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  1. That'll be a Cashcow.
  2. Yep - done that... ...and got the Driver Awareness Course to prove it.
  3. On the main dual carriageway out of the city I live near, the traffic was being held up not by the traffic lights but by someone who'd pulled up across a lane to get out and remonstrate with another driver whilst in a queue at some traffic lights. That's the trouble - there's always some twat with an excess of testosterone determined to prove they're the man...
  4. Agreed, Dan - but think of the poor buggers that have to cut/hose them out of their cars and deal with the mess, they don't deserve that... I have only ever got out of a car in anger once - at the Channel Tunnel terminal in France, when someone had a pop at me for holding them up (couldn't find the Hertz rental place!). They probably thought I wouldn't understand them as I was driving a rented E46 on Wiesbaden plates - but when I turned round and suggested in a posh English accent that they were asking for a righteous slap if they didn't behave themselves, the gobby old git wound his neck in (and his window up)... and the little French girl in the booth was killing herself laughing and said "I wish we could say that sometimes, but we are not allowed to!"
  5. Agreed. My poverty-spec car had the smokers pack and the spare wheel option fitted so you get a jack, wheelbrace and a chock to fit in the big lump of polystyrene within the wheel. Along with the locking wheel bolt thingy. Details here: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=NA72-EUR-11-2003-E60-BMW-530i&diagId=36_0718 http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=NA72-EUR-11-2003-E60-BMW-530i&diagId=36_0916
  6. Doesn't driveline shipping happen a lot anyway - e.g. Vauxhall?
  7. Quite. There are some bits of London where the action mentioned by @d_a_n1979 upthread would only have one outcome - and it wouldn't be good news for Dan or his family. Yep, agree with @vanhool, let it slide - from what I've seen of these people it's best to drive legally, safely and let them pass as soon as possible.
  8. Where I used to live, there were very tall chimneys belonging to brickyards. I used to see people up them repairing them and wonder how they did it... Someone once told me a line about transmitter tower engineers, who apparently come down very quickly at the first sight/sound of a thunderstorm approaching, but even faster if they hear the kettle being switched on...
  9. From the main menu, press iDrive knob down, scroll down to Service and press down again. Push iDrive knob forward, and with the ignition on, select 'RPA'. Then tell it to set RPA.
  10. Hang on... my 2004 530i has 16" alloys? Also, it has a space-saver spare in the boot. I doubt a full-size alloy would fit because of the large lump of polystyrene foam that contains numerous electronic modules robbing the well of much of its depth.
  11. In my case, I thought in terms of build quality the E60 was pretty poor compared to the E34 I had, as was its handling. Binning the run-flats got rid of the worst of that. I never owned an E39, sadly. But mechanically, it pisses all over the E34. 202,000 miles and no hint of the bane of the E34, cylinder heads/head gaskets. Auto gearbox still super-smooth and never seems to be in the wrong gear. And, despite another 500cc and 40bhp, more economical. Surprised at the tailpipe; my 530i has a twin one. Wheels? The MV2 pattern is popular but commands good money even secondhand; the current ones are ideal winter tyre fodder, unless you're considering the newer 'all-season' tyres that are coming to market now. My winters are on the 16" wheels nobody loved! Of course, you may wish to consider the "Q-car" look rather than the brash "look at me!" style which IMO is for AMG drivers As regards the stickers: coming up the A1 the other night a BMW came up behind me which seemed to have a light strip in 'M' colours in the kidney grilles. Is that a manufacturer option, or aftermarket?
  12. Apologies if this has been posted here before... blob:http://www.somersetlive.co.uk/1de68e4f-5e7d-4343-8cef-4bfafca0d458
  13. You wonder what effect a push-button wired in parallel with the brake light switch would have...
  14. Got to say, I just let tailgaters pass me as soon as I can, or I slow right down. The last thing I want is some testosterone-fuelled twunt who drives that badly sitting behind me, and I don't want to get my collar felt by Traffic for breaking a speed limit just to avoid idiots.
