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  1. Advice desperately needed

    There you go
  2. Advice desperately needed

    Crap photo but this is where mine ends up
  3. Advice desperately needed

    No worries mate far as I can remember the pipe came off the sunroof metal pipe very hard rubber or plastic down the front pillar past the front to speaker down in the sill this is when I bent it to come through the front wing no more rotting sill
  4. How many/what's your E28

    Will do
  5. Advice desperately needed

    No the headlining goes up to the front screen
  6. Complicated dashboard light issue, Help please!

    Good luck go on Facebook you get more replies on there it's a bit dead on hear
  7. What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Gave my m535i the full dinitrol cavity wax treatment today
  8. Mot time

    You never know Mick lol
  9. Mot time

    Well theold crate sailed through another mot
  10. Rear arches

    Believe it or not yes they did
  11. Rear arches

    I used arches off of a metro
  12. Knocking noise

    Propshaft donut
  13. Which e28 to buy

    Sounds good to me
  14. Which e28 to buy

    I agree with duncan