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  1. Seen today at around 2ish in gravesend kent was white with wide arches ... any one on here?
  2. Hi no don't connect together . you can even leave the plug on the end but I had already cut mine of for some thing else.
  3. Im sure there the same just some of the dash panels are diffrent but should all fit.
  4. Also have these and there fine.
  5. Ok i done this on sat ... What you need to do is just connect the one angel input to one wire and the other to the eart going to the headlight. Then tape the other 2 wires up and thats it ... easy peasey! Both on the same side of the resistor. So one white to angel eye feed and black to earth.
  6. Thanks shaz ... just need baus to sort me out with the lm2 and bright angel eyes !
  7. There 20x9.5 all round... although the tyres are to big and it needs to be a fair bit lower
  8. There you go shaz just for you! I can see where im going at night now !!
  9. I did attach a pic but it didnt come out!
  10. Lci headlight retro fit! So much beter!
  11. Help with lci resitor. Ok i have pre wired my plugs for my lci halogen conversion. However i need a bit of help with the resistor. I have the one from hids direct. Has 4 wires two in and two out. Do i conect no4 and no5 terminal and then the other two to splice into the earth wire? Please help !
  12. Ok i know this gets asked alot but there are so many diffrent companies selling diffrent quality kits saying '100% can bus error free' but we all know not all of them are, especially e60s! So what ones are people using? And how long have you had them for? I think i want to go for 6000k 35w. Unless any one has any beter sugestions?
  13. What a real shame! On the pus side how much for the headlights?
  14. As title really must be cheap as chips ! Any condition considered!
  15. Hi dennis There miro 20×9.5 all round. Et18 had to use a 5mm spacer front to clear strut. Using a 12mm rear spacer. Arches rolled all round and lowered 30mm. I think the problem is the tyre size at 255/35/20 all round.