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  1. Could Plus 1 ... Water pump
  2. The E34 wheel market has changed in recent years where the wheel of choice for many was the BMW style 21 wheel ... But in recent years the once unloved AC Schnitzer wheels are now going for strong money and are in demand amongst the E34 crowd. I can see these wheels selling to a person building their dream M5 ... It's the wheel of choice for the perfect M5 and the right wheel for an M5
  3. Carl-e34

    Wheeler Dealers Series 16

    My mate owned one of the last registered Capri 3.0 Sports November 1982 during the 1990s which he sold for a sub 50k miles 2.8 Injection during 2002 I'm glad I was able to live the Capri dream during the 1990s with our 2.8 Turbo ... WD sadly has gone the popcorn yank media route
  4. Carl-e34

    The official BMW 5, E34 540i Touring thread.

    Sold for over 5k ... anyone from here
  5. Carl-e34

    E39 540i/6 Touring on eBay

    Hope the Touring has landed into safe hands
  6. Carl-e34

    BMW 540i vs BMW M5

  7. Carl-e34

    E34 m5 on eBay

    Lovely spec with the all-important sill repairs already done
  8. Carl-e34

    All the best....

    Happy New Year folks
  9. Probably includes 7k for the replacement block ... Nikasil issues were linked to the M52 ( like the commonly known M60)
  10. Carl-e34

    Classic 7 Series

    Still look, class, a new fuel cap hinge and that's back to the eighties
  11. Carl-e34

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas folks
  12. Carl-e34

    Steam from the grill

    Sounds like a slight Radiator leak.
  13. Carl-e34

    Best place to buy parts?

    I would use genuine BMW items for the Front prop shaft donut coupling ... But eBay is a good marketplace
  14. Carl-e34

    To fix or buy another?

    Better the devil you know. It could be just a sensor.