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  1. RIP Sir Moore ...
  2. Er braucht ein großes Bett
  3. Plus import tax and vat £5590 .... Hope the jacking points are good
  4. Import tax ... It's not part of the EU ... maybe VAT on too !
  5. That's lovely and buffalo leather too ! I do hope this is saved
  6. There were a set of visors and handles on German ebay recently for £400 GBP might still available.
  7. Yeah I kinda of thought that too mate...... Only explanation is that is was sat up for a very, very long time without moving?! My 540i was sat up for roughly 5 years before I got to it and works all right. Ok its a bit stiff when cold first thing in the morning until its done a couple of miles but once up to temp all seems fine.... And that's on 90 odd K....... But surely he wouldn't of spent all that money on a g/b rebuild if it wasn't fubar'd knowing full well it was going up for sale soon? But has that e34 spent the whole of it's time on Guernsey ?
  8. It looks nice and clean with original alloy wheels .... But the gearbox going awol at such a low miles is strange.
  9. Sorry i did mean gearbox mounts
  10. Diff mounts ... I would also change the gearbox too
  11. Our masters in Westminster have allowed our health service to be abused over many years ... Its no good blaming the weak and old ! It's now blame the people and bring in another tax ... while the same abuse would carry on ! It was never meant to be the WORLD HEALTH SERVICE !
  12. It looks the same as my new inner lamps, so i would say normal. Much credit your way for saving this M5 It's looking great !
  13. When our e34 540i auto was rear ended during 2014 The guy's insurance sent us to our local BMW dealer for a full report on our 540 this resulted in a quote for over 3k for the repair of our 540 and so was written off. The guy's insurance, first offered £1,800 which i simply turned down ... after showing adverts etc ... and showing the low numbers made. I called the guy's insurance (i still had their hire car) i told them they would have to find me another e34 of the same standard The insurance guy on the phone asked the price i would happy with .... I told him the price ... This result was £4.688.42p and our salvage 540 the insurance got their hire car back the next working day ... I hope you get the amount you need to replace your pride and joy ...