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  1. amebb

    540i error codes

    Thank you for your reply Kenny.... I just need to find the thermostat now. Thank you
  2. amebb

    540i error codes

    Hi, The other day I checked the error codes on my car and found the following issues: Error code ... 1... P0308 .. POWERTRAIN ... CYCLINDER 8 MISFIRE DETECTED 2... P0443 .. POWERTRAIN ... EVAPORATE EMISSIONS CONTROL SYSTEM PURGE CONTROL VALVE CIRCUIT 3... P1585 .. POWERRTRAIN 4... P1622 ... POWERTRAIN ... MAP COOLING CONTROL CIRCUIT ELECTRICAL The spark plugs have been changed to new ones and I have checked all 8 coils and the resistance is what it should be... 0.8 ohms I am not sure what these codes actually mean, is there any place online I can go to see what the codes mean? Thanks
  3. amebb

    Eratic engine

    Hi Syncrofred I have an diagnostic tool that i need to use. Just not had the time to be honest, besides its dam cold. Having said that i need to get the car sorted out asap - this is a project for sunday...! Thanks
  4. amebb

    Eratic engine

    Hi d_a_n1979 recently, i had changed the vacum diaphram that is located at the rear of the engine.... sorry i dont know the correct name for the item. Since then, i have been havcing these issues. Is there any information about the vacum pipes so that i can see what i am looking for ? Thank you
  5. amebb

    e39 540i auto SPEEDOMETER

    Hi there Does anyone have a speedometer for a bmw e39 - 540i auto 97....? Mines playing up so if anyone has one for sale, please let me know. Thank you
  6. amebb

    Eratic engine

    Hi there i need some help please? I am having some issues with my car (BMW e39 - 540i auto 1997) when i start the car the engine sounds very eratic. its like there is an issue with the ignition etc. The car is sluggish also. Sometimes when i start the car, the car starts but then as the revs drop down to 800rpm the car cuts out. Does anyone have any ideas as to what i need to do ? Thank you
  7. Hi Chicaneuk, thank you for your reply. I would be intrested to know what fault finder you have? I need to get one for myself that works ...lol rather than just look good. I have a USB device that I can use... another eBay purchase lol.... And i just need the software to get it all working etc. But, let me know what your fault reader called and i can see if i can find one on ebay. But thank you for all your help... cheers
  8. UPDATE..... I spent a very long trying to locate the issue as to why the light was one ... (!) lights I had checked and changed two brake pad sensors.... done a complete brake fluid change and checked for any leaks etc. The problem turned out to be located at the brake fluid resivior tank. It had a faulty sensor. I didnt want to change the complete tank so i pulled out the plug and bridges the connector. The light was gone. Sadly there was very little information about this online - so, anyone who may have the same issue as me... please check the contacts on the resiviour tank. Thanks for all your help.
  9. @Chicaneuk - thank you very much - i would really appreciate that very much. I am in Leamington Spa, not too far from you. Let me know when your free buddy Thanks
  10. @pt503i the issue is that on my car for some strange reason I cannot get my fault reader to work on the car. The seat belt reset tools works ok but the code reader does not work. (The tool i have is the D900 EOBD/OBDII tool) Thanks
  11. Update I have checked the brake pad sensors and they are fine. All calipers have been bleed and are all working fine. There are no leaks and all the brake fluid has been changed. Having done all of this I still get the error light...... (!) What can I try next....,? Any clues ? Thanks
  12. hi, yes your right there is one at the front. both have been changed. still i get this error light
  13. Hello, i need some help please. I have a BMW E39 525i. The car failed its MOT last week because there was a light on the dash board. It was the (!) light. I have changed the brake pad sensor, checked brake pads, now just adjusting the hand brake and also checked brake fluid etc. I think i have tried everything possible. Can anyone else give me some tips please on how i can get rid of the light ? Thank you for your help
  14. amebb

    Engine eratic idle.... HELP PLZ

    The thing i was talking about at the engine is the OSV...... thanks
  15. Hi there I need some help please with my car. My car is a BMW e39 540i - R reg - Auto. The issue is that when i start the car sometimes there is a cloud of smoke from the exhaust - a greyish white colour. This dosnt last long...... and then dies away. Sometimes i can get the smoke whilst driving too. The engine feels eratic..... its not smooth. I have changed the spark plugs and they were ok. I also checked the water and oil to see any signs of a blown head gasket. The oil was fine and so was the water. All the levels were acceptable. There are no error messages on the dash or using a computer etc.. Someone told me that there is something on the back of the engine that needs to be changed as this tends to go sometimes..... Can anyone give me ideas as to what else i need to be looking for to fix this issue ?? Thank you