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  1. TRW (Lucas etc) are well known and used on new VW's .... But i've found are nowhere near lemforder quailty ... I've done 30k with Lemforders items and still fine ... Which is no surprise as most do 100k plus on BMW's from the factory. I purchased a TRW centre steering link from ECP ... It was scrap at 12 months and 6k miles with wear on the balljoint ... I rate TRW with the likes of Febi suspension/mounts etc ... maybe fine for MOT's etc or the cheap fix.
  2. Memories of watching the Generation Game in the 70's with my parents ...RIP Brucie.
  3. It's going to need repainting at some stage, because of the repair work, being red, and the age etc... But i would double check all area's before repainting your beast ... nothing worse than rust bubbles four months after repainting. Do it once ... and do it right
  4. It might be worth doing the work in stages ... But the windows will need removing to allow the cutting back to sold metal
  5. Sadly the time has passed with that ...
  6. How's about going back to horse and cart We could recycle the horse waste ( being green) and those tuckers down Westminster would get sweet FA because of no gasses ... The insurance would be little ...and we could all be John Wayne at the weekends
  7. RIP ...
  8. Meyle HD are very hit and miss in quality ... But their rear suspension mounts are very good ( over 20k and still mighty fine)
  9. That would be perfect in 540 spec
  10. Lemforder
  11. I'm using Powerflex Black edition bushes (subframe) and are great ... but i did change the rear mount at the same time ( BMW item)
  12. I would go for E34 M5 items ... Powerflex are easy to fit ... But not long lasting in the real world.
  13. Would this be the Royal Purple mix ? Like the Americans use in their 6 speeds ?
  14. You don't ask for much ! Simon Edit Bugger that's not the one ...
  15. There has been a set on German ebay ! and with black trim caps !