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  1. Sorry @SuperDave I only answered half your question. if it’s a cheap all in DIY kit you’re after then the Internet is your friend, or B+Q or any DIY type place If you want a good system, either get in touch with a firm or go to the wholesalers (climate center is one! And it’s spelt center as it’s an American owned firm! ) if you can stick the indoor unit on an eternal wall then it “should” be a straight forward job of installing it? Bare in mind that if you want the condensing unit on the wall you will need a set of brackets and fixings (extra ££’s) if you want it on the floor, it will need to be secure like on a flag and it will require more piping and cabling (extra ££’s) Hope that helps?
  2. Yokozuna

    How the hell..

    Should of paid the £300....
  3. It all depends how much you want to spend really! Theres many available that come with all the pipework and cable, there all as poo as each other so take your pick. If you want a good system then a mitsubshi is the way to go, Diakin are also very good but very expensive.
  4. They obviously arnt! Due to recalls
  5. Yokozuna

    Rother Valley meet 2018

    At least I turned up! Gary....... and I was suppose to be working!
  6. Yokozuna

    Rother Valley meet 2018

    I did say might....
  7. It’ll be due to vibration! There would of been a small spec of dirt that’s got under the condenser and just acted like sandpaper, it doesn’t need much vibration either! Ive seen this on many many normal aircon systems
  8. Yokozuna

    Rother Valley meet 2018

    I might actually be able to make it if it’s the 2nd or 3rd weekend in September..... any other time then I very much doubt it! So im a No for now but depending on dates and life at the time it might turn into a yes?
  9. Yokozuna

    Front Parking Sensors

    Yeah, but I’ve got spacial awareness.... anyway good luck parking I wonder what people done before parking sensors....
  10. Yokozuna

    Front Parking Sensors

    So not only do you want a longer range on your parking sensors you want them to tell you if there’s an obstacle around a corner? Also how many parking spaces have bends in them? You must have a funny shaped car....
  11. Nothing is ever simple is it? So, goes the father in laws today to make use of his fully stocked tool chest and trolly jack gets the braker bar out to take the wheel nuts off, I forgot I might of broke the braker bar last year and forgot to replace it.... so off with the wheel and onto loosening the bolts on the caliper, gets the 7mm Allen key socket (3/4”) and proceeds to search for the matching ratchet, his fully stocked tool chest is lacking this one tool never fear I own a 3/4” ratchet at home, so sticks the wheel back on stick all the gear in the boot and away I go back to my house (approx 10 miles away) finds my 3/4” ratchet (joy of joys) so back in the car and away I go. Soooooo get back takes the 4 wheel nuts off and goes to retrieve the locking wheel not key and IT’s NOT FUCKING THERE!!!!! I used it to stick the wheel back on 40 min ago! It was in the boot, but it’s not there now Then to top it off god decides to piss on me! Yes it pisses down like it’s not rained for around 6 weeks.... so off to BMW tomorrow for another locking wheel nut key then back to hopefully sort these bloody rear pads out! I should of just booked it in somewhere to get it done.....
  12. Well that got you out from under your rock! I couldn’t get a big enough hammer in there either!
  13. How tall are your dogs to warrant them using the sunroof? All I can think of is this but a dog and not a giraffe obviously.... And in the car not a crate..... you get the picture
  14. Don’t hate the player Dunc, hate the game....
  15. I agree, when you know what your doing and got the correct equipment then maybe 30 min? The first one took me about 30/40 min to do from wheel off to back on and the second took no longer than 20 min
  16. Well as I’ve other things to do in my life other than give people shit on this forum (I know I know it’s hard to believe but true ) and update as and when thing get done, I do apologize for the delay. All done it did need 2 visits to BMW though we married up the key to the locking wheel nut and it had a slight bit of play and instead of trying to crack the nut with the wrench I took of with the squealing brakes and off back to the in-laws, jumps out full of joy that I can now get the frigging wheels off!! But noooooo, the locking key just slipped when pressure was applied! So back to BMW and luckily enough they had the correct size in their tester box which they gave me as no other in stock so, again I shoot off with the squealing brakes and after some swearing and a lot of shite going everywhere the brakes are now not squealing and they now stop the car Edd China has got fuck all on me!
  17. Yokozuna

    Is it worth continuing?

    Well there’s your answer, KEEP IT!
  18. Yokozuna

    Is it worth continuing?

    This could be construed as a stealth advert its hard to say if its worth doing or not? To someone that runs a 640d GC then no, probably not, but to someone that doesn’t like the more modern range of cars BMW are producing then yes it’s worth it to them! It sounds like you’re asking the question; is it worth me spending the cash on the car to not lose it when I sell it? Again, how longs a piece of string? How well do you want the car to be? Do you want it mint? If so then you will need to spend a good chunk to get it and KEEP it mint! Or do you want it to just be a car? A bit tatty here and there and it’ll get you from A to B most of the time....
  19. Maybe? I used to go by the rule of thumb that if you can’t fix it with a hammer or gaffer tape it ain’t worth fixing but there used to be certain times where even the largest hammer hitting the biggest spanner in my arsenal wouldn’t do the job! Then you tried heat plus big spanner plus big hammer, normally it ment you made the thing you’re trying your best to fix completely useless I don’t miss them days.....
  20. Yokozuna

    Front Parking Sensors

    Maybe you need varifocal glasses
  21. You’ve never worked on big enough stuff dunc
  22. I did think I might of done that but I distinctly remember leaving it on the socket/wrench and sticking it in the boot. Ah right-o She never is....
  23. @Mashed Potatoes WTF are you going on about? I take it thats how how the thread title shows up on your screen? Im pretty sure a rear bra is a front bra turned around....
  24. Nope definitely a 3/4 bit! He has the other sizes but not a 7mm Allan key bit i might check my socket set collection now to see if I’ve a half inch or 3/8 in a 7mm Allan key socket...
  25. Yokozuna

    What are you listening to?

    Let me take you back to the 90’s