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  1. Seconded. By now, my M20 and M50TU had had head gaskets and/or a whole cylinder head. The M54? It just keeps on going... regular oil changes (Castrol Edge 0W/30 or that stuff that BMW sell that's made from angel's tears judging by the price, it certainly makes me cry when I see the bill), always BMW coolant and now 207,000 miles. No smoke, no rattles, no fuss. Bet I've bloody jinxed it now.
  2. The best was an unrealistic scenario, but was on a run up from Kent to Cambridgeshire - M25/M11/A14/A1(M), so no stopping for roundabouts and it was the dead of night, so I thought "what if...?" Turned off the aircon and the radio, and set the cruise control to 56mph. 42 to the gallon!
  3. I say 'leave it be' - it's a tidy, unmolested car and some work on the alloys and screen will make it a nice example, Having just seen a pickup conversion of an E34 on eBay (!!) I think it'd be nice to leave the car as original as possible - maybe even go down the BMW audio route?
  4. Well... my M54-engined 530i auto (in an E60) will get 37/gallon at a steady 70 on a motorway run.
  5. I'm jealous Same colour as my increasingly-rotten 525i, plus aircon too. A good buy IMO.
  6. deleted
  7. Should put some Steely Dan in the car to celebrate the life of Walter Becker, who left us today
  8. It's the back lights on those I don't get. Like Confucius's sideburns when lit.
  9. By contrast, I only have one 1:43 model of a motor car, made by Norev - this: My first car was a 1973 16TL in this very colour (Beige metallic 113)! I saw it in a model car shop (Au Chat Botté) in the 15th district of Paris and just had to buy it
  10. I think as a rule more freight travels by rail in continental Europe. It's been eighteen years now since I drove from Munich to Blighty (in a day - I must've been mad...) but back then the thing I noticed was that there were few artics on the Autobahns - mostly smaller 7,5 tonners. Likewise in Belgium and France.
  11. The collision is covered here. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-41060244 You may find the photos disturbing.
  12. Skunk Anansie.
  13. That'll be a Cashcow.
  14. Yep - done that... ...and got the Driver Awareness Course to prove it.
  15. On the main dual carriageway out of the city I live near, the traffic was being held up not by the traffic lights but by someone who'd pulled up across a lane to get out and remonstrate with another driver whilst in a queue at some traffic lights. That's the trouble - there's always some twat with an excess of testosterone determined to prove they're the man...