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  1. Unfortunately most E28s I'd seen on TV ended up crashed
  2. Thanks Mick
  3. Good luck mick
  4. Yes mate very hot
  5. Attended the Royal Bath and west classic car show today
  6. I'll keep Orange
  7. I will mate many thanks
  8. I'm displaying at the bath and west classic car show Saturday I'll put some on my dashboard this is mine at the last one I was the only E28
  9. I'll go to boots tomorrow then
  10. Looks like a great day sorry I couldn't make it as had a birthday to go to
  11. I may have one I'm away at the moment but can check when I get back
  12. I saw this atrocity on Facebook lol
  13. I'm jealous mick 5 star would be a dream for me especially old 5 star prices
  14. The best fuel I use is BP ultimate 97 Ron mine runs like a sack of poop on standard unleaded bring back 5 star
  15. I drove mine today also all last week on a 88 mile round trip a day obc says I'm getting 19.1 mpg it was worth it though