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  1. Good Aberdeen Breakfast near Train Station

    No worries wasn’t sure as there was no smilies or didn’t end with a lol. Lol. What are you trying to do with me now: a politics tangent, I will soon start talking about the mess of our Government, Brexit and trade deals and start arguing with everyone again NEAL DO NOT GO THERE I heard on the radio about the lineside neighbours trampolines Arrived at Aberdeen about 11:50 only 4 hours and 30 minutes late. Edit: The longest train ride I ever been on in the UK, and thanks to delay repay will be free. Also I ate a breakfast at Carluccio’s which was nice, this was on my list to dine-in but they opened at 9:00 * added UK, because the longest train journey I have had is from New Delhi to Bangalore (Bengaluru).
  2. Good Aberdeen Breakfast near Train Station

    I wasn’t criticising or even am bothered about the tangent - I just didn’t expect it when I started the thread Cheers for that. The latest update from train staff: speed restrictions north of Dundee, but am glad the incident log is showing otherwise. Going near there. Therefore may walk in and blag myself to a cup of coffee I’m aware of the shopping centre but all the restaurants are the same as everywhere else. I just want that local cafe which the locals know, serves one of the best breakfast in Aberdeen, and is walking distance from the station.
  3. Good Aberdeen Breakfast near Train Station

    One of the best tangents on a forum lol. From talking about breakfast in Aberdeen to buying E60/1 to F10/1 and glory holes lol. I don’t mind as I didn’t see a a breakfast thread having too many replies. However time now is 8.45 and just left Edinburgh due to Strom Caroline. I may be doing the same trip next week therefore any good breakfast places not too far from Aberdeen Station or even on Union Square let me know.
  4. Good Aberdeen Breakfast near Train Station

    If it was only the car which was stolen then you will have the normal reaction with all the usual expletives on a public forum and nothing wrong with that. However this was your family and this is not replaceable. Apart from the incident in the hotel, there are more people who are good - and will help when they know it’s genuine (there are a lot scams and liars in London therefore people are very weary in the capital and this does affect people’s good will). However what I am saying, the incident of the theft put the car into perspective and knowing that your family is safe, it does means everything to you, rather than some steel, glass, and let us not forget the two new tyres lol. I’m not an expert with E60/61 or F10/11. However I’m finding with second hand cars at the moment the demand for good quality specification is high. As an example with BMW models, people are trading-in their SE models and buying M-Sports or a bigger engine with all the toys. Also people who have cash are buying top specifications. In other words I am finding the good cars are going quickly and holding a higher value in the market place. As soon as new cars sales increase again the demand for top specifications models will reduced and be back in-line to which they were several months ago IMO
  5. Good Aberdeen Breakfast near Train Station

    What type of glory hole? In a public lavatory(not my thing), or in adult video booth which I could be tempted with (SWMBO will never find out LOL). On a serious note sorry to read about your car and the stress it caused you and your family.
  6. As above on the night sleep from Euston to Aberdeen, will arrive about 7.30 depending on the weather. However any suggestions for a good brekky in the morning? Thanks in advance.
  7. Black Friday, don't be fooled....

    Black Friday is only a bargain if you were going to buy something at the normal price before it was reduced. These were my bargains: Renewed my PlayStation Network subscription and received 25% off. Gran Turismo SPORT Deluxe Edition (45% off IIRC). Currently working my way through the driving school. Currently on the 24 event which is the last stage for beginners, but will not entertain it until my only silver (event 21 IIRC) becomes a gold as this may affect my final prize car. Then will start driving school immediate level, and once this is completed I will then start racing.
  8. 7up has finally betrayed me

    That’s what has annoyed me about K.F.C that most of their stores now have that vile sugar free stuff. I therefore have water when eating Kentucky - this is, if they don’t have normal Pepsi. That substitute crap has always upset my stomach, gives me headaches, and it makes me even more thirsty. There are studies that sweeteners can lead to cancer and dementia. One recent study says the body finds it easier to burn off sugar rather than sweeteners
  9. That’s fair enough. It only will need one of these master key, fob, or immobiliser to be lost or stolen to be duplicated. Also the main dealer is being questioned by the police: “The master fob was in the safe overnight officer. Not sure why all those cars were stolen overnight, or why overnight my bank account was placed with lots of money”. I would guess this is why all keys, fobs etc are only at an ‘owner level’ of access rather than a ‘dealers level’ access.
  10. I would say that the immobiliser is the pin or password. Therefore IMO comparing a car immobiliser to a computer’s smart card/token authentication is more applicable. Without encryption on a phone or a computer, a password is useless. An immobiliser uses an electronic pin or password and is random unlike a static one on a computer or phone. Therefore if they make the keycode to be static pin entry. Comparing it to a computer then the pin will need to be at the preboot stage and if not encrypted it will then easily be bypassed. The problem with encrypting it at that level will mean a dealer for servicing etc needs to know the pin or have access to the recovery pin, and they can tell everyone, and once the master pin has been leaked then every thief will have the access to that system. Also if the pin code system is broken it may be impossible to start the car even with a replacement ‘pin unit’ because it will be acting like a token or a smartcard computer’s authentication. Therefore the ‘pin unit’ is encrypted to that car, and only to be unlocked with that pin or the master pin. I therefore consider and IMO a pin system to be a futile task. IMO: The current car security system needs to harden Also I have tried to make this very easy to understand, I know that some geeks can debate on the technical or my terminology but I left this out because it will be too geeky.
  11. Job advice

    If you are dwelling on what will happen if I phone them, then no harm with speaking to HR. At worst a waste of time with the phone call and if you feel embarrassed afterwards then just take it on the chin; at best a face-to-face interview, and may even get the job. After all you already passed the Skype interview. My previous company was good when I had the interview. I was genuinely running one hour late and they still interview me and was successful However about 8 years ago, had a phone call for an interview on a Thursday (IIRC), I genuinely said: Sorry I need to attend a funeral. HR replied with: we will reschedule. Phoned several times for an interview and just had BS from them. Therefore said to myself glad I didn't get the job or wasted my time with an interview because why would I want to work for a company who are this disrespectful.
  12. I cannot remember if the correct terminology is in my title 540i 'Sport' or 'M Sport' - if I have got it wrong it is because I cannot genuinely remember the consensus. I therefore used the title from the advert. However lovely and a rare car https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/e39-5-series-96-04/bmw-540i-m-sport-touring-manual-m5-visuals/6463193 IMO the car is overpriced. I am happy to be stand corrected: The dealer is asking a high price, and would have thought they will stay away from making incorrect, smart, and missleading statements Joji Nagashima was the designer of the E39 and his design was used, and it deserves to be his achievement. Chris Bangle's was the chief designer from 1992, but the E39 was not his design and hence is not his achievement
  13. 340i SW17???

    LOL Nothing wrong with claret and sky blue – especially if bubbles are forever blowing Unfortunately not
  14. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    The eposide list so far: 995 Ford Escort RS Cosworth Toyota Supra Ford Mustang Mach 1 Saab 96