate faulty components one by one. It could only be the headunit itself or the TV tuner faulty correct? A bit of a long shot but anyone in the Essex / East London area able to help me out ? Ideally would like to plug a known working headunit and TV tuner to isolate my issue!!