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  1. When he's right, he's right! the blowen new bulb or lamp (as I'm sure bulbs flower and don't give off much light! ) you might of touched with your fingers as you installed it an thus left an oily residue on it causing it to prematurely fail? If not, then as mr 535iAndrew says stick with quality lamps and not poundland specials.... then if all that doesn't work, go deeper into it like Mr BMW.enthusiactic says. Oh and you really don't want it to be a timing chain issue or swirl flap issue....
  2. Thanks lads! to say I got a few looks is a bit of a understatement! some bus driver coming in the opposite direction almost crashed he was staring so much
  3. Well the swim has been done and as promised a couple of pics for you to piss yourself at! dont feel you don't need to still give something though.....
  4. I'm amazed people use kwik wank for anything other than the emergency Sunday tool/oil/cleaning product.... WOW just WOW!
  5. Sounds ideal mick I might move in, just the stress of it will kill the lot off....
  6. I think they suffer with the bushes? Mick, you don't want to look like a poor man trying to impress the neighbors! So get yourself one with big phat 22" wheels (spinners if possible) limo black window tints and chrome bits EVERYWHERE....
  7. For that money I'd want a straight B10 V8 badge....
  8. I think your going to put ibrahimjumbofella out of business.....
  9. Obviously bisexual!
  10. The answer to your question mr_530i and it's a very good question BTW! Is, because the seller obviously has a small penis!
  11. Well apparently some of the survivors "might" be put up in a luxury block of flats! (That's what they are! Flats! ) I've no issue with it at all as they have lost a hell of a lot more than I ever will.... pay attention to the last caption on the video-
  12. Thank you to all that have dug deep and given so far! My costume has arrived and it looks quite good we have got 6 weeks in which to get to our goal but I'd rather we hit it before the swim which is next Tuesday the 27th Thanks again for all the support
  13. i was wondering if I had typed my reg wrong into the computer, but it comes up with a reg after the first 3 characters and you can select one that is your reg, also there is a pic of the reg so I very much doubt I got it wrong..... maybe?
  14. Hello boys, it's me again... this is a couple of days old! But it's that new it's not even on iTunes....
  15. Karl- have you just called yourself a pig? i read somewhere that the maximum penalty (invoice, fine, whatever) they can issue is £100 in that there London! Out side of that dump the maximum is £60! Is this true? I can't remember the site but I'm sure it was money saving thingy mabob with the fella from itv?