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  1. What will you do in ThanksGiving Day?

    Agreed. Remember that appalling business that resulted in people getting into fights over TVs? There's also this website: although it's really for the Colonials, it does include UK shame. http://blackfridaydeathcount.com/
  2. What will you do in ThanksGiving Day?

    But it's a two-way process - people have to want to absorb the culture too. Sadly, they do. Especially if there's a bit of consumerism attached.
  3. What will you do in ThanksGiving Day?

    With you there - and all the retailers can take Black Friday (or Black Friday Week as my local BMW dealer styles it) and shove it up their arses. Bad enough Halloween and trick or treat coming over here.
  4. Winters on - i think I’ll need them soon!

    I looked at wheel bags, but in the end mine are covered over with an ordinary tarp after having been chained together and stowed away. The tarp is then roped up so that the rope pulls between each wheel. Mine just get rolled from stash to car and back, which still does my back in...!
  5. Winters on - i think I’ll need them soon!

    Here it has been a crystal-clear sunny day today, so no excuses. All fitted and tyre pressures set, summers wrapped up and stowed away; now I expect that, as has been the case since I started fitting them, that we shall have a record warm winter! I'm now relaxing with a beer and Sounds Of The 70s on t'wireless
  6. Winters on - i think I’ll need them soon!

    That's my job for tomorrow, weather permitting.
  7. What are you listening to?

    One for you, @Mashed Potatoes - and this was the first time I heard London Grammar. On EastEnders, would you believe!
  8. 17 year old driver insurance oddity !!!

    You don't even have to have had an accident for these people to call you.
  9. What are you listening to?

    Earlier, Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist. Now; Crass - Penis Envy.
  10. Making up wiring looms - trailer

    Or all three. Seriously, those LED plate lights are a bloody menace. Surely a car should fail its MoT on them? A hot air gun as used for paint stripping can be used to shrink heat shrink, but they're a bit big for the job. In the past, for small joints a soldering iron held very close did the job, now I have one of those very expensive Weller heat guns (bought cheaply off the Bay). My gas soldering iron has a hot blow attachment which I use both for heatshrink and surface mount rework with solder cream. Is this a bit out of budget? http://cpc.farnell.com/iroda/pro-50k/soldering-iron-gas-30-70w-kit/dp/SD01107?MER=sy-me-pd-mi-alte There's a whole range of Iroda stuff, perhaps mix and match to suit your requirements? As for looms: try spiral wrap, or expandable sleeving. You only need HS sleeving at joins/terminations as @Abbadon has said, but spiral wrap will give you some mechanical protection and you can lead wires out along its length. For comparison, my trailer has steel conduit running along the drawbar, it then breaks out into two cables running into each light cluster. The number plate is lit by a chrome Mini/Morris Minor type numberplate light connected via a 1/4" jack plug into one of the cluster housings which allows me to remove the tailboard; my lights are high up at the side, you see.
  11. Making up wiring looms - trailer

    Minimum order £5 for free postage now. I've got a trailer to sort for someone prior to delivery oop north; first, bin the perishing crossply tyres - have found some part-worn 195/70 x 15 van tyres for it. Then in an ideal world, the trailer needs to be put on its back so I can inspect the chassis underneath, inspect the wiring and most importantly, look at the mechanical braking system and repair/adjust as needed. My friend has bought new lamp clusters for it (which she can fit!) but in my view I see nothing wrong with sticking with filament bulbs: I can't remember the last time I changed any bulbs on my trailer (maybe one in 20 years) and even on the car it's only ever been headlights, due to using ultra-bright bulbs. What pisses me off is this cult of LED number plate bulbs that seem to throw an inordinate amount of white light back towards a following car, and almost obliterate the plate itself...
  12. What are you listening to?

    Ooh yes. More Dead Kennedys tonight
  13. Leads for connecting TVs, hdmi, 4k

    It's funny, because when I first encountered an SDI install back in the early 1990s it could be incredibly fussy about certain brands of connectors lest you wanted to see green flashing. Within two years the technology had improved to the "any old thing" level.
  14. Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    From the listing:
  15. Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    Expensive, but beautiful. Go on, bin that horrible F10, modern BMWs are boring and all the same. I can't tell a 3 from a 5 these days. A 525i of this vintage you can retrofit leather, cruise, loadsa toys. It'd be a thing of beauty amongst a sea of mundane BMWs. A BMW that stands out in a crowd of tedium. Go on, you know you want to. Then your name will match your car again.