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  1. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    See, he's a Bellend!
  2. A/C issues

    Shhhhhhh dont give away ALL the tricks of the trade....
  3. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    That because in my opinion the show is shit and he's a tosser!
  4. Staying in France

    Thanks, it's not really out my way as I'll have time to find somewhere and it's going in the right direction was looking last night at hotels in Paris an I think I'll be not staying there....
  5. A/C issues

    Five years of day release to learn all that BTW!
  6. A/C issues

    It's getting done the wrong way! You can not find a leak under a vacuum! It will be pulling in moisture and dirt into the system if there is a leak! Depending on how much gas is left in the system depends on the first step but let's say there is zero gas in the system, step 1- connect gauges to confirm pressure step 2- connect a bottle of OFN to gauges step 3- turn bottle on and purge lines step 4- test each side independently (if you can) step 5- find leak (with whichever method that you like) step 6- repair leak. step 7- complete another possitive pressure test with OFN and make sure it holds! step 8- vacuum system to an absolute srep 9- weigh refrigerant into system according to data plate. step 10- disconnect service equipment and close bonnet. step 11- drive car with ice cold air blowing in your face! Ive a feeling that every car you've ever had re-gassed was done via a machine?
  7. A/C issues

    No they shouldn't! That's bad practice also bad advice!
  8. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    Sorry I didn't realize I couldn't express an opinion...
  9. Angel eyes

    Oi! I'm starting to get a complex.....
  10. Staying in France

    Sorry to disappoint me R!
  11. Staying in France

    Only 4*! It's quite reasonable as well!
  12. Staying in France

    I'm not a city person! Like I mean I'd sooner own a vectra than go into a city id sooner stay in a quite town or in a forest or something! An yeah driving in Paris is something else! I done that at Christmas! Come out unscathed but about 15 years older!
  13. Staying in France

    I've just seen where I'm going and it's right in the centre of Paris, like almost next to the Eiffel Tower! and there's a hotel around the corner, dunno what to do now?
  14. Staying in France

    Cheers dude it's working now