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  1. E28 Mtech springs

    Cheers Tim,saw them on eBay but need fronts too,think I’ve found some
  2. E28 Mtech springs

    As per title really,the cars way too low on whatever springs are on it at the mo Open to swapping them or just a straight purchase cheers,Jason
  3. E28 rear headrests in pine green herringbone (early type)

    They are the style you want,just front rather than rear?!
  4. E28 rear headrests in pine green herringbone (early type)

    I’ll look tomorrow but think so?! think the actual mounting brackets are still available at BM
  5. Engine loom,M30

  6. Engine loom,M30

    Can’t message him?! ive put a few wanted adds here there and everywhere but no response
  7. Engine loom,M30

    Cheers Duncan
  8. Engine loom,M30

    Hi folks,I’m after a M30B35 engine loom and TPS the loom needs to be from an auto,with TPS to match cheers
  9. E28 rear headrests in pine green herringbone (early type)

    They have headrests,never looked to see if they’re the same?!
  10. Engine management

    I’m currently trying to sort a few problems out with a ‘modifications’ to my eta and was hoping someone may be able to help a little so out with the B27 was first and in with a M30B34 auto,from a 86 car switchable box management,kick down etc has all been swapped,pink injectors fitted and a lpg kit was bought that was originally on a E34 or 32,complete with manifold (B34) as the manifold was complete with the lpg fittings this was used rather than the B34 one,and airflow should be a little better too front damper and ref sensor were fitted and the B35 ecu and engine management have been used the problem I have is the throttle position sensor and the communication between the engine and box,the engine loom seems to be from a manual so I have a 3 pin plug for the TPS rather than a round 6 pin TPS plug because of this the box is in limp mode has anyone done the engine management swap or would anyone like to offer help with this? cheers,Jason
  11. E28 rear headrests in pine green herringbone (early type)

    Got a pair of front seats in green herringbone....
  12. Fan Blower Burn-out

    It probably needs freeing off,try giving it a spray with some wd40,they cease up with age
  13. Lsd fit to a 82 525

    Rear arbs weren't standard on all models,there are two types depending if your diff mount is central or offset
  14. Inner RH sill for E28

    Have a breaker to chop up when I get chance if that's any help??
  15. e28 drivers front wing

    Think I have a decent pair,opalgrun need to get them off and check tho....