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  1. How long have you owned your E34's and the miles done etc ... Come on guys n gals.
  2. Carl-e34

    BMW E34 540i fuel lines

    It could be the breathers for the fuel tank which are about £25,00 each (BMW) and are the same for all engine sizes ... there are two breather lines. These also come with the rubber hoses and clamps ... You will need to change the fuel lines and upper dash wiring loom for the 540 items and the shell will need adapting to fit certain 540 items etc . It's not easy or cheap to do ... But a good e34 540 is a lovely old thing. Whats wrong the 540 body wise ? normal rot and rust issues ? .
  3. Carl-e34

    Rust curing on e28s

    Normally oil leaks from the drains ... If the drains are sealed or the sills have been repaired with no drains the oil normally stays put .. I sealed our Cortina sill drains for over a month and no leaks ... I would add our Cortina is a none sunroof model ... The sills are the originals from the Ford factory and are still solid . I learned the trick from the Vauxhall dealer i worked at during the 1980's
  4. I'm surprised someone has not purchased the whole car ... or has the rot killed it.
  5. Carl-e34

    Cost to paint one side of an E34?

    It helps keep the cost down by removing trim ( door handle surrounds etc) and the finish is better as well ... The whole side with no crash damage would be around £600 in the Birmingham area ... But down London much more .... If going to the trouble of having the whole side done i would remove the rear bumper and make sure the edge that rests against the rear bumper seal is rust free ( It would be a shame to see rust appearing there six months after the repaint) I would add the post 1999 Orient blue is more Purple in base colour than the earlier Orient blue colour ...
  6. Carl-e34

    Rust curing on e28s

    If the sills have no drains old engine oil is king .... Our 1982 Ford Cortina still has the original sills ...
  7. Love the Granada, Golf and Metro ... The Golf GLS looks like my brothers old motor ... Which was part exchanged for his new Sierra 2.0 GLS back in 1988
  8. Carl-e34

    535se finally back on the road

    Well done ! Looks lovely with correct leather interior
  9. Carl-e34

    Calypso 1995 e34 540 on ebay... Mr Calypso.

    The best looking one needs four jacking points and the bulkhead drains look rust stained ( not a good sign) plus rusted rear sill ends. It needs a second hand boot lid and front wings ... couple of the doors might be savable and the interior stunk of damp.It starts than cuts out ... and the auto selector is stuck. The good points are service history and original bill of sale (31/12/95 plus passenger air bag. I'm sure this has spent some time in Ireland as the reg rings a bell. The second one is better underneath but has bangs and bumps on most panels and is missing the radiator ( which the owner purchased for spares) The owner came over as a nice guy ... To be honest, i was hoping to talk myself and stefan in to purchasing the better looking one ... But after checking the 540 over and his expect £2k ... and the auto selector being stuck and rust issues ... We admitted defeat.
  10. Just wonder if any board members are bidding on the 540 auto with black leather It's been standing since 2011 with original bill of sale. It's at just under £900 at this moment ... (It's not one of our stock ) But have been and seen it . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-540i-V8-E34/183206409007?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  11. Carl-e34

    Any British Leyland fans here?

    The days of 3 year old Marina's and later Morris Ital's having rotten roofs ... My mates 1982 Ital 17 HL lasted until 1984 The fake door chrome handles even corroded on the Ital's ... Happy Days
  12. Carl-e34

    Finding An M5

    I can understand the pull of wanting one of the last real hand built M5's ... But most late M5's are nowhere near their factory HP figures. But a manual 540 with the right diff and suspension is 90 % the fun of the M5 ... But without the ££££££££££ and each have their own vin number
  13. Carl-e34

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    You can use rubber or braided for the breathers with no issues
  14. Carl-e34

    Rear Door Window Poser Moulding Leaking Water

    I found changing our strips a pain ... I used a flat screwdriver to release the weather strip from the outer trim.
  15. Carl-e34

    Finding An M5

    The most important is finding one with a nice big fat history file of bills ... Then checking the bulkhead/jacking points/sill/ seat belt and other mounting points. I would add items like damaged seats with part cloth or full cloth can be expensive to repair properly .... also finding the right spares. I know of a genuine BMW M5 front seat cover drivers side selling for £1,300 and that was only the back .. I would also add a good 120k M5 would most likely have had most of the cooling system changed etc .. Low miles does not mean less issues. Good luck with your search.
  16. Carl-e34

    Remove and refit headlamp

    100 % on removing the bumper ( save damaging the paintwork) after removing the plastic screws ... release the grille panel from the top first. You will see as Flying Banana stated, The release tabs thought the grille ... unlock and pull away and leave until the bottom has been released as well With the bumper removed you will see the locking tabs for the bottom of the grille panel .. Use a flat screwdriver to release those and pull the panel away. The indicator will be held in place depending on the year with a 10mm nut or stared screw. It might be a good idea with the panel removed to paint all the metal pipework behind the grille panel.
  17. Carl-e34

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Those are the fuel tank breather pipes ... The front and back breather pipes are around £25 each with the little rubber hose from BMW. You can replace those, while the tank is still connected to the motor .. But you would need to lower the tank to gain access to the lines.
  18. Love Fords of the 80's ... Still got our 1982 Cortina 2.0 Ghia with hot cam etc ... It's been ours since 1984 with 92k on the clock. I really wanted the must have XR3i until getting the chance to test drive one back in the day ... and sadly never matched the dream. The trouble with 80's Fords is finding the body parts/trim now ... like body panels to daily them
  19. Late 1980s or early 90's Mercedes ... Why not stick with the creature you know ? Why not look out for a calypso e34 540 or 530 ...
  20. Carl-e34

    Rear Door Window Poser Moulding Leaking Water

    I'm glad now ... We purchased another set along with the m-tec bottom door seals.
  21. Carl-e34

    E38 750iL 64000 miles

    What a lovely motor
  22. Carl-e34

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Those caps can seize on I feel your pain.
  23. Carl-e34

    High mile 518i , why not?

    The later 518 was/is a great town drive with good low down torque for the engine size ... also later 518's got some nice extras ... Like passenger airbags etc and rear blinds in the saloons I like the later 518's ... over the 520's
  24. Carl-e34

    E34 Headlights Chrome Ring Frame

    No trouble TBL is still awaiting work in the paint shop sadly .... But will be double checking panels before paint work starts. Stefans 540 is up and running so will be the next in the paint shop followed by our Ford Cortina 2.o Ghia
  25. Carl-e34

    E34 Headlights Chrome Ring Frame

    I've seen the rings sell for £5 each on ebay and the plastic light frame for around £10 or so on ebay.