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  1. Yokozuna

    Help needed to identify this noise

    Jesus! That sounds awful! Good luck with it! Sorry, I can’t be any help
  2. Yokozuna

    Car theft trends

    I vote for you as the next leader of our country!
  3. Yokozuna

    E61 530i SE Auto - New MOT

    Ah, no the one I was watching was silver and it disappeared from my watch list on Thursday.
  4. Yokozuna

    E61 530i SE Auto - New MOT

    You didn’t buy the e61 550i on the bay of E did you? Was contemplating that myself, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy an E60/61! good luck with the sale
  5. Yokozuna

    Car theft trends

    WTF is a BMW mobility kit? Is that not called a car....
  6. Yokozuna

    Just picked this up. 61000 miles

    You going to do some taxi-ing in Tenerife by any chance?
  7. Yokozuna

    Tools for doing work

    My 12 incher (oh err missus!) doubles up as a hammer
  8. Yokozuna

    Tools for doing work

    I bought 3 6” Bahco adjustable spanners and 1 10” spanner from a tool stand at the Burscough car boot for £10 each!(about 10 years ago) They where all brand new as well, the bloke selling them was amazed that I didn’t try to barter him down, to which he did say I obviously knew how much they are in the shops!
  9. Yokozuna

    Tools for doing work

    That’s a fantastic price! And with a lifetime guarantee, you can’t go wrong with bahco stuff! I’ve several adjustable spanner’s and a few pairs of snips/grips by bahco also on a side note, look after your tools and your tools will look after you!
  10. Yokozuna

    A bit of decorum, if you please...

    Have you ever seen Italian drivers? All they do is shout at each other! So that must filter down to their forums....
  11. Yokozuna

    What are you listening to?

    Starting off early today have a good night peeps
  12. Yokozuna

    A bit of decorum, if you please...

    When you’re right you’re right!
  13. Yokozuna

    A bit of decorum, if you please...

    If you think the threads that arnt deleted are bad, you should be involved in one of the bitchfest threads that get scrubbed by our very good but long suffering MODs
  14. Yokozuna

    Car theft trends

    I mentioned that thieves will start ( well not start but become more common) car jacking in a thread a while a go, infact it might of been your original thread about your car getting half inched @mobilejo Like already stated, if the want it they WILL take it! By Any means necessary! If they can’t steal it with out the owner/driver in the car they will steal it when they are! But don’t forget the “normal” car thief doesn’t want confrontation and car jacking is next level. I can see new cars having an option for anti hijacking! A bit like this :- https://youtu.be/fDrzMGdYWZc ** not available on EV’s**
  15. He’s obviously got good taste in cars! I think it looks stunning! Not as striking in black but still stunning! @Paddy O'Furniture there’s a e61 550i on evilbay at the moment and it’s cheap! Im toying with the idea of actually getting it but there’s that thing that holds me back! IT LOOKS FUCKING POO!