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  1. Don't know how effective it will be on the M6 but still.....
  2. Turn key - no life. Lock unlock car then ok

    When you're right, you're right....
  3. Central locking remote&manual stopped working.

    I think you'll be surprised? Ask tims on here to see if he has one knocking about? Im sure there's a how to on here as well? Might be sorted for not much ££'s?
  4. MOT Changes coming in may

    No sir, end of November..... To be fair the bloke said go straight the tyre place an get it replaced as he handed me the pass so i did......... 6 weeks later!
  5. MOT Changes coming in may

    So are we saying this tyre won't pass my next MOT unlike the one it did in December.....
  6. Central locking remote&manual stopped working.

    Sounds like your ignition switch, as they throw all kinds of crazy electrical faults.
  7. Greatest Movie Scene.

    Mr blonde cutting the cops ear off in reservoir dogs, whilst dancing along to steelers wheel
  8. Greatest Movie Scene.

    Thank god for that! It saves me watching the film again for the 78 millionth time trying to find a John hill....
  9. Greatest Movie Scene.

    John hill? Do you not mean Henry hill? Got another great bit of film, the worst toilet in Scotland bit in trainspotting
  10. Greatest Movie Scene.

    oh dear!
  11. Aircon in winter

    What he told you (or what you've heard/ taken in) is the simplest way of understanding it (sorry, I don't mean to sound rude or condescending) as that's the general gist of the workings of the system. Its hard to explain to people that don't know what the correct terminology is and therefore engineers tend to simplify it. it's like if a computer boffin said to me about how it boots up and there is a chip that responsible for motherboard C that's more prone to failure because of XYZ, I'd be like whatever dickslap, I need that dumbing way down.....
  12. Greatest Movie Scene.

    If you want an actual scene then one that sticks in my mind is the bit in casino where niki sticks the toughest Irishman he'd ever met head in a vice and squeezes his head so his eyes pop out! Or predator, where Arni rips predators mask off and says "your one ugly mother fucker" theres far to many to say what's my best/most memorable scene....
  13. Greatest Movie Scene.

    2 girls 1 cup!
  14. Aircon in winter

    Hmmm your correct in most aspects but wrong in others.... the return pressure should never change no matter how "hard" the "pump" is working, the expansion device alters the flow of refrigerant in to the evaporator (this is controlled by several devices within the system) and it's actually the (what is known as ) headpressure coming from the compressor that will reduce as the load becomes less. There is always a pressure difference between the "liquid line" and "gas line" (more commonly known as the high and low side) but generally speaking unless there's an issue with the system the high and low pressures "should" be a constant as per high and low side all be it within a few psig difference on the high side whilst running. I hope that's not to confusing? If it is I apologize as I can't be arsed going through the specific operation procedures of the separate bits of a refrigation system and what state the refrigerant is in at certain points within the system....
  15. Car feels better after service

    There's you moaning two days ago.....