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    ‘99 E39 540i, 2017 225xe

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  1. n80nag

    540 rear silencer removal

    I’ve seen the pics of yours, looks in amazing condition and a credit to you. I’ve seen some of these silencer deletes removing the whole rear section, would you recommend against that? My car has no visible exhaust tail pipe (not a sport bumper) - nothing against yours but I do like the stealth look
  2. n80nag

    540 rear silencer removal

    Thanks very much for your replies, much appreciated I’ll probably end up doing the back box removal
  3. n80nag

    540 rear silencer removal

    Hi all, I’m finding the exhaust note on my 540i a bit too “refined” for my tastes. I’d like the hear the V8 sound a little more. I’ve watched many rear “muffler delete” videos on YouTube so I know it’s an easy mod to do but it’s difficult to asses how loud the exhaust will be afterwards. I was hoping some people on the forum may have done this themselves and may be able to give further advice. I just don’t want the car to be too loud but I’m also yearning for that V8 to be heard a little.
  4. n80nag

    V8 Misfire

    Thanks again to you all for the advice, much appreciated - experience often gets overlooked nowadays but still important imho
  5. n80nag

    V8 Misfire

    Will do, thanks for the info and taking the time/effort to reply
  6. n80nag

    V8 Misfire

    Ok cheers, fingers crossed that’s my fault. My next question is where’s the best place to get the gaskets from & is it best to get the full set of cam cover gaskets?
  7. n80nag

    V8 Misfire

    The plug wells definitely have oil which is making its way up inside the rubber ignition coil extensions which fit between the plugs & coils - would this be likely to cause intermittent misfires?
  8. n80nag

    V8 Misfire

    A common problem that one I guess?
  9. n80nag

    V8 Misfire

    Thanks very much for your replies Ive not done anything other than check the fault codes but it’s an intermittent fault at the minute. Its a low mileage car & the misfire is worse from cold and disappears when warmed up
  10. n80nag

    E39 Horns

    Brilliant and thanks again;-)
  11. n80nag

    E39 Horns

    Left hand side being as you’re sat in the car or stood in front of it ? Thanks Kenny
  12. n80nag

    E39 Horns

    Hi all, first off I just want to say how great it is to be back with an E39 after a few years without one ;-)) I’m just wondering if anyone here knows where the horns are fitted on a ‘99 540 - mine are inop. but also got issues with cruise control being inop. I want to check for lives/earth at the horns but also wondering if there’s any known issues with steering wheel contact rings that could link the faults? Any advice would be most appreciated
  13. n80nag

    V8 Misfire

    Hi, I’ve got a misfire problem on my ‘99 540i - fault codes showing multiple cylinder misfire & cyls 2 & 3 misfire Any advice on some common causes would be most welcome
  14. n80nag

    Car not starting

    This is a VERY common problem on most modern multi-valve petrol engined cars, not just BMW - some can be a real nightmare to get going again Any engine needs extra fuel for cold starting and for the first few minutes after starting, in the good old days it was the manual choke lever but it's all done by computer now, if you switch off before this extra fuel is burnt off, it stays inside the inlet manifold etc. and doesn't evaporate due to cold weather. The next time you come to start it, the computer adds extra fuel again (because it's still cold) not knowing that there's still some left from last time - this happens more easily if the plugs are old and as already mentioned can cause "bore washing" which reduces engine compressions (sounding like a broken timing belt) if you keep trying to start it - basically everything just snowballs, unless you know what you're doing If you're really struggling to get a flooded engine started, a good tip is to remove the fuel pump fuse as you're cranking the engine over and replace it as the engine fires. The only way to fully avoid this problem on cold starts is to leave it running for at LEAST 5 mins before switching off
  15. n80nag

    Air Leak - Any advice

    Well, we've been running the car all week now and all is well So it must have been the CCV causing the air leak - just glad it's sorted