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  1. ipod sound "dips" every nine or so seconds - ideas?

    Thanks Richard, I will try that and report back. Regards, David
  2. ipod sound "dips" every nine or so seconds - ideas?

    I think so but I couldn’t swear to it though my original post says it started then. On a related note; with the auto clock set option is there anyway to deal with the BST time difference as my clock is out by an hour? Thanks and regards, David
  3. Quick update i now have an aerial to use with my doctored amp so all I need to do is a bit of soldering and I can try it out. I'll post back when I get round to it. Regards,, David
  4. ipod sound "dips" every nine or so seconds - ideas?

    Update So CCJ John very kindly modded my Alpine box for me when I realised it was beyond my very basic soldering skills. The iPod now powers up perfectly so no more trips to the boot every time I want to listen to the iPod. however, the sound dip every nine seconds or so is still there. Any ideas what it could be? When I did my Satnav retrofit I did have some issues with the TMC which we resolved but I wondered if that or something else is pulsing causing the slight dip? any ideas anyone? Thanks and regards, David
  5. So quick update. I've found a glass aerial that works well though I cannot use until after I change my windscreen which I want to replace as it is not fitted very well. I've also bought an aerial amplifier so I can try my experiment of converting the aerial to unamplified. The phone feed could be easily bridged between the entry point and the aerial joint so I shall give it a go. David
  6. ipod sound "dips" every nine or so seconds - ideas?

    Hi Richard, Received the wire - it is very, fine compared to say some ear bud cables. I googled "Kynar modding wire, 30 AWG (0.25mm)" and ordered that so I assume this is correct. Is the 0.25mm the diameter of the wire? Thanks, David
  7. Hi Barry, So I'm going to try an internal glass aerial. I may come back to the external aerial at some point. I'm wondering if I could adapt the actual aerial so as to set it up as an unamplified aerial. I guess this would mean "simplifiying the wiring in the amplifier? Cheers, David
  8. Thanks Barry, After speaking with a local audio specialist I've decided to take a punt on an incartec glass mounted aerial which he had successfully used in his own E46 and in high end installations that they had done in other E46s so fingers crossed! Your door window idea is intriguing but would be a real pain as you would need to route wires round the trim. Why not put one on the rear screen on the other side of the car? Cheers, David
  9. I don't think there is another one that can be controlled through the OEM head units if that is what you mean?
  10. ipod sound "dips" every nine or so seconds - ideas?

    Thanks Richard, Ordered the wire and have got a fine point for my soldering iron. I'll let you know how I get on. Regards, David
  11. Thanks for the recommendation; they are very helpful. They let me try an amplified splitter.
  12. ipod sound "dips" every nine or so seconds - ideas?

    Thanks Richard, Very much appreciated. I assume I can use quite thin wire for the connection? Some of the photos show what looks like bulb wire. Thanks and regards, David
  13. Thanks Richard, My problem is that I have a convertible with a mast external aerial. I tried "unpowering" it and using a splitter/ amplifier but that did not work so I'm either looking at a bumper mount, an internal glass aerial or replacing the OEM aerial for a replacement one. The problem with the latter is that finding old school style DAB bodywork aerials is difficult... Cheers, David
  14. ipod sound "dips" every nine or so seconds - ideas?

    Thanks Richard, So it looks like I need a better soldering iron with a small tip and I can try it out. Presumably, this works just as well with iPhone 4 rather than an iPod? Cheers, David
  15. ipod sound "dips" every nine or so seconds - ideas?

    Thanks Richard, I haven't altered anything but that sounds like a very useful mod. How do you do that? (It seems to mainly happen when you are sitting on the drive; once driving I didn't notice it if that helps). Thanks and regards, David