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  1. It was Wham !
  2. RIP ... another face of the 1970's sadly gone
  3. Did the murderers of Lee Rigby come from Finsbury Park ...
  4. Maybe the people should tax Westminster for their pollution of London with their bull
  5. Hartge ....
  6. 535I or another Alpina ....
  7. Simon .... People are waiting for the details of your new e34
  8. That's so nice Always fancied the 745 in metallica Blue with staggered gold BBS's
  9. Hi No mate, as long as both wheels are off the ground, all you need is the correct size spanners. You will need two of the same size 17 or 16 mm. Regards Carl
  10. Hi Those drop links do make metal banging/clanging sounds once past their best ... They are easy to change 17 mm spanners (some are 16mm) I would not buy cheap ebay stuff like Febi ETC ... You can buy a pair of Lemforder links for £30 or cheaper which are OE parts from new I normally jack both front wheels off the ground and change the pair at the same time ( use axle stands) Edit you need front anti roll bar drop links ...
  11. Factory fitted Navigation System ... I've never heard of that option before on the e34 Thanks for the info
  12. Thanks Mate Update 13/6/17 The underbody clean/derust is complete ... We also drilled a hole in the double skinned area above the differential and sprayed with rustproofing oil. Which is another good job done. The old fuel filters were being held by cable ties to the bodywork This cowboy repair has now been repaired with the correct fixing point/holder The fuel filters were only 10 years old,, so using the ones taken from the original 540i far newer and better brand. Comments Welcome
  13. Maybe Black would have been the better option .... But it's all about personal choice
  14. I like the wood choice ... But not the steering wheel
  15. Simon .... Have you found your manual 540 ?