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  1. Wise man said ... Better the devil you know
  2. Wonderful save
  3. Changing the headlining is not that bad The hardest part is finding the replacement without the front or back splitting edge .. I normally drop the front seats ... remove the grab handles,sun visors and map light ... and remove the lining though the front passenger door.
  4. Thanks mate.. Shes sure is fun Thanks mate Thank mate IMG_2959[1] Another years M.O.T Update : 15/07/2017 I've been buying the odd engine sensor etc between doing the rear suspension ... So the next on the engine hit list were the coil connectors These are around £118.00 for the 8 items from BMW ... which are BREMI items marked with the BMW roundel ... ummm So, I shopped around and found BREMI connectors at a more pleasing price ... £104.00 for 14 BREMI connectors ... IMG_3028[1] While removing the old connectors none of them had any sort of resistance or suction noise on removel ... Which is a sign of their failure. They looked and felt way past their best ... So any job done. IMG_3038[1] IMG_3039[1] Comments Welcome
  5. Welcome ! You will find much e34 love here You have a lovely looking facelift e34 ... I also like the postion of your wipers ( sign of a good wiper rack)
  6. I might be wrong ... But the one still available is the same standard trim part except, no holes for the switches ... The one with the switch holes are N/A. So this will fit your e34 (unless you need the switch holes)
  7. The cigar lighter trim your trying to fit is for the rare bucket seats ... The bottom of the trim is straight ... While the standard trim mirrors the propshaft tunnel. If you have the normal centre consol ... The trim you have will not fit right. Edit ... It's worth about £50 to £70 on the European market
  8. Judging by the pictures, you have the rare rear bucket seat ( those use a different cigar lighter trim to the normal trim)
  9. 8/7/17 TBL is finally finished after her mini restore on the rear end I'm happy to report ... TBL is driving much better with the new mounts/bushers. The Flat Star alloys are next on the hit list ... Time to get those restored and two new toyo proxe's T1's for the rear 9J's. Comments Welcome
  10. Update 7/7/17 We have renewed the bushes in the trailing arms ... Which was not really that bad ( Thanks for lending the tool Adam (Idiot) The bushes were Ummm slightly worn While stripped down the arms were cleaned and painted ready for refitment. I've noticed the seam sealer around the inner arche had started to flake/split so this has also been repaired while the trailing arms are off So E34ers check those inner rear arches for lifting sealer before the dreaded rust/rot gets hold Comments Welcome
  11. Normally a sharp bang with a lump hammer helps ... Once refitted make sure the pins lock
  12. I've not seen the magazine on sale for months now.
  13. How's about High Chaparral ... or Wagon Train
  14. Smith and Jones