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  1. 190bhp at the wheels I'm happy
  2. Put the m535i on a rolling road to see how many horses have escaped
  3. A e28 with a e39 m5 engine dimond black e28 m5 wheels
  4. Nice wheels i got my old banger out of the garage the other day
  5. And chrome gutter trims nla it makes me so mad
  6. Why couldn't it of been a zafira it wouldn't take much to catch fire anyway it's a sad loss of parts
  7. I should imagine the bulk heads are universal for 4 and 6 cylinder cars when d reg cars came out they switched to the drivers side like the m5 and a much better break feel
  8. Yes it is ill think it is discontinued but there is a replacement one now here is the part number
  9. Yes I did mate thanks
  10. I had to do this to as mine was a early car
  11. Very nice
  12. I'm fine buddy keep well hope to see you soon
  13. Taking in account of the weather it was a good turn out loads of interesting cars