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  1. Selling mercury

    LOL about the school My GCSE for C.D.T my practical was a bicylce alarm. If the wires were cut then an alarm will sound, and if the bicycle moved then the alarm will also sound because of a mercury tilt switch
  2. Selling mercury

    Opps I meant - generally is it common for the engineers or electricians to keep mercury?
  3. Pcn challenge failed, time to appeal?

    I would go to the adjudicators as they do have common sense and are fair (most of the time). However the same day as my test drive in my B3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-403236/Dont-know-East-West-Thatll-50-please.html Appealed and won, I also said in my appeal letter that the people that took the photo were illegally parked on a yellow line [ALLEGEDLY]. At the time I did not know why they were there, but if I did, I would have taken a photo of them being illegally parked.
  4. Selling mercury

    I think it will be an obvious answer, but out of curiosity what is the reason for someone collecting mercury?
  5. As above spotted this rare beast somewhere between M25 and Luton IIRC Also had a very distinctive licence plate which is unique to that model of the car, therefore no partial plate as it will be too obvious
  6. Whats the Best DIY Forum?

    Think you found it. The General Discussion section of the forum.bmw5.co.uk
  7. Reminds me I am delivering a Renault Megane next week to a customer
  8. New Wheeler Dealers

    Agreed and good taste in wheels
  9. Insurance Advise Needed

    My understanding with regards to a private road. It needs to be obvious/clear that the land is private or with a sign that says something like: 'Trespassers will be prosecuted' The rest (apart from your own driveway up to the pavement) and as long as it is for public access e.g car park to go into a supermarket. Is considered to be a public highway and as such the Road Traffic Act does apply and third party insurance cover is needed. A pub car park can be private during closing hours but a sign needs to be visible making that clear
  10. New Wheeler Dealers

    Agreed Agreed it made me think did Edd get bored in the last series as Mike started to get his hands dirty. Therefore could Edd do anymore or was it time for someone else to to do mechanical - so it seems like old stuff doesn't get repeated by having someone else to explain what is a headgasket etc
  11. New Wheeler Dealers

    Yes correct but there are three with small turbos - not sure why. Also when the small turbos were in production on the standard Cossie, buyers had the option for the big turbo - not sure if any were produce with the big turbo. I need to dig it out, but I have a Fast Ford magazine from about 1999 or 2000 with the Monte buying guide. In their QA section that month they answered a question which I written to them. The month after that the buying guide was Mondeo ST24 or 4x4, and the one after was the Sapphire 200E buying guide. As I wrote into them and asked to do a buying guide on the 2000E which they did
  12. New Wheeler Dealers

    I made a mistake by saying T25 - still not bad from old knowledge lol.
  13. New Wheeler Dealers

    Yes I believe so
  14. New Wheeler Dealers

    IIRC (10 years ago I would not even question myself regarding this aaeegghhh). The larger turbo (the T25 edit see below post typo T35 turbo) was a special edition - offhand cannot remember the name. Also people found the car to be harder to drive on the road as it didn’t drive like a road car because of the instant boost at the top end. The smaller turbo (cannot remember the name) was the main production car and was called the YBP engine. My thoughts of the triple spoiler is that it does serve a performace function (albeit in a straight line) and not just a cosmetic item.
  15. New Wheeler Dealers

    Didn’t think I would enjoy Ant doing Ed’s job but not too different. Noticed they didn’t say that the Escort Cosworth top end speed is less without a rear spoiler, one fact I never knew was the tipple/middle wing on spoiler – I think it looks rather cool. I wonder how long copies of the middle wing will be available to buy, and every Escort Cossie will have one. As soon as I spotted the perfect paintwork and the reason for the sale, I said to myself it is another one who buys it back at the end; and the buying and selling will be staged so they can make a show out of it - nothing wrong with that because it is about time they had a Escort Cosworth and I generally enjoy them doing engine work Therefore enjoyed the wind tunnel, the turbo work, and how the engine and gearbox was removed from the chassis. My Sapphire 2000E and Sapphire Cosworth both had rally Oz wheels