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  1. Did much the same many years ago with my sister's Renault 5, which got rear-ended. The deal - after negotiation with the loss adjuster - went from "£150 and we'll take it away" to "£300 and you can keep it to repair yourself."
  2. Matt cartoon in the Daily Telegraph: Meanwhile, spotted on Twitter: Christ on a bike...
  3. No doubt along with its associated catchphrase "coalition of chaos"...
  4. The campaigning seems now to be two parties trying to campaign on issues, whilst the Tories are just slagging Corbyn off and saying nothing on policy, other than As for that eejit Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson - that pompous load of piffle was astonishing. Not having had the benefit of an expensive education, I had to look up 'mugwump' - turns out it wasn't quite the insult he hoped. So in other words, they placed principle over party. http://zelo-street.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/boris-joins-mugwumps.html
  5. I once found myself in hospital needing treatment after passing out at work. The one thing that struck me was the jobsworth attitude of the agency nurse, unlike the staffers. The agency nurse wouldn't do a thing outside her remit; the staffers all went the extra mile - even going and fetching me sandwiches and tea without my asking.
  6. Eh? Didn't get that when I looked at it and I don't have a sub either...?
  7. Sensible explanation about this. https://www.ft.com/content/5788dbac-7680-11e0-b05b-00144feabdc0
  8. I haven't got access to The Grand Tour and I missed the first series with Evans, but I quite like Top Gear with its new presenters. More about the cars, less about them. And I quite like Harris's grumpy crosspatch schtick. I think Reid will grow into it.
  9. Sadly, this is rather like the repeated "give him another six months" handed out to Corbyn. Mind you, I wonder where the Tories get this mantra of "strong and stable" from, when Mayhem seems to change her mind with the prevailing wind. Or maybe 'stable' is a reference to the equine dwelling that is frequently full of horse s**t.
  10. It is worth noting that many immigrants have gone into the NHS as front line staff - Filipino nurses, Polish ENT consultants to name but two; do English schoolgirls still want to be nurses like they did in my day?
  11. True - and logically, what difference would it make to the negotiations whether Mayhem's majority is one or a hundred? She's still in charge, and as far as I can see, she still only listens to the more extreme elements of her party simply to keep the Kippers away...? However, this is diverging from the GE and into Brexit territory.
  12. Don't forget Verhofstadt is the chief Brexit negotiator though.
  13. A tactic which Guy Verhofstadt has already said will not make one iota of difference. I saw this elsewhere, which made me smile as in some respect, it says a lot about politics now: http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/politics-headlines/man-cant-understand-why-there-isnt-a-political-party-just-for-him-20170420126296
  14. I'll be voting LD as a tactical measure just to reduce the current MP's majority, but I trust a Lib Dem as far as I could throw one. I wouldn't vote for the reactionary old git who's our local MP anyway, but the area is so safe you could pin a blue rosette on a roadkill badger and it'd be taking its seat on the 9th June.
  15. He was Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry until a year ago.
  16. And I've just bought me one of these: https://www.redmolotov.com/catalogue/tshirts/all/uncrushed-saboteur-tshirt.html
  17. One theory put forward about foreign aid is that it could be a sweetener for all those countries we will want to do trade deals with when we're outside of the EU...
  18. I always thought these were the best-looking Cortina bar none. Some friends of our family had a 2000 GXL auto in a lovely metallic green colour. Mate of mine's Mum had a 1300L. That wasn't so lovely.
  19. Small point of order, Sir: the V4 in the Mk. IV Zephyr 4 was 2000cc which I assume was also used in the Corsair 2000E. There wasn't - in the UK at least - a 1700cc Zephyr. I think the 2.0L V4 struggled to pull the bulk of a Mk. IV Zephyr along, so God knows what a 1700cc one would have been like!
  20. We haven't quite shut down our coal power stations, but today was the first day that no power was taken from coal. Apparently 2025 is the date for the final coal-powered station to close down. Round here there are lots of wind turbines and if I'm honest - I like them. A lot of solar farms too. What we should be looking at (and are doing) is tidal power as that is consistent and yes, more nuclear. Gas won't last forever. Either that... or we scale back our power-hungry society markedly.
  21. Similarly my sister and brother-in-law are NHS employees. It's not uncommon for b-i-l to do his day job in the NHS, go home for a few hours and then do a night in the ED/A&E.
  22. Of course, the original is 'Berkeley Hunt' - calling someone a 'berk' is far stronger than you think Never mind the infamous fsck-up by James Naughtie...
  23. "Jeremy Hunt: politician or rhyming slang?" (with apologies to the assemblage of the comedy series Who Dares Wins.)
  24. That's the sad thing: these layers of management arise because someone has decreed that there are wasteful processes occurring, so we need more managers to keep an eye on it: or worse still some twerp says "we need to bring in business thinking and internal markets". Internal markets are an absolute disaster for any public body. Been there, done that.
  25. Vote tactically? That's what I shall be doing.