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  1. Attended the Royal Bath and west classic car show today
  2. I'll keep Orange
  3. I will mate many thanks
  4. I'm displaying at the bath and west classic car show Saturday I'll put some on my dashboard this is mine at the last one I was the only E28
  5. I'll go to boots tomorrow then
  6. Looks like a great day sorry I couldn't make it as had a birthday to go to
  7. I may have one I'm away at the moment but can check when I get back
  8. I saw this atrocity on Facebook lol
  9. I'm jealous mick 5 star would be a dream for me especially old 5 star prices
  10. The best fuel I use is BP ultimate 97 Ron mine runs like a sack of poop on standard unleaded bring back 5 star
  11. I drove mine today also all last week on a 88 mile round trip a day obc says I'm getting 19.1 mpg it was worth it though
  12. Check out retro bmw decals they are very good
  13. Mines been the same for 8 years if you find the problem let me know I've changed everything
  14. 190bhp at the wheels I'm happy