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  1. 1990's Vauxhall
  2. HI Geoff, That would be great
  3. Hi guys, Just putting the feelers out really I'm looking for the wiring looms for the US spec bumper markers. I've got all the parts, but the wiring looms Cheers Carl
  4. We worked on old 1970's Escort post office vans ... Loved driving those around the college
  5. It's an old college motor, Which was donated to the college by their local BMW dealer in the 1990's
  6. RIP Keith, Such sad news ... You will be sorely missed.
  7. Hi folks, I'm putting the feelers out for an original BMW E34 detachable towbar I need the complete kit. Regards Carl
  8. Wow ... Your 535 looks What a great find !
  9. Maybe 2 hours labour plus the material for the job
  10. Bloody hell ! Yes Looking forward to the after shots
  11. Does not look that bad underneath really ... very savable ! I can imagine the end results Loads of good honest pictures too ... GLWTS !
  12. I remember the last run out Capri 2.8 injections ( The 280's ) also known as the Brooklands Capri. Ford could not be a***** to even rust proof them,sadly most just rotted away. The logic was the Capri is dead ... So no concern, about future sales ... My last real Ford a 2.8 Capri Ooops apart from my old Cortina in the garage.
  13. When Ford built their motors to last five years back in the 1990's ... and their lack of long term parts availability ... I sadly lost the Ford love ...
  14. TRW (Lucas etc) are well known and used on new VW's .... But i've found are nowhere near lemforder quailty ... I've done 30k with Lemforders items and still fine ... Which is no surprise as most do 100k plus on BMW's from the factory. I purchased a TRW centre steering link from ECP ... It was scrap at 12 months and 6k miles with wear on the balljoint ... I rate TRW with the likes of Febi suspension/mounts etc ... maybe fine for MOT's etc or the cheap fix.