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  1. The future generations will have the final say on the growing threat facing Britain and Europe ,,,, The history books will show it. You cannot blame the fruit that grows ... but the farmer that planted it.
  2. Did not Sytner Oldbury have the last built for sale during 2015 ? It was in their showroom .... Lows miles and like new.
  3. That zero bidder pushed the price up ... But was just too greedy in the end.
  4. I'm thinking around £3.600 on real bids The one side needs paint and that's Without getting close and personal. The recent underseal will add concern to some bidders as well ... But it's a rare beast which needs to fall Into safe hands ...
  5. The colour should keep the price down with the bidders i like green 540's ... But green comes a close second to gold
  6. That's nice !
  7. I've always rated Mr China .... I rate him even more now !
  8. Wow ! uber cool ! I know the feeling of pain at finding rotten sills etc after being told the sills were rust free and superb body work by the former Owner .... Strangely another well known dealer/parts breaker.
  9. The rears sills don't look that bad ... Just make sure the welders leave or make the two drain holes in the double skinned front foot well area. If the rot has reached that point. We need more pictures of the whole M5
  10. If i was purchasing another 540 that needed rear sills and jacking points. I would use the BMW rear repair section and the Kolkkenhom sills for other repairs.
  11. Hi The BMW sills come in 3 sections If my memory is right the rear repair Section has the jacking point and part of the lower arch ... The middle section Has the front jacking point. The cost of the rear section was £150 about 3 years ago Carl
  12. Hi Geoff That's uber ! Thanks mate !
  13. Did Bosch or Lemark make the cam and ping sensors for BMW ... The cam sensor is N/A from BMW. Cheers guys
  14. Thinking the E34 is a nice place to be..;)
  15. e34 parts prices have jumped in recent Years it must be the limit stock ... Also the weak £££ in recent months.
  16. Hi Geoff That's great news ! Thanks for the shout !
  17. It's an issue that a faulty sensor can cause I'm looking into changing mine during the year TBL has done over 200k So most of the sensors on mine are past their best.
  18. Great news ! Nearly there ! Did you change the throttle Sensor ?
  19. This is a common issue with these Tyres I've had the same issues in the Past with Primacy tyres.
  20. He did do well ! The interior and wheels sold it ..... It's interior is buffalo sports leather along with low miles. But the motor looked shady on close inspection which turned us away from doing a deal we also check at BMW About recalls it never had the uprated Oil pump housing.
  21. The other was on sale during 2014 the asking price was £5'200 its since Sold during 2016 for 8k. When i viewed the motor during 2014 I found out the Bootlid and rear panel Had been replaced along with the Front wing, the wing was not seated Right too.
  22. Looking smart one of only two Diamond Schwarz 540/6 saloons left
  23. I've watched the SNP since 2004 .... their special welcome to the workers of the world DVD back in 2005 must have been forgotten by the Scottish. The SNP cares little about Scotland or the Scottish .... Just as the mob in Westminster really cares little about the people of Britain