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  1. Believe it or not yes they did
  2. I used arches off of a metro
  3. Propshaft donut
  4. Sounds good to me
  5. I agree with duncan
  6. Thanks for that ivor
  7. Don't no how old this post was but it's a Shame as this was my old car
  8. Thanks mate I'm sure I'll have to do it as the one in my car isn't great many thanks I'll have to get the company names off of you
  9. Thanks mate I'm doing fine hope you are ok mate
  10. It's OK was going to get it rebuilt but I couldn't find a place to rebuild it
  11. Thanks Duncan I won't bother with the effort of fitting it
  12. Many thanks guys I wonder if the ratio is different to the 518i box in mine
  13. Is there anyone out there better identifying this steering box eg 535i I googled all numbers and nothing
  14. It's windows out I'm afraid and a strip down I know as I've just finished mine after 5 years
  15. Unfortunately most E28s I'd seen on TV ended up crashed