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  1. I like the interior ... The exterior is a pimp mobile from the 1980's
  2. I'm not keen on the self serving career muppet's in Westminster ... Their lying goes back many years and all the main party's have in their time in power done the people of this country over. That's without false wars and child abuse links of former members all protected by the club ... Cherry picking one from the 1985 The Tory party sold the then British Telecom for a bargain price But the very next year was back in a nice profit for the new owners. Mr Brown former Leader of the Labour party sold the country gold reserves at rock bottom prices ... he should have been facing a court of law for that ... But Westminster protects their own ... like Mr Blair.
  3. Happy St George's day !
  4. I remember the Capri guys breaking those Cosworth Granada's for their engine during the early 00's
  5. Back to the Fords My first learn to drive was a 1979 V Cortina 1.3 base Which was my dad's work horse during the early 1980's This lasted until 1984 when the Diff and gearbox started to moan like Katie Price ... This resulted in KWD 370V being replaced during 1984 by a 1982 Cortina 2.0 Ghia which was my first really on the road learner car ! I've had many motor's since be could never sell her. Bessie was my first car once my test was passed during 1985 i changed the camshaft etc to Kent cams as you do I'm hoping to get her back on the road this year. (We are fitting new brakes etc etc and found some new Ford panels too )
  6. Most likely far east cheaply made rubbish .. with a made in Germany box.
  7. Bloody hell ... But glad you was not under it !
  8. That's just so right
  9. Looks very nice ... Bet the first owner got that for a good price.
  10. Loved the Capri's It must have started with my brothers 1975 MK2 3.0 Ghia manual which he purchased doing the summer of 1976. I found my Capri during 1997 a rare Capri 2.8 Turbo Technics 230 bhp version. (not the standard 200) The only Ford to ever to bite me ... was a Granada 2.8 Ghia manual That motor was nothing but trouble .. . The local Ford dealer called the Granada "The lunchtime nightmare" i was glad to pass the thing on ...
  11. The Police cannot deal with crime already, lack of funds/person power etc so nothing would change ... But the majority would be paying for the idiots again, I'm all for protect children/old folks etc ... but the Police need to target the cause ....not make the majority pay for the idiots.
  12. Wow ... Plus most of the stupid idiots have no licence .... fact ... So would not retest anyway ?
  13. Night night Sir .. Swearing is pretty low .... and another Liberal trait.
  14. Typical Liberal response .... never had points or any issue ... since 1985 !!! why screw the majority for the shitty minority ?