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  1. Retro fitting OBC - Temp sensor warning gag

    Looking at some drawings, between pins 4 and 5 of the OBC connector, about 3000 Ohms IIRC?
  2. How Toxic is your car

    Interesting. Just noticed my neighbour has changed his 5er... from a 530d (F10) to a 530i (G30)!
  3. Sean Hughes -RIP

    51 ain't old though. I'm 53 and my mind still thinks I'm 23. It's only when my body tries to do the things the 23 year old me would have done does it very forcefully say to me "just what the FUCK do you think you're playing at, you daft sod?!"
  4. Sean Hughes -RIP

    There's numerous suggestions it was cirrhosis, poor sod.
  5. Project E34 - some Success, some failure!

    Fingers crossed they can - buy a handful from Farnell, those bulbs are used all over the place in an E34 as you know.
  6. Project E34 - some Success, some failure!

    No pun intended, I'm sure I would have thought that you'd use 12V bulbs as the rest of the car's electrics are 12V anyway - it'd seem daft running them from, say, a 5V supply for the electronics in the OBC as that'd just increase the amount of current a regulator would have to pass. I seem to recall there's three bulbs: one for the buttons which is the one round the back, and one each side for the LCD. Or have I got that arse about face too...?
  7. Project E34 - some Success, some failure!

    If I can find it, yes
  8. Project E34 - some Success, some failure!

    Nope - you're right, I'm wrong! Wonder if Farnell do the right ones though? I bought a load of the 12V ones for my mate's Micra - I think about one instrument on his dash lit up!
  9. Project E34 - some Success, some failure!

    Errr.... http://uk.farnell.com/lux/bs286t/lamp-pcb-12v-1-2w-blk/dp/1139260 Okay, there's a handling charge under £20 but that handling charge is less than you're (potentially) paying for one bulb! I recall when I first put an OBC in my 525i it did the PPPP thing too, but then settled down... and at least you have wires to a mirror that might let it dip. I was toying with fitting an auto-dip mirror to my E60 but when I saw there were just two wires to the existing mirror (enough to light the LED, in other words!) I kinda gave up. I also had the digital clock with temperature display for my E34 - think it's in a box somewhere in the garage.
  10. MOT.gov website

    The last time I used that was to discover my late father's Cortina - now nearly 38 years old - is still going strong. I also used it to show someone just how spectacularly my Ford Ka failed its MoT...
  11. What is this thing in my car?

    It's worth noting that somewhere in the pipework near the brake servo (where these things ultimately connect), there is a flow reducer. It looks just like a 1" section of pipe but if you omit it, you get an incredibly annoying hiss from those temperature sensors when you coast...! They use vacuum from the servo to draw the cabin air over them to assist in measuring the temperature. The little speaker unit that goes 'bong' also has a fault in which the loudspeaker goes open circuit: there used to be a 64 Ohm speaker sold by Maplin that was an exact replacement.
  12. A trivial statistic from the New York Times: Number of Americans killed on battlefields in all wars in history: 1,396,733 Number of Americans killed by firearms in the US since 1968: 1,516,863
  13. Just a thought here. Were gun ownership to become as liberalised in the UK as it is in the US... how many people on here would buy one who currently don't own one, for whatever reason? I'm hoping that, being British, we'd find the idea abhorrent.
  14. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest; constantly tell people they're under threat from 'bad guys' and the more paranoid ones will start thinking - in America anyway - "I'd better protect myself and my family" from an alien 'other' that threatens my lifestyle. And in America, that means a gun. Or living in a walled, gated community.