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  1. £140! And it depended on who drove! The wife could empty the full tank in less than 100 miles! the day after we got it we went to Glasgow in it (we live in the north west so just "up the m6!") i drove there and done it in less than 1/2 a tank an the wife drove back and nedded to fill up in Carlisle and then again when we got home! Just to add it was a 100ltr tank at 140.9ltr but you didn't need a calculator to work that out!
  2. Not in southport Chris!
  3. Also just to add, being a 2.0d I doubt it will make much difference on which fuel you use (as long as its diesel of cause! ) where as when we where running our cayenne turbo and ran a tank of 95ron through it it felt like it was going to jump out the engine bay and seize! We ONLY ran 98 or higher in that apart from the 2 times the petrol station ran out of super....
  4. Yo Doc T! Is that like Mr T? Or ice T? at the min I'm running a 320d with approx. 191k on it (57 plate auto) we run it on tesco's fuel, and it chucks out a plume of Black Death under acceleration, but clears rather quickly, we do run a few tanks of V power diesel or the BP stuff through it from time to time and when it's ran on that there's not as much Black Death coming from the zorst! but I doubt your car has anywhere near the same miles and as such maybe run it on normal for a bit then if you keep it for many many miles then change to "super" its still an evil liquid no matter if you pay 115.9p a ltr or 124.9p a ltr....
  5. It could just be blocked at the pump mick there's a little filter type thing there IIRC? Take them out and give them a clean
  6. Sod the cones! Its when you park on puppies and or other people's children people seem to get upset....
  7. No sir! No you shouldn't! although bad parking is one of if not the biggest grip I have with other idiots err I mean rd users! its a fundamental part of driving you've got to do it every fucking journey!!!!
  8. I bet the plot won't be straight either!
  9. I don't know what's worse, the bad parking in that pic or the fact that someone (you) has bothered to take the picture!
  10. So there's no "real" difference in the categories it just sounds worse if anything! I think it'll be better
  11. Bollox! Im off to Barcelona in a few weeks! Im only planning on spending approximately 1-2hrs there but still, I hope this is a one off and doesn't mean the city will be on lock down! As for the gutless cowards that think they are some how doing some good by committing these acts are fighting a winless war! And until they realize that, it won't stop!
  12. I'm sure a doctor would be required at some point!
  13. Whatever I want! Will probably have a shitty diesel for the long journeys we do (maybe still keep the one I've got now?) then more than likely a stupid V8 petrol 4x4 with the word turbo in its name!
  14. No problem also so I can see a vast reduction of the larger petrol engined cars (even more so than now!) as people that will be chopping their shitty diesels in for a nice(ish) new none cancer inducing car but they will be comparing mpg from their old car (let's say a 2.0d) to their new petrol equivalent and to get similar mpg they will be looking at smaller engines! Also the TAX will play a part as well! As in the new showroom tax and also the VED! So I think that this country (and probably others) will naturally end up at electric cars anyway and the media is doing what the media does best, causing panic where there is none....
  15. Err course you can map a petrol! I think your confusing a NA petrol engine to a turbo diesel? But you can see massive gains on a turbo petrol with a map.....