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  1. Been dismissed at Work

    Just read this thread - I'm pleased things have worked out for you, now you can attend to the family matters. Never let that slip, I've seen too many cases where it has gone wrong and no job is worth that. Good luck for Monday
  2. I mean, where do you start on how wrong this is?

    I've soiled myself.
  3. Back into a 5 series! 523i just purchased

    It's been a while (year? eighteen months?) since I've been to a breakers but you seldom saw an E39 in one, and you never see an E60/61 - at least, locally.
  4. Selling mercury

    Sounds like you're doing the right thing. I mean, I'm always wary when they tell you to chuck your dead fluorescent tubes into a steel box full of others (often broken) at the local tip and wonder if you get a lungful of the stuff when you open the door. But the purpose of those boxes is mercury reclamation from fluorescent tubes, so maybe looking at who handles it on the side of the box could help? I still remember the massive panic attack I had when I broke my beloved vintage neon sign in my storage unit and wondered what I was exposing myself to; yet when I contacted a sign maker/repair company they didn't seem overly concerned, they wanted to know if I'd kept the bits of tube as a pattern! (Answer: no, I took them to the tip, explained they had traces of mercury in them like a fluorescent tube and was told to lob the remnants in the tube bin!) This is why there is now only one CFL in my house, until such time as it packs up: all others (including brand new ones) are to go to the tip, as I have now almost completely switched to LED lighting. I like the tiny electricity bills and more to the point, I don't like having glass bottles with mercury in them, even if it's only milligrams.

    Forecourt Flowers. For when you don't give a Flying Fuck. Also: http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/features/im-not-ignoring-valentines-day-because-im-single-im-ignoring-it-because-its-bullshit-20180214144289
  6. Selling mercury

    Absolutely not, unless you have a sideline in making dental amalgam. Too hazardous unless sealed inside a component. I have, to add to my neuroses, a number of pre-war radiograms that use mercury in a glass tilt switch to operate the motor when the start button is pressed. I'm sure that it was once used for wiping across the surface of another metal for some reason, but ca't remember why...
  7. Fake Castrol oil in Russia?

    ...says the author of a barely literate post.
  8. Selling mercury

    Tilt switches are the most common use, also mercury vapour and mercury arc rectifiers. I assume it's in a sealed container? It's actually quite volatile, you see. You would be best contacting your local council, or a school/university. It's amazing to think that in my first year at secondary school (and no, we weren't writing on slates!) we were encouraged to dip our fingers in mercury to show it had no 'wetness' because of its surface tension: a former colleague of mine went to a school where they eventually had to replace the flooring and remove all the mercury from underneath the floorboards! My brother-in-law - a radiographer - asked if it was because they'd noticed the school exam results slowly dropping over the years...!
  9. Ford Escort

    It's a ten-minute segment at the end of this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09rwyp9/inside-out-north-west-12022018
  10. AncestryDNA - has anyone tried it?

    I've not, but it would be fascinating to find out one's racial makeup - in my case there's French and Ukrainian in my DNA and I wonder what else there might be. I doubt you'd find anyone close but you never know. I say go for it - it'll be good to find out something about herself. Look at the very recent story of 'Cheddar Man' - they managed to trace a descendant of his! And to the detractors - I think Google, Apple, Faceache and your ISP know even more about you...
  11. I came across this whilst wandering around enjoying HubNut's channel on YouTube: https://www.electricclassiccars.co.uk/ Note what one of the cars being converted to electricity is...
  12. LG Blu ray player problems

    See if it can be done by updating either via USB or an actual disc? I wouldn't trust a network connection to be fair. If not, take it back to John Lewis and ask for an exchange.
  13. This is correct - effectively they're using a booster/repeater so the technology of convenience is being used against itself. It has been covered in a few newspapers recently. I too have read of these Faraday pouches and wonder if placing the 'key' inside an earthed metal biscuit tin would be just as effective, if not as attractive. Sometimes I wonder if the proper key/transponder of twenty years ago was best after all. Terrible to read this.
  14. I really quite fancy another Saab......

    Correct Sir, that's exactly what I was saying
  15. I really quite fancy another Saab......

    In other words, the same as the box on an E60? Big problem for me is that I like the box fitted to my E60. It's brilliant, best auto I've ever driven.