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  1. Carl-e34

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    You need M Tech top mounts for the B8's as shown in my post and the posts from Blackman https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2X-SACHS-STRUT-TOP-MOUNT-FRONT-BMW-5-SERIES-E34-518-540/382118503139
  2. Carl-e34

    M54B30 running issues

    The inlet temperature sensor can cause poor running and high emissions It tells the ECU how much fuel to pump in.
  3. Carl-e34

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    The top mount is right ...but the black cup washer/spacer is wrong
  4. Carl-e34

    E34 Front Strut / Suspension Shopping List

    Hi The top washer plate is the wrong item ... Have you fitted bump stops to the fronts? The normal washer on the sports item is flat ... Where did the top washer fixing come from? But great choice ... Lovely kit The flat washer/spacer fits flush on the inner sleeve (where the rod comes through) and does not touch the outer bush sleeve.
  5. Carl-e34

    Euro car parts yes or no?

    The trouble with ECP is sometimes their outlets recycle their return parts ... Which means getting the wrong part in the right box or packaging.. I've on occasion found one of their cheaper suspension parts in Lamforder packaging. I always check the part before leaving ECP.
  6. Carl-e34

    Car theft trends

    I imagine the whole thing was just bad luck for the lads ... Wrong car, wrong time ... The Mini owner voted Labour so doubt murder was on his mind
  7. Carl-e34

    Car theft trends

    The old crossbow is very good No drama with those ... I remember being told of a fellow that restored Mini's during the 70'/80's The local scum started playing the guy up ... They nicked his pride and joy and had a night of fun before burning the mini .... He was aware of the lads and so were the police. Sadly nothing was done and the same lads robbed his unit and this went on for around 18 months or so ... He finally finished his replacement Mini and as normal left the Mini on his drive ... He was awoken during the early hours by 2 Police officers The guy was told his mini had been found smashed into a tree down the road from his home and the driver and passenger had died at the scene. The guy told the officers that the Mini was on his drive for brake repairs so no members of his family would have been driving it ... The trouble the guy had with the police ....
  8. Carl-e34

    The " Golden Nugget " BMW E34 540i/6T BH15021

    Update 15/2018 So the time is upon us...For those that had noticed the golden nugget had rusting rear arch and panel. [ Then this started to happen... Rust Be GONE. Soon we where back to metal.. Good metal. Red Oxide was added to stop any pesky rust returning, While the bumper was off I couldn't help myself... Bad but nothing more then you'd expect. Looks like there more welding is going to be needed... But shes worth it.. On to the back valance. The back valance cleaned up nice from the first photos.. We painted the valance again in Red Oxide to keep the rust from coming back we are a huge believer in this stuff the places where the medal is think we are going to run a line of panel sealant over the top of the Red Oxide which will neaten everything up then we will paint over the whole end in Hammerite Hammered Black which will result in a neat job. When we drop the Fuel tank which is the next on our TO DO list we will go over the Red Oxide so is a nice and thick skin also there will be one uniformed coat from the top of the valance to the end of the boot floor. [ Excuse the 1980 Honda Gold color.. Its purely there help the Nugget blend in The rust around the engine bay has been taken care of also... When the Nugget gets painted I might try my hand at spray painting the inner wings.. If not ill leave and get it done professionally. Comments Welcome
  9. Carl-e34

    E39, when to call it a day?

    Plus 1
  10. Carl-e34

    E39, when to call it a day?

    Better the devil you know ... If the underneath is solid the above issues are not that bad
  11. Carl-e34

    E28 520i mineral blue

    I do hope this gets a second chance .... It looks clean around the window screens and the color is lovely too.
  12. Carl-e34

    To enclose or not to enclose?

    Enclosed is better long-term ...
  13. Lowish miles and nice spec .... £700 -1k is basic 520 with MOT money.
  14. Welcome aboard That's one clean M5