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  1. Carl-e34

    Driving in Europe after 29th March

    Does this apply to visitors entering Britain .... Or is this an EU one way only naughty British people I doubt Westminster would have the will or balls to apply the same rules going on past form ...
  2. Could Plus 1 ... Water pump
  3. The E34 wheel market has changed in recent years where the wheel of choice for many was the BMW style 21 wheel ... But in recent years the once unloved AC Schnitzer wheels are now going for strong money and are in demand amongst the E34 crowd. I can see these wheels selling to a person building their dream M5 ... It's the wheel of choice for the perfect M5 and the right wheel for an M5
  4. Carl-e34

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    My mate owned one of the last registered Capri 3.0 Sports November 1982 during the 1990s which he sold for a sub 50k miles 2.8 Injection during 2002 I'm glad I was able to live the Capri dream during the 1990s with our 2.8 Turbo ... WD sadly has gone the popcorn yank media route
  5. Carl-e34

    The official BMW 5, E34 540i Touring thread.

    Sold for over 5k ... anyone from here
  6. Carl-e34

    E39 540i/6 Touring on eBay

    Hope the Touring has landed into safe hands
  7. Carl-e34

    BMW 540i vs BMW M5

  8. Carl-e34

    E34 m5 on eBay

    Lovely spec with the all-important sill repairs already done
  9. Carl-e34

    All the best....

    Happy New Year folks
  10. Probably includes 7k for the replacement block ... Nikasil issues were linked to the M52 ( like the commonly known M60)
  11. Carl-e34

    Classic 7 Series

    Still look, class, a new fuel cap hinge and that's back to the eighties
  12. Hello Welcome to the new project Firstly I'd like to thank fellow forum member Made In Wigan for allowing me to obtain my dream car and for his time and hospitality last night it was a pleasure meeting you and we look forward to meeting you again. .BMW E34 540i/6T BH15021 Golden Nugget Golden Nugget Spec The Story I've been wanting/ looking for BH15021 since 2010/11 never really expecting to find her ... let alone own her... We had checked with BMW during 2012 and was aware she had done around 240k (2004) last BMW service ... So expected her to be long gone... I have a final thank you to Stefan for purchasing my dream and making my dream happen Pictures to follow tomorrow and the plan of action (I'm enjoying the dream today)
  13. Carl-e34

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas folks
  14. Carl-e34

    Steam from the grill

    Sounds like a slight Radiator leak.
  15. Carl-e34

    Best place to buy parts?

    I would use genuine BMW items for the Front prop shaft donut coupling ... But eBay is a good marketplace
  16. Carl-e34

    To fix or buy another?

    Better the devil you know. It could be just a sensor.
  17. Carl-e34

    The story of E39 M5 AK03 DJJ (so far)

    The M5 Touring looks brand new Looking forward to the full story
  18. Carl-e34

    Diesel 11p a litre more than petrol

    Just like the energy suppliers in Britain .... Good old Westminster
  19. Carl-e34

    Rarity factor?!

    Cloth seats Lovely spec
  20. Carl-e34

    CV joint

    SKF is an OE supplier to BMW ... Wheel bearings and water pumps etc. E28/E30/E32/E34 ETC and would imagine earlier models.
  21. Carl-e34

    E39 jacking points question

    That's amazing My old workmate had the same horror while changing his flat tyre on the roadside on his Fiat Mirafiori love wagon The girlfriend watching the action was less than impressed and told us the next Friday He was of Italian heritage and looked like John Travolta ... He never lived down the Mirafiori dance routine
  22. Carl-e34

    E39 jacking points question

    I would imagine ... If the jacking points still hold the weight of the E39 That's a good sign? Which is the reason for asking for a picture of the motor on that jacking point Because if the rust is breaking for freedom from the inside ... It will be rotten and weak ...
  23. Carl-e34

    E34 540 auto fault

    Sounds like the oil level ... New oil/filter can work wonders if caught in time.
  24. So with the gear box lever free and working and a new cable ... I happily treated myself to a drink later that night, thinking all was well This afternoon was the first test drive in the 540 We had just finished freeing the brakes and changing the fluid ... So the troubles ? All was well going forward until i stopped and went to try reverse at which point the box went to change into reverse. But did not ... at the same time the dash LCD with the gear selector numbers vanished ? ( It later came on after turning the motor off) I then selected drive at which point the gear box starting working. I then parked and went though all the gears (still no reverse ) still have drive but felt weak... no banging or such like. Carl