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  1. It might be worth doing the work in stages ... But the windows will need removing to allow the cutting back to sold metal
  2. Sadly the time has passed with that ...
  3. How's about going back to horse and cart We could recycle the horse waste ( being green) and those tuckers down Westminster would get sweet FA because of no gasses ... The insurance would be little ...and we could all be John Wayne at the weekends
  4. RIP ...
  5. Meyle HD are very hit and miss in quality ... But their rear suspension mounts are very good ( over 20k and still mighty fine)
  6. That would be perfect in 540 spec
  7. Lemforder
  8. I'm using Powerflex Black edition bushes (subframe) and are great ... but i did change the rear mount at the same time ( BMW item)
  9. I would go for E34 M5 items ... Powerflex are easy to fit ... But not long lasting in the real world.
  10. Would this be the Royal Purple mix ? Like the Americans use in their 6 speeds ?
  11. You don't ask for much ! Simon Edit Bugger that's not the one ...
  12. There has been a set on German ebay ! and with black trim caps !
  13. The E38 used the same uprated E34 power motor for the blind (metal cogs) BMW used the uprated item from 1995 ... But BMW still have the old motor plastic cog type item in their stock pile ... and do try to sell them The second hand price for the complete rear blind ...blind/switch/loom and the right trim for the consol switch has in recent months been between £400 and £600 these have been working blinds ( a faulty motor is around £150.00 now ) the consol trim is N/A ...
  14. They normally fall apart with age ... It's nice seeing them still there
  15. Looks lovely and clean I love the sill M5 trim covers with the rubber ends still attached
  16. No pictures for the e34 guys ... We do like our pictures
  17. Wise man said ... Better the devil you know
  18. Wonderful save
  19. It looks
  20. Changing the headlining is not that bad The hardest part is finding the replacement without the front or back splitting edge .. I normally drop the front seats ... remove the grab handles,sun visors and map light ... and remove the lining though the front passenger door.
  21. BMW E34 540I/6 BK35093 I'm starting this project blog with the news that BK35093 is on her way to the Butler HQ, BK35093 is coming from Ireland she was owned by fellow forum member and trader SSkoda at Wills Wheels BK35093 is a genuine six speed manual model one of only 3,203 world wide and one of only 249 (HE52) In right hand drive. Only 157 540i6s come to the United Kingdom, Being Cosmosschwarz metallic makes her 1/45. Production date for BK35093 was the 30/11/1994 Warranty started on the 3/1/1995 Sales Dealer - 05167 Registration Number. M668CGF Factory Specification. Dealer Insight. What we have been told by our friendly local BMW service adviser Katie That BK35093 received during its warranty time. Five radiator caps between (1995-2001) Rear drivers side trailing arm (1998) Two new alloy wheels (1998) Both front shocks during (1999) Replacement Block @ 88K (2001) We have also found adverts concerning BK35093 BK35093 Appeared for sale in mid to late 2009 During the following period BK35093 has undergone some changes, BK35093 is now sporting extended sports champaign leather BK35093 has also had a trick upgraded differential swapping the 2,93 to a more spirited 3,64 coupled with a quick shift arrangement. In between this time BK35093 has had a number plate changed to TUL1540 BK35093 again appeared for sale in mid 2014 The Do List Clean wheel arches and fit seventeen inch style sixteen's Remove sills clean and protect. Upgrade shocks to Bilstein B8 coupled with Eibach springs Replace air conditioning ... And Enjoy Most of the Hit list would not need doing but I have the parts .. Why not.. Photos from the advert.. More on arrival.. The common fuel cap rust problem will be sorted , So I Hope you will join us for the progress and we can all sleep easier knowing another 540i/6 has been saved from the Drift brigade. -
  22. Thanks mate.. Shes sure is fun Thanks mate Thank mate IMG_2959[1] Another years M.O.T Update : 15/07/2017 I've been buying the odd engine sensor etc between doing the rear suspension ... So the next on the engine hit list were the coil connectors These are around £118.00 for the 8 items from BMW ... which are BREMI items marked with the BMW roundel ... ummm So, I shopped around and found BREMI connectors at a more pleasing price ... £104.00 for 14 BREMI connectors ... IMG_3028[1] While removing the old connectors none of them had any sort of resistance or suction noise on removel ... Which is a sign of their failure. They looked and felt way past their best ... So any job done. IMG_3038[1] IMG_3039[1] Comments Welcome
  23. Hello and welcome to my E34 progress blog . It all started one day passing a used car sales centre,something catched my eye so on the 18/9/07 she was mine Well Its a orient blue e34 525se 1995(N) and 117k on the clock . production date 13/7/1995 registration date 8/8/95 from Bates BMW Essex Hungerford BMW oil service @ 9,641 - 27/11/95 Heathrow BMW inspection 2 @ 32,968- 25/9/96 Bates BMW inspection 1 @ 57,436- 12/12/97 Bates BMW oil service @ 67,395 - 24/9/98 and five sets of headlights till 24/9.98 Ordered options : - Leather seats - Sports steering wheel - 5 speed automatic - V Spoke style 54-7jx14-205/55 ( Brought car with metrics :S =/ ) - Shadow line - Floor mates - Air Con - LSD - Additional fuel for export of vehicles First vehicle Inspection under my ownership Well, i went for the full monty had a Inspection 2. This was the list of " Needing attention " - Front brake discs below minimum - Brake fluided due for change - Handbrake shoes cracked - Drive belt cracked - Air conditioning non cooling - Ns ball joint - Os drop link - Rear axle bushes gone - Pit man links - Rust on brake pipes and fuel pipes - Four metric tyres - Drivers side fog lamp Pics to follow... Progress blog index - 2010/2011 - Page One - Rear Blind Crash & New Wheels 2011/2012 - Page Two - Suspension Overhaul With Lows White Lights 540 Bumper Boot Spoiler 2012/2012 - Page Three - Sports Bumpers Brake Line Overhaul Photos & New Bumper Trims 2012/2012 - Page Four - Yellow Fog Lights Front Strut Brace & New Water Bottle 2012/2012 - Page Five - Back To Orange Lights New Engine Trim & Throwing Stars 2012/2012 - Page Six - Chit Chat & Drives Side Rust Repair & Painted 2012/2013 - Page Seven - Chit Chat Sports Bumpers Painted New RD Badges & Getting Ready For A Full Spray 2013/2013 - Page Eight - Chit Chat New Drivers Wing Repairing Of Doors And New Bottoms Door Trims 2013/2013 - Page Eight - Ordered Ultra Racing Lower Strut Brace And M5 Electric Half Leather Seats 2013/2014 Page Nine - M5 Seats Fitted Rear Seat Box Lid Repaired Stripping For Paint And Quarter Blinds 2014/2015 Page Ten - Bodyshop Photos Rear Parking Sensors New Staggered Wheels 2015/2015 Page Eleven - Reassembling Painted And Fitted Wheels 2015/2015 Page Twelve - New Mirrors Interior Change Five Years Of The Progress Blog
  24. Welcome ! You will find much e34 love here You have a lovely looking facelift e34 ... I also like the postion of your wipers ( sign of a good wiper rack)