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  1. A bit harsh? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/04/26/cosby-guilty-jury-rules-comedian-sexually-assaulted-andrea-constand.amp.html as I thought that was a normal night for the coloured American* gentleman..... * that was as PC as I could be sorry if it offends someone....
  2. Beautiful! INCREDIBLE!

    Ha ha! I’m sure he’s typing away right this very second..... to me it’s the E39 touring rear that spoils it for me, a bit like the first generation X5 they “now” look very old from behind but from front on look good! Its a personal thing and I hear what your saying! Like I say, it’s just my opinion good damn it, I’m now looking for a E90/92 V8 motor (that’s not spun it’s bearings...) to stick in the trusty old girl.... think I’ll Just get a 335i/d
  3. Beautiful! INCREDIBLE!

    Dunc, anything is possible with enough cash money.... but yeah basically! Also IMO the E39 touring looks dated where as the saloon doesn’t? I still wonder why our favorite German car manufacturer didn’t make a M3 touring EVER! I’d love to be driving round in a E91 V8 ///M instead I’m stuck with a E91 2.0 cancer inducing piece of turd! before you say you can get the 335i/d version (Dennis) I know!
  4. BBS Split rims on 540??

    Mr mad will be along shortly to answer your wheel question. I think they where available but I’m not a fan of them! But each to their own
  5. Beautiful! INCREDIBLE!

    Yup, I seen one at the BMW show at Santa Pod a few years ago
  6. Can you diy troubleshoot air con?

    Yeah, that’s a drop in for R12 most if the drop ins today require some sort of “retro” fit, wether it be oil or valves
  7. Can you diy troubleshoot air con?

    Ha ha! It tasted good as well....
  8. Can you diy troubleshoot air con?

    Right-o the reason it’s “funny” how they didn’t find a leak when “pressure” testing your air con is because that machine does a “pressure” test under a negative pressure! This procedure is the absolute wrong way of doing it, as if you’ve got a leak that’s not just a simple dried out seal then you are pulling air into the system. Now you might turn round and say so what? Air hasn’t done any harm to anything... in fact we need air to do many things, and you would be correct, however air in a refrigeration circuit is bad! As air contains moisture and moisture when it comes into contact with liquid refrigerant turns into a solid and thus blocks up the system! Also when the machine is doing it’s “pressure” test it’s pulling the dried out seals inward, which in turn is resealing them! So it won’t be able to detect a pressure difference, so then it just sticks the new lovely ozone depleting gas back in and away you drive happy in the knowledge that a man has pressed a button on a machine and it has “fixed” your air con honestly your best bet is to find a air con man that will perform a positive pressure test using OFN (oxygen free nitrogen) and then you go from there! *** and before anyone says the new gases don’t deplete the O-zone, they do! Just not as bad as R12 or R22 or any of the old school gases that actually worked more efficiently than any of the new stuff! ***
  9. Can you diy troubleshoot air con?

    Ok who is they? and how did they perform the test?
  10. Can you diy troubleshoot air con?

    Who detects no leak?
  11. Aircons playing up!!!

    Fair enough, as long as it’s not called kwickwank or halfrauds then your half way there....
  12. Aircons playing up!!!

    Out of interest, where have you got it booked in?
  13. Aircons playing up!!!

    O rings are O rings, I bought one for the system on my E39 from a plumbers merchants, lube it up with vac pump oil (had it in my van ) installed said O ring, re-installed pipework, pressure tested (all good) re-gassed and the system worked fine up until I got shut of the car
  14. Aircons playing up!!!

    You’ve had the system pressure tested and confirmed it’s the condenser that’s leaking?
  15. I am now a record producer....

    This is getting complicated now I cant post it via YouTube due to licensing? So here’s a link to the site? https://api.jam-community.com/song/detail/eeda3ab4-4663-11e8-babf-02fe9cf35e65 Its very crude in places but others I think it’s not to bad? All comments welcome good or bad
  16. I am now a record producer....

    Going for the melodic sounds.... Its not the finished article but I think I’m onto something
  17. I am now a record producer....

    Well here’s another club banger....
  18. E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    I wonder which yakuza member that used to belong to? Very nice thought! I’ve said it before and I’ll Say it again, If BMW still made the E39 today there would be a brand spanking new one on my drive as we speak! IMO the E39 was and is the best car BMW have ever made! Yes, yes things have improved and what not but the general overall quality has dipped since the E39! You stick your E39 next to a E60 and watch how many bad comments the E60 gets compared to your E39! You stick a f10 next to your E39 and watch how many people won’t even comment on the F10.... then the G.... well all they will say there is, the G series is far to big and the E39 looks the better car! Soooooo when you selling it and when can I buy it from you?
  19. I am now a record producer....

    Good stuff! his name wasn’t Avichi (RIP) was it? I’ve got my third release ready.... I can taste the dry ice already......
  20. I am now a record producer....

    Really? I hope you’re not taking the piss! Even if you are, thanks I will have a proper go at this, as I’ve always wanted to make my own tunes/beats, it’s just life kind of got in the way.... right I'm off to build a recording studio...
  21. I am now a record producer....

    Lol cheers Mr smash I was just fucking about (that’s when the best tunes are made!) but if I can get a couple of different sounds into the tracks then I “might” be onto something.... I also need to round the fades a bit better, as they are a bit rough
  22. I am now a record producer....

    Well here’s my second bangin tuuunnneeee.... I need to have a proper sit down and add a few things but I think my Ibiza residency is calling...
  23. Diesel vs. Petrol

  24. Aircons playing up!!!

    It’s either lost it’s gas due to lack of use over the winter or it’s a hole in the condenser...
  25. Can you diy troubleshoot air con?

    It’s probably ran out of gas again.... get a A/C man to sort it for you