  15. As in - Attention: User Doesn't Indicate?
  16. In turn: the somewhat-derided 2004 E60 I drive - a 3-litre petrol auto with 202,000 on the clock - will average 36/gallon at a steady 70, falling to about 32 on say, first ten miles in London then dual carriageways for another eighty miles. And it hasn't bust any springs either (yet). Yep, I'd be pretty unhappy if that was my F10 too. But bagsy the first Calypso Red E32 750i
  17. So... no sales of new petrol or diesel cars after 2040. If I am not pushing up the daisies by then, I have a plan... They said nowt about coal...
  18. For some reason, I have Rush's Red Barchetta going around in my head (and wincing at the mispronounciaton of 'Barchetta' at the same time).
  19. This caught my eye, posted elsewhere: http://www.westmonster.com/spiteful-eu-threatens-to-scrap-free-healthcare-for-brits-abroad/ Well... what did they expect? Try cancelling your Sky subs and then asking if you can still watch Sky 1...
  20. To answer your points in turn. 1. The panel manufacturers in the UK that have Chinese parentage are here because we are in the EU. It circumvents the anti-dumping rules for them. Same reason we had the likes of Nissan turn up here all those years ago. 2. Do you seriously think that China would listen to the UK once it has left the EU?! We would have NO influence whatsoever over how they choose to go about their manufacturing. China is the second biggest economy in the world and has twenty times the population. We are where we are economically because of our financial services sector. Take the financial services into Paris and Frankfurt and this country would really be stuffed. Unpatriotic? No. Realistic. Oh, and it says a lot that the chief anti-EU mouthpiece - the Daily Mail - is considering relocating to Ireland post-Brexit. https://twitter.com/TimesDiary/status/888429750242484224
  21. deleted
  22. Upthread, a video of the risible Jacob Rees-Mogg was posted with him having a dig at the Germans over solar and hoping we could bring in cheap panels from China when we leave the EU. I wonder if in his blindness, he knew that we had PV panel manufacturers in the UK that don't have Chinese parents. I assume the sort of economics that he espouses would view the demise of the UK manufacturers in the face of Chinese dumping as Capitalism red in tooth and claw. He also espouses the reduction of safety standards, saying that what's good enough for India could be good enough for us. Tell that to the residents of Bhopal.
  23. First of all, sorry to hear about your situation and good luck with job hunting. I have to say that for me, all LinkedIn achieved was a massive amount of spam. Binned it in the end. Since I got binned by my former employer, I went through a difficult patch but now turn down work because those who also left when I did have drifted away from what we did and I'm the only one still standing/stupid enough to do what I do. Have you considered a complete career change? It might be better for you and you could probably offer more support to your wife as well?
  24. This moving production away from R&D is starting to afflict the world of British hifi, arguably the best in the world. Just got, at last, a Musical Fidelity M6Si amp. Designed in the UK... made in Taiwan. I was looking at the high-end Arcam too - made in the USA. Where would we stand on that under, say, WTO rules? I too was going to mention Dyson's removal of manufacturing to Malaysia, but was beaten to it. Reading his Wikipedia entry is interesting: his conversion to Brexiter from advocate of joining the Eurozone particularly so. A very good point is raised upthread - what do we sell these new trading partners in return? It'll have to be a lot more than "innovative teas and jams" as the Maybot has suggested in the past. Although I have had little time for Chris 'Fat Pang' Patten in the past, he has made a very good point recently: we are in this mess thanks to two of the least competent Prime Ministers in memory.
  25. Correct - VAT used to be at two rates - 8% and 12.5%. When it was harmonised, it went up to 15%. The 12.5% was the 'luxury' rate and produced some real anomalies; a good example being a humble little transistor called the BC108. Because the BC108 was in a metal can, it was taxed at 12.5%. But its plastic-cased friend the BC 548 - identical in every respect electrically save for the BC548 being in a plastic case - was taxed at 8%. Worse still was the predecessor of VAT - Purchase Tax. This had a bewildering array of rates depending upon the item being purchased and was varied willy-nilly to usually, control the economy or some aspect of it. Another example: during the Big Freeze of 1947, when coal wasn't getting delivered because of the snow, people turned to electric fires to heat their homes which put a limited post-war electricity grid under severe strain - because of course, they couldn't get coal either. So to prevent a repeat of this in 1948, the purchase tax on electric fires and other 'frivolous' items was raised to 125%. That's right - one hundred and twenty five percent.