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  1. You're not alone in seeing that parallel...
  2. Indeed, very sad indeed - one of, if not the, finest children's TV presenters of all time. On the same day as Stephen Furst (Animal House/Babylon 5) too.
  3. Whiskychaser's thoughts seconded. Alternator, deffo. Exactly the same scenario when mine packed up, although with an E60 auto you get the additional joys of (a) the gearbox going into limp mode and sticking in 3rd, at which point you lose the speedo (no pulses from gearbox) and (b) the iDrive getting increasingly cranky before it shuts down - I was however hugely disappointed that before it died, the iDrive didn't sing Daisy Daisy at me...
  4. Brilliant (no pun intended)! I'm also tempted to buy me a proper old telephone in bright red just so I can call it "The Batphone".
  5. A fire inspector interviewed on the TV yesterday said it wasn't uncommon for external door closers to get removed by tenants as they found them a nuisance.
  6. I think - hope - that you can take that as read; it's BS. Typical Faecesbook.
  7. Spotted elsewhere, a tweet from one of the firemen with the gloriously dark handle of 'crispymick':
  8. You'll get absolutely no argument from me on that one - I've long believed that to be the fairest way.
  9. Then a bit of me would suggest pruning the number of cars you own especially as you rightly say, you can only drive one at a time unless you can be bothered to only tax them for brief periods and SORN them the rest of the time, which I appreciate is a bit of a faff! Says a person who has two rusting wrecks on the drive as well as his E60, and has a hoarding problem too...
  10. I really don't 'get' why people complain about the cost of VED. It's what? A few tankfuls of petrol? For me the cost of VED for my E60 is lost in the noise of paying for about 750 gallons of petrol a year.
  11. IIRC cheddar cheese added to mashed potatoes was a variation of Woolton Pie, a wartime recipe born from rationing.
  12. That'd involve adding Wensleydale to the mashed potatoes....
  13. Speaking of mashed potatoes.... for those of us of a certain age, Andy Cunningham of Bodger and Badger fame has passed away, aged 67 . Some will remember Badger's catchphrase...
  14. Ah, ta for that.
  15. When the Ford Ka I have was in my sister's custody, I saw her leaving my mother's house and noticed that the number plate was wrong. I rang her up and jokingly asked her if she'd got in the wrong car at work but she said 'no, my toys are here'. Turns out someone had stolen an identical Ka, and took her number plates off in the car park where she worked and put them on the stolen car. Her car didn't even have matching plates! Needless to say, she phoned Plod and in the next few days, the speeding/parking tickets rolled in along with a driving off without paying for fuel letter. Luckily, the perps were caught...