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  1. Well... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/15/donald-trump-revealed-highly-classified-intelligence-sergey/
  2. I remember the stuff when Lee Rigby was murdered. The foil hatters were saying marks on the road were actors' marks, where to stand for the act that followed. They were of course, the usual marks utility companies make on roads...
  3. Mancs put EDL scum in their place: http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/23/mancunians-show-real-manchester-spirit-as-they-shout-down-edl-protesters-6655982/
  4. At this moment, only the Yanks are trying to pin this on a suicide bomber. In answer to the question of evil; focus not on the perpetrator, but those who have given free taxi rides, free accommodation, volunteered to look for missing loved ones. Today there will be those who, for whatever reason, will seek to capitalise on this for their own twisted agenda: ignore them. The real heroes today are the good, ordinary people of Manchester pulling together and helping those who are in need, right now. There, is good triumphing over evil.
  5. There's certainly hybrid light goods - http://canter.co.uk/eco_hybrid And... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-39596833
  6. That'd work nicely, as the OP is going to have to drill a slightly oversized hole in the wall anyway and if using a resin fixing, that'd clear the resin.
  7. Hmmm. Wish I knew about those thirty years ago....!
  8. You could try something like these, and drill the thread out (although stainless will be a pig to drill) https://www.standofffixings.co.uk/product-category/hollow-stainless-steel/
  9. It sounds like you need some Rawlbolts with something like hollow steel spacers on the bolts that are the thickness of the void+plasterboard so that they take the weight firmly against the wall.
  10. Or even favourite colour Dolphin metallic, followed by Calypso. Maldives Blue at a push.
  11. I understand QuickBooks is going to be one of the preferred solutions when Making Tax Digital is implemented. My accountant has been dropping hints about it...
  12. Damn! That's where the bloody milk's gone!
  13. -deleted-
  14. Thanks mate, it was me (I seem to recall Bill - RumRunner - lost his wife not long afterwards). Can't believe it was seven years ago now. Still totally and utterly effed up over it, even now.