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  1. Been dismissed at Work

    Agreed Also if the pressure with your Mum get too much, then don't be afarid to talk to a professional
  2. Been dismissed at Work

    If it will eat away at you. (Very unlikely they will give you job back), but I will write an appeal letter today, explaining you would have sent it quicker but due to the public holidays not enough time as was too busy. However in that letter write that they were wrong not to do a full investigation, your side of the story, and with constructive language why your supervisor is a clown - no one likes him, and that he is a liability. May not make any difference to them but it will be in the back of their minds. Also hopefully may make you feel better
  3. Using a TV as second monitor - resolution

    If your Mac is post 2012 (IIRC) then it will support full HD. Have you changed or checked the resolution in Displays Preferences via settings and select the second screen (and made changes in there)?
  4. Been dismissed at Work

    They should have done a proper investigation and heard your side of the story before dimissing you what a bunch of a***holes. One of my best friends Mum's has dementia and is in a care home which carters for her condition. It was the last thing he wanted to do put her in a home, but he was becoming seriously ill because of it - he couldn't cope, therefore it made him have a breakdown. Dementia is horrible. I hope one day soon they find a cure for dementia , cancer, and other common diseases/illnesses such as diabetes etc. Also hope your Mum goes into a nice care home
  5. Top Gear

    I thought I was watching a repeat of the Grand Tour with the SUVs. Then Rory decides to do a right instead of following. It was a race of the best car in all that terrain, not a stage act of a car going through a cricket club etc. Then Chris breaking cars, and a car fire. At least when Hammond breaks a car it’s done in style and his car was on fire for five days IIRC. Top Gear should cut out the foolhardily between the presenters, and more serious with the reviews with the odd bit of motoring banter. We all know what to expect from GT and as it is now internet based they have more scope and it makes it entertaining. Interestingly that Clarkson’s is presenting Who Wants to be a Millionaire - does this mean ITV will buy the rights for the fourth series? Also what is the correct way to pronounce Alpine – with or without the e? At least Chris didn’t do a Mike Brewer and called their Alpine an ALPINA.
  6. Driven several W212 great cars to drive, but IMO they don’t have the charisma of my E39.
  7. Top Gear

    I really enjoyed the last two series of Grand Tour apart from the odd episode e.g. the last episode of series 2. Some nice totty Silvija Jurin (the human finish line), Paris Hilton, and Abigail "Abbie" Eaton (Female racing driver). Also not constraint by BBC Health and Safety e.g. when they apparently lost the key for the M3 on the race track and just raced around the car instead, or supposedly obviously they did use professional stunt drivers (but) had office workers driving in the office park. Yesterday’s Top Gear was watchable. The first two episodes IMO were cringeworthily with no chemistry or dynamics between the three. I am not a Rob Brydon fan but do think he is funny therefore don’t mind watching him. It was however just grisly watching him on Top Gear - especially listening to him commentating on his own lap. To top the first episode off, they recycled the Grand Tour joke with the Discovery’s rear end. I found the second episode so boring, I can’t remember what it was about apart from them trying to copy their counterparts from Grand Tour and trying to be that era of Top Gear, which the BBC said they will not do. I am surprised I talk highly of Grand Tour as I found the last few series of Top Gear boring when they were presenting it. Just my 2p worth
  8. Post Brexit Result

    I said some remainers, didn't imply you as you never said the word hate. However you gave me ground to write it. Wales voted leave Durning the Scottish referendum, they were told that after the next general election a EU referendum may happen. Therefore the Scottish were aware during their independence referendum.
  9. Post Brexit Result

    ^ Agreed Yes At this moment in time I can still say I will never regret my choice (but never say never especially with a EU Army). The problem is there are two articles: 50 and another one which is something like 242, 440, 424 – I can’t find it on google. Article 50 is the divorce, and the second article is our future relationship after we leave. Unless we can have some form of transition deal then we will be leaving on a cliff edge because we can’t start trade deals until we leave. This Government hasn’t got the courage or the majority to say to the EU we will sign trade deals before March 2019 - and what are you going to do about it – kick us out? The most important red line for me was trade. If we get some good trade deals before the transition deal ends, I still believe we will have a good trade deal with the EU which includes services. Last week German businesses were in uproar and saying to Merkel that Brexit is affecting us now. Could this be why the transition deal was early? We should never have conceded on fishery. I knew for a long time the EU will not give us the red line with immigration The EU is using the Irish border as a stick to beat us with. MPs have said several times: “We are not going to put any border up. Did anyone watch Question Time? no matter what Chris Grayling said to Mairead McGuinness, she was being what I can only describe to be stubborn EU bureaucrat and kept saying “I don’t understand”. Then that horrible kiss between her and Brian Cox when she said something like: “I didn’t want to come on here because I knew I wouldn’t have any love”. If Mairead McGuinness felt that way then she shouldn’t be the vice president of the European Parliament. As someone of her position should be immune to this That’s the problem some remainers who hate this country but love other countries more. The EU are using the famous figures with this attitude against us and this makes it even more difficult in negotiations.
  10. 7-seat MPV views and opinions

    To add there are a lot complaints with Renault rather than Citroën for electrics. I also wouldn't buy a secondhand Renault unless it's a collectable car because I don't trust them, however I wouldn't hesitate with a Citroën which is few years old
  11. 7-seat MPV views and opinions

    Ignore what I said about 6 months on PCP, I made a mistake. However the point I'm making is - when on finance the car can be sold on as long as the loan is paid, but there will be shortfall which you will need to cover. Most cars which are now made the electrics are fairly bulletproof for several years. I just think French cars always had this stigma and it's difficult for them to get rid of it
  12. 7-seat MPV views and opinions

    If that was meant for me - no need to apologise. However I have driven several and I just love the quirkiness of them, but the rear lights is not to everyone's taste. IIRC the MPG is what you would expect if not better. For me Citroën is like the ALPINA thing. Some people get it and some don't. The ones that do enjoy the cars. Hopefully you and you wife are the ones who do get the Citroën thing, and if you don't then you do have options with PCP after 6 months but obviously will lose some money Also a friend of a friend - she has had 3 and loves them
  13. I prefer the later 5s steering, to my E39 as it's heavier. However I still say "The E39 is still one of the best driver's cars ever made by today's standards, but especially for that era" The only other criticism is, when I look at the car from behind it seems too narrow. (Does that make sense?)
  14. A good night to a brilliant man...

    You can’t beat a bit of bully especially knowing what you could have won lol. One fact I have remember from Bullseye. The suicide rate dropped on a Sunday when the game show was on. That is super, smashing, great
  15. A good night to a brilliant man...

    I should have said multiply those three genii by 3.14 and what do you get Please don't ask me I am not a genius but it's a lot of combined intelligence