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  1. chemicalal

    1983 E28 528i - Head Gasket!?

    Yeah, its approx 730GBP with the current exchange rate (although god knows what'll happen on Tuesday......little bit of politics there!) Things are more expensive here, but then salaries are much higher. This does include valve clearances, oil spray bar, all fluids and filters (incl autobox) and a full check over. I'm also getting the oil pressure sensor changed, the in-tank pump changed, the alternator bushes done and the front shocks/top mounts (Bilstein B6) changed. All for the princely sum of AU$4000!! Genuine parts here are laughable! Costs from the dealers are jaw-dropping (quoted a combined AU$1800 for both fuel pumps from BMW and could get genuine parts from Pelican Parts in the US for US$500 posted!) They really take the absolute P*SS. Quoted $2000-4000 to get the HG done (incl head skimming if required) so you can hopefully see why I was trying to get all your thoughts - Needless to say I'll be utterly gutted if a $4k bill turns into $8k. I've just been onto the Ivo Christov site and bought the batteryless SI board - so hopefully this will get my temp sensor working too. Anyone fitted one?
  2. chemicalal

    Drivers seat

    Hi All, Anyone repadded the base on one of these? My pearl beige leather is pretty spotless but the innards have decayed. Any advice is appreciated. Al
  3. chemicalal

    1983 E28 528i - Head Gasket!?

    Hi Duncan, no undertray. My mech is doing a full service incl oil spray bar check and valve clearances so will change the cam cover gasket. Full service is $1300 but this seems pointless if there is a HG issue. Hence my questions. Thanks very much for your help!! Fears are allayed somewhat by both your comments!!
  4. chemicalal

    Air Filter Housing 1982 E28 528i

    First one in Oz. Your info has been very very helpful. Thank you so much!! Al
  5. chemicalal

    1983 E28 528i - Head Gasket!?

    Theres a gasket & cover Colloquially called the duck gasket (not sure if my ‘82 528i has this as I’ve been told it doesn’t) Realoem shows it does!?!? I’ve tried to look/feel to identify if I have this cover and am struggling. Maybe someone can advise? It obviously has a cam cover and gasket but again easy to check for oil leaks and I’ve found nowt by feeling this at the rear. Do you think it’s near impossible for a head gasket oil leak to cause the coverage shown in the pic?!
  6. chemicalal

    1983 E28 528i - Head Gasket!?

    Thanks for the replies chaps! yep the oil pressure switch is up on the opposite side and it would be lovely to think that this was the cause and not the HG. However, it’s pretty viewable and accessible and it’s been dry whenever I’ve felt it. Given the amount of oil in the pic and the palm sized puddles of oil I get on the floor underneath I’d have thought I’d see/feel something there!?! The BMW specialist I’ve got it with just now thinks it’s this sensor too (I’m worried about this on two counts though. 1) I know he doesn’t want to tackle a HG job as he’s busy 2) surely he should KNOW it’s the sensor?!?!
  7. chemicalal

    Air Filter Housing 1982 E28 528i

    My aussie mechanic said something about it doing some sort of air recirculation thing and wanted me to spend $700 to replace the cells - Is this guy full of utter poo? I've never heard of this in all my time with E28's
  8. chemicalal

    Air Filter Housing 1982 E28 528i

    Hi Guys, my air filter box has a small black box inside the roof of the top half (if that makes sense) - There is a bit of a rattle from it and I was wondering what this casing houses and its primary purpose? Any ideas? Al
  9. chemicalal

    1983 E28 528i - Head Gasket!?

    This is the best pic I could get of the drivers side rear of the engine - What do you all reckon?
  10. chemicalal

    1983 E28 528i - Head Gasket!?

    Hi All, Hope that you are well - I recently bought the above car (my 11th E28 over the last 12 years, so you think I'd know what to look for!!!) and I suspect that the external oil leak from the rear of the engine is a head gasket related issue (Holy sh*t). I had no idea that a blown head gasket could only present in this manner - I did all the usual checks (white/blue exhaust smoke, oil cap, radiator cap etc) and its all fine. The car does not overheat although the last owner did change the radiator so i'm guessing that it could've overheated in the past. Its immaculate in every other way. My question is could a rear oil leak present from anywhere else in there - The oil seems to be coming down and onto the gearbox bell-housing and then onto the ground. I'm really struggling to get a good look behind. There is a sensor screwed into the head at the rear passenger side that looks a bit oily, but underneath is clean so I don't think its this. I've heard of a thing called a "duck" gasket (or rear camshaft gasket) and again feeling by fingers alone, there doesn't seem to be any oil in that area (it seems to be coming from lower down sadly). Any ideas/options on the culprit? I can't believe that I've managed to pay a small fortune for a car with a suspected head gasket issue, given that I have a fair idea about these old cars!!!!? Any help/commiserations gratefully received. Al
  11. chemicalal

    BMW 12611312111 - M30 Oil Level sensor/switch

    Thanks for the responses guys. Much appreciated! Tim, I’ll update you as soon as I know if it’s needed. In the interim, let me know what you want for it posted (or if you’re in the city centre/northern beaches, I can meet with cash). Al
  12. Hi all, I suspect that I need one of these and they are now NLA. Does anyone have one that works and willing to post to Sydney, Oz?? It may be the wiring as the check light comes on intermittently (its going in to get checked) but it would be good to know that a working one is out there. Al
  13. chemicalal


    Hi everyone, Been a member here since approx 2007, and have been the proud owner of 7 E28's (10 E30's and a few E24's and E32's) when in the UK. I'm now over in Sydney (since 2012) and have just recently decided to get back into old BMW ownership (I missed the perverse pain/enjoyment of sh*t going wrong). Its an E28 528i 1983 OpalGrun Metallic - Its only got 135k kms on the clocks and a full BMW SH and a mint Pearl Beige leather interior (with no dash cracks!). The only negative is it's the 3 gear automatic which is a pain when sitting at motorway speeds (3500RPM at 110km/70mph) , but beyond that its fine. Good to be back! If anyone knows of a way to change the gear ratios of my box it would be appreciated, but failing that I'll look to swap to a 4 speed in the coming 12mths. I'll post up pics in due course! Al
  14. chemicalal

    E28 Wanted!!

    If/when its ready, let me know and I'll come back to you.
  15. chemicalal

    E28 Wanted!!

    Hi Andy, Thanks, I've been in touch with him - He advised that there was a bit of rust floor to sills, and a rudimentary MOT check on this car shows that this is potentially more than a bit, and the remainder of the advisories don't make spectacular reading....nothing drastic, but just a bit more tired than I'd have hoped for a 54k car that looks that good in the pics. Its a lovely car on the face of it, and the price (which I imagine is negotiable) is appealing if the rot is not horrendous. If its still available (and I've not committed to something else) when I get over in June I may well take a look. Thanks again for your time/effort in passing this on! Alasdair