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  1. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    Update Those following this tread will be aware of the issues with our field find 540 e34 (1) The first was no reverse gear ... We are going down the fluid check route which our indie will be checking next week. (2) The second was that the LCD gear selector on the dash vanished when selecting reverse gear ... Well on close inspection We also noticed the vanity mirror lights and rear map lights were also not working ... So we changed all the relays under the rear seat bench ... The result is work interior lights and no vanishing LCD selector. We would like to thank whiskychaser for all his advice
  2. 540i Automatic Gearbox Problem

    Hi Geoff Well, Our indie is under the impression that the fluid could be low ... resulting in the issue ? But i'm not so sure ! So time will tell ... The strange issues with the LCD have now gone .... We changed all the relays under the rear bench.
  3. Wow, that was a good investment.

    My friends neighbour was in the music industry back in the 1980's She signed Bros ( boy band in the 1980's) and others during that period ... Well, she had a lovely white RS500 which the lucky lady purchased brand new at the time She would travel down to London in the week and back at weekends ... I'm not sure as a 19 year old lad which i wanted more, she or the RS500
  4. BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    The seats look wonderful .... great work !
  5. E39 M5 Individual

    I would want the rust sorting on the front arch, and also for that price the coolant bottle should be nice and new .... But the concern with that M5 is the condition of the underneath ...
  6. Cheap run about

    Sorry, Sub frame mounts It's not just the M3's that had the issues.
  7. Cheap run about

    Check underneath for cracking around the rear mounting points on the E46's BMW did make a special repair section for the fault ... I've seen some rear arches with rust bubbles from the sill ends to the bumper ( like the old Fords) But most of the bad un's are already gone to China by now ...
  8. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    I've been under again ... and checked the cable adjustment . It sadly, looks to be working fine The cobwebs are home to some big and vicious spiders It's not nice being on your back looking at some p**** off Spider
  9. Cheap run about

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E34-518i-Techo-Violet-1997-P-Touring-/192329155358?hash=item2cc7b6031e:g:iCEAAOSwb69Z2xZl This might be the one ... former BMW5 members run around
  10. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    Hi The cluster LCD goes when selecting reverse ? but comes back on after turning the engine off We have all forward gears and in D the gearbox does climb up the gears But no reverse or reverse rear lights (bulbs are fine) I will check the wiring tomorrow and have a read of the link tonight The filling of the gearbox might be difficult at the moment We are using axle stands on the road ... Which is not the best idea Thanks for your advice and time
  11. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    We got the 540 on axle stands this afternoon and checked the cable and lever on the box ... The cable and level on the auto box are working and match the lever in the cabin Which i was hoping was wrong But the another issue, we noticed was yet again ... The LCD auto gear selector going off once the cabin auto lever was moved but came back on after turning the engine off and restarting ... We also noticed the auto would not work in any forward gears on the axle stands but once on the ground the forward gears came back So maybe more than one issue ? maybe low oil ? Looks like getting her checked over
  12. E34 Steering wheel - what fits?

    These are nice early steering wheels The only trouble with this wheel is no air bag
  13. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    It's very confusing because the gear box was in neutral before ( we pushed the 540 on the road from her patch) The box still goes into neutral but the box wants to still drive (Like the box is still in gear) There are still no nasty bangs or noises from the box. Does the box need dropping for the valve replacement or is this done by dropping the sump on the box ... I imagine this is a specialist job. Which means draining of the oil etc. Once again thanks for the reply and advice
  14. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    It does go into park and the wheels do lock ... You did mention trying the lever at the gear box point So i'm going for that next Thanks for the advice again.
  15. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    Having a few drinks normally helps So at the end of play yesterday ... We had no gears at all So left the battery off over night and and the TCM unplugged ... Well on refitting the battery today (TCM unplugged ) We found the 540 would not start ... Nothing, but a clicking from the engine bay. So disconnected the battery again, and refitted the TCM .... tried again ... The 540 started, and strangely had all forwards gears again. but no reverse or neutral ... tried again with TCM unplugged and she started but with no reverse/neutral still. So, i'm going to get her on axle stands Monday, and change the gears by hand using the level on the auto gear box just to double check I've not messed up on fitting the new cable