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  1. It's as much the Blairites (or 'Red Tories' if you prefer) refusing to work with him as him surrounding himself with acolytes. Pity really: without a decent opposition the slide into a one-party authoritarian state can begin oh, so easily. Miliband, had he stayed - or Cooper, despite the fact that the braying public school toffs would forever be bellowing "Mrs. Balls!" at her - would have wiped the floor with May; she is singularly useless, promoted way above her pay grade - the least worst option of the five who jockeyed for position. There's a bit of me thinks that unless we see a repeat of 2015, where all the 'silent Tories' reappear, that the Government could well end up with a barely increased majority - say, twenty or so. At which point, May's judgement will have to be seriously called into question and not just because of the money she'll have wasted in calling a GE.
  2. If you ever get a chance, listen to Abbott being lampooned on Dead Ringers. They've got that slow, condescending and slightly malevolent tone of hers down to a tee
  3. Again, Fallon makes a fool of himself with Robert Peston on ITV.
  4. This is it in a nutshell for me; if you go around telling people "we don't like your ways and we don't like you", sooner or later someone in that group is going to fight back. 99.99999999% of the time it'll just be a short, sharp invitation to go forth and multiply or maybe a slap. But then there's that 0.00000001% who'll be fed up with taking all this s**t and will say "well, I'll give you something to cry about."
  5. Always pleased to see Fallon make an idiot of himself. There's something unbelievably obnoxious about the bumptious fool.
  6. Meanwhile, we have our own white twunts to deal with.
  7. Found this whilst looking for something else....
  8. I tried doing searches on Copart and even for any condition, 5 series from 1987 to 2010 within 250 miles of where I live it came back with "nothing matches your search". Huh? I did, via a category search, see a nice white 2010 730d with "mechanical damage" - the "steering fault" light was lit. What on earth could mechanically reduce a seven year old 7-series to effectively, scrap?
  9. My advice would simply be to carry on as normal. Don't sit there staring at everyone brown with a rucksack, as I saw after 7/7. I say this as someone who, but for being a lazy sod and missing his usual morning train despite a 'spirited' run to the station in the old E34, would have been in one of the bombed Tube trains had he been on time.
  10. For a while Saddam was our bestest mate - when Iran and Ayatollah Khomeini was the bogey man...
  11. Yes... I'm keen to know who "us" is in this context too.
  12. I really couldn't agree more with that post if I tried: adding a 'like' seems insufficient. I raise my imaginary hat to you, Sir.
  13. Let's just remind ourselves who's been cutting police numbers, shall we? James O'Brien on the matter. https://youtu.be/IVdxssNG19E
  14. Why have I got Rush's Red Barchetta going around in my head at the moment...? (still wince when he mispronounces Barchetta)
  15. I'd also say that this Steve Bell cartoon from the Guardian summed it all up for me.