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  1. amebb

    BMW 540I Injectors equivalent?

    Any clues?
  2. amebb

    Wanted Bosch injectors for 540i

    Hi there I need 2 Bosch fuel injectors for my BMW e39 540i The codes are ... Bosch 0280 150 778 Thank you
  3. amebb

    Misfire mystery

    Update. I know I was getting an error code on my car. The error code was relating to a misfire on cycling der 7 & 8. Further investigation showed me that both Injectors were faulty, so I need to find suitable replacements. Thanks
  4. Hi there.... I checked my injectors and found that two Injectors were not working So, my question is the original injectors are by Bosch - 770 0280 150 778 can I use Bosch 0280 155 823 8njectors as an upgrade? Thanks
  5. amebb

    Misfire mystery

    Thank you, I will go there now. Thanks
  6. amebb

    Misfire mystery

    Thank you.... I best get myself on Amazon to buy a unit. Any suggestions as to which one is decent? Thanks
  7. amebb

    Misfire mystery

    Thank you, I will check the sensor a, the connectors etc. Please note, that the car was working 100% fine until I removed the intake manifold and cleaned the injectors. So, I may have not cleaned the two injectors which are causing the issue, or I may not have plugged the cables in correctly etc... So, I will have a check list to work through and sort out this issue. Thanks
  8. amebb

    Misfire mystery

    Not yet, but I will get one. What I do have is a blue tooth device connected to the 20 pin connector that gives me basic information, fault codes, revs etc.... Thanks
  9. amebb

    Misfire mystery

    I think it could be a connector issue. But I will check the o2 sensor too. If it was the o2 sensor would my misfire just remain to 3 and 4 coils or would it be across the 8 cylinders etc...? Thanks
  10. amebb

    Misfire mystery

    Hi, the spark plugs Sr e all good and I gave checked them. The coils too are good, they have been checked. The suspect coils are on another bmw and all is working fine. I will be checking for vacuum leaks etc..... As for compression..... I doubt if there is any issues on the compression. The car was working fine until I removed the intake manifold... once again, there could be a possibility of there being a vacuum leak.... Will check it out in the next few days Thanks
  11. amebb

    Misfire mystery

    Any clues...?
  12. amebb

    Misfire mystery

    Hi, can anyone help me with this issue I am having on my car. I checked the error codes and I can up with this... P0300 - RANDOM MISFIRE P0303 - CYCLINDER 3 MISFIRE P0130 - O2 SENSOR CIRCUIT (BANK 1, SENSOR1) P0304 - CYCLINDER 4 MISFIRE So, I removed ignition coil 3 and 4 replacing them with working units. I started the car and it sounded ok but, still the error code popped up. The engine was still misfiring and the drive was lacking power, nothing brilliant. (PREVIOUSLY.... A FEW MONTHS AGO I REMOVED THE INJECTORS AND CLEANED THEM, REPLACED SEALS ETC. ) Could there be an issue with injectors 3 & 4 causing a misfire? If anyone can assist me solve this matter I would really appreciate it. Thank you Car ... BMW 540i automatic, saloon. Thanks
  13. amebb

    Btw e39 525i cuts out....

    Thank you.... I will try to get a replacement sensor sorted out.
  14. amebb

    E39 540i not starting .... HELP PLZ

    Hi Dan.. So, today my job was to finish off my car, ready youvthe MOT. I started the engine and let it run for about 5 mins. It acted normal no issues. I checked the fault codes and then cleared them. After thst I rechecked the codes, the codes were gone. Which was good. I amnhopi g that the codes don't return, but let's see.... The only issue that I have now is that the idling is slightly rough. I feel that I may have made a mistake when I removed the injectors. Though the injectors were cleaned I don't think I did that correctly. So, i think they may need to be recleaned and tested under pressure to clear out any crap inside. Tomorrow's task is to bleed the brakes..... the joys lol Thanks Dan, have a fab weekend
  15. amebb

    E39 540i not starting .... HELP PLZ

    Hi, yes they all look good. No damage.