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  1. The Huffington Post piece attacking Katie Hopkins on this subject - and the Twitter responses - is brilliant!
  2. Like these from the Muslim Council of Britain, you mean? http://www.mcb.org.uk/westminster-attack/ http://www.mcb.org.uk/westminster-attack-call-for-solidarity-and-prayer/ Were apologies demanded of Christians for Anders Breivik?
  3. The perpetrator has been named as a 52 year old man. http://news.met.police.uk/news/update-westminster-attack-man-believed-responsible-named-230160 Meanwhile, people have been mocking Fox News for their usual stance. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/39365449/people-mock-fox-news-claim-that-terror-attack-shut-down-city
  4. But sadly, you can bet there'll be some that will...
  5. Well, let me relate to you a positive tale of the Muslim community, from a few years ago. At that time, my wife was suffering from kidney failure brought about by septicaemia from an infected pressure sore and, after a spell in intensive care, was now on the wards. Normally a very private person, she did engage in conversation with families: there's not much else to do in hospital after all. An elderly Muslim woman was in the bed opposite her, and the family members got into conversation with my wife. To cut a long story short, having asked if it was okay with her first - the family would pray for my wife at her bedside, and I understand prayers were also said for her at the local mosque. Although my wife's religious convictions were a little flimsy, she took great comfort from all this kindness. Apart from visits by the hospital chaplain, I didn't see much of that kindness towards a stranger from anyone else.
  6. Jay Leno's Garage? Discovered that a few months ago on some Freeview channel and loved it.
  7. The switch in the 9 disconnects the power amp from the pre-amp. I should have been more specific - the two lumps I have are 9Ps and as far as I can tell, a U-link outside makes them a dual mono amp, not a bridged amp.
  8. I did actually think about modding my Alpha 9s to run in "bridge" mode - it'd be a trivial thing to do...
  9. An Arcam A49...?! Eek. The most I can hope to aspire to is a Musical Fidelity M6Si. My B&W Matrix 802s are pretty inefficient so need a lot of drive; the current pair of Arcam Alpha 9s just don't cut it.
  10. I'm thinking of taking my car to a local autobox specialist to have the fluid changed, now the old bus is approaching 200,000 miles (it's been done once before, when the box developed a leak). I'll ask what fluid they plan to put in.
  11. You forgot the obligatory black alloys with stupidly low-profile tyres. Don't like personal plates, for much the same reason as @steveco I have to say. The only one that amused me was seen on a white 1-series about Christmas-tide; S4 NTA.
  12. Damn. Looks like I'll just have to spend some money
  13. Yes, I do; that's what surprised me - the grilles are there, but there's nothing behind them....
  14. It's the bottom of the range one. My car is most kindly described as "poverty spec".
  15. Hmmm. I'm looking at the IFBMW-S system and wondering if it'll fit in an E60. I've lived without tweeters for eight years now; how come both my E34s had them as standard but not my E60?!