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  1. Hi I like the first wheel the ispiri with more star shaped spokes, is there a choice of colours available? could PM me a price for alloys only and a alloy tyre package price. many thanks, regards Rich
  2. Hi Barry I'm thinking after market. thanks, regards Rich
  3. Hi there could you tell me if you can supply / show me what wheels you have a available for an 2005 Mercedes SLK 55 AMG. ideally I would like an staggered set of 19" wheels that are concaved front and back and of a 5 spoke design or more, but not to many spokes. many thanks, regards Rich
  4. Hi there, Just a general question, how far can you customise a mercedes slk r171 steering wheel, i.e shape of the wheel & air bag ect. The steering wheel is a bit dated in my eyes and would like to give it an update with out compromising the electrics and function. Ie flat bottom and new covering over the air bag. Many thanks, regards Rich