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  1. Central locking remote&manual stopped working.

    It's a tough one as water finds the path of least resistance and it could be in the most unusual place that you could think of, or it could be right infront of you and you can't see the wood for the trees (so to speak) Don't give up, I'm sure you'll find it! Keep us updated
  2. What are you eating right now?

    Whatever that thing is looks fucking ace the only think that's missing is a beer....
  3. Central locking remote&manual stopped working.

    The wizard is back..... is the boot carpet wet at all? Or even damp in a area that you wouldn't of thought it could be? Is it coming through a wheel arch? What about your jacking points? Are they intact? Is I've read somewhere that if/when they fall off water runs along the body and finds its way into them. This could be the source and it could take forever to find? Have you got a ramp or jack the car up and inspect the floor of the car for cracks/damp patches! This is starting to sound like you need a few dry days in which you sell the car fully working.....
  4. What are you eating right now?

    There you go Yeah.....
  5. What are you eating right now?

    That looks like something my dog has just brought back up! this thread makes a nice change I however, is eating nothing but I am drinking a can of monster
  6. Back in an ‘M’...

    Love the M4 actully been looking into if it's possible at getting into one our selves (it's not ). Im not keen on that colour scheme, If I'm honest....
  7. E39 Road Presence

    Thanks! But don't get me started on that silly fat wanker an his stupid shit show!
  8. E39 Road Presence

    You arse! thats 3 of us in the OAP scouse riviera....
  9. air bag red icon warning light

    Oh about the question posted Gin you can buy a resistor off eBay that you can plug in under the seat to fool the air bag sensor system into thinking it's ok, as what normally happens is the seat sensor goes wonky and it triggers the airbag symbol on the dash. it will require resetting with software see I do actually try sometimes
  10. air bag red icon warning light

    Dunc I know, but there's common sense then there's pure laziness then there's, well the next step.... it might be a cultural thing? I dunno? I suppose when theres advice given on several occasions and people ignor it then ask it again at a later date it could be construed as a bit dim or lazy and others just get hacked off repeating their advice and reading what seems basic common sense problems. I might be guilty of asking advice for things and choosing to not take it on board, but at least I've searched for the answer beforehand.... I apologize for maybe coming across as a cnut (delete the maybe in that sentence ) but that's me! I'm here to help where I can and make people smile (if I can) and if people piss me off, I tell them.... yes I can't spell and yes I can't construct sentences properly and I don't care! I just think people are to reliant on others these days and it annoys me! Maybe it's just me? Maybe I'm the simpleton.... whats they saying? Everyone has a drunk mate, if you don't have a drunk mate then you ARE the drunk mate! on a lighter note me an the wife are at loggerheads over a V10! and it's her that's pushing me for it..... I won't say anymore as if I had my way it won't happen as it's many many monies! Watch this space.....
  11. air bag red icon warning light

    Gotta find your answers somewhere..... @gine39530d I think the main problem is with your questions is that most of them are basic simple things that just using your eyes would be enough to answer them! Ok others are actually proper problems but they seem silly due to all the others you've asked.... also have you actually fixed any of the problems that you've posted? Other than the battery? What about the tailgate issue?
  12. air bag red icon warning light

    What my fairy friend has just said but with effing and jeffing included..... oh BTW dan, I'm starting the gym (again) next week as I've been slightly ill.... i mean no where near as bad as you had been.... but bad enough to not be able to breathe properly..... I might be in touch for some tips!
  13. Difficulties at refuelling...

    At least I've got an excuse for my retard-ism...... whats yours?
  14. Difficulties at refuelling...

    Must resist..... I might not even drink tonight, knowing this cherry has been dangled..... Who am I kidding
  15. E39 B10 V8S Exhaust

    Nice blending of the colours! You can't even see the grey bit! Top job! and before anyone says something, I know it was just for parts..... Why couldnt you get a exhaust made up? Or is there stupid rules on that as well over there?