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  1. DiggedyE28

    E28 garage sale part 2

    Hi Jimmy, I could do that for £50. It was over £160 new.
  2. DiggedyE28

    E28 garage sale part 2

    Hi Munich1, I think it's an OEM set as colour match was identical to carpet. It's thick, quality carpet too, so will respond well to shampoo as marks are only on surface.
  3. DiggedyE28

    E28 carpet mats x 2

    Had these made as back ups a few years ago for my pearl beige interior but never needed them. They have leather binding round the edges and felt backing. Quality, hand made carpets. They are a bit kinked where they have been stored for the last few years, but should sit flat once in place.
  4. DiggedyE28

    E28 garage sale part 2

    Car cover is specific for E28 and fits perfectly. Has two tiny l-shaped tears (10mm x 10mm) where it caught the sharp edge of the chrome trim on roof. Will glue these up before sending on. Carpet set (from pear beige interior) is in good condition other than driver's one. This has some marks, but with a good carpet shampoo should come out.
  5. DiggedyE28

    E28 garage sale part 1

    Sold my E28 a few months back and now clearing out a whole bunch of parts / accessories. All from an 1988 ETA. Rear springs are Fritz bitz M5 replicas. More to follow...
  6. DiggedyE28

    E28 527i / very special car

    Now sold. Off to a new owner at the weekend. It's been a great car to own and community to be part of. I'm sure I'll be back in some shape or form. Just to rub salt into my wounds, I was contacted the other week by someone who wanted to take a photo my car. I thought they were just a random petrol head – turned out they were a pro automotive photographer. He took some nice pics: http://alexroryjacobs.com/
  7. DiggedyE28

    E28 527i / very special car

    The company who re-padded the front seats supplied them. Kit came with heating element for both parts of seat + switches. German manufacturer – can't remember the name though. One of the best mods I made!
  8. DiggedyE28

    E28 527i / very special car

    A beautiful and very unique E28 525e in Dolphin Grey, with Pearl Beige leather M-sports interior. This is my second E28 and I've owned it for over 8 years in which time it has had in excess of £20,000 spent transforming it's appearance, performance and handling. It breaks my heart to have to part with it, but with two daughters at University I have to re-think my finances and pack my toys away for a few years! EXTERIORDolphin grey.Steel sunroof.M5 wheel arches.Alpina front spoiler.M5 rear spoiler.Spotless 17” x 8 Alpinas on 235/45/17s.Recent new front wings.Clear indicator lenses.Headlight washers.INTERIORPearl beige, M Sports interior with 2-stage heated front seats.Leather wrapped door cards with stitching to match seats.Leather-wrapped steering wheel with M-sport stitching.Leather handbrake and gear gaiters.Illuminated gear knob.Electric windows.Electric mirrors.M535 Tachometer.German sourced OE carpet mats.Becker Indianapolis head unit (£450).Aux cable for iPhone.£1,500 professionally installed sound system with slimline Alpine sub under passenger seat.MECHANICALManual conversion.LSD with 3.45:1E34 530i V8 brakes / EBC red stuff pads with braided lines.M5 replica lowered springs (Fritz) with Bilstein B4s.Blueprinted engine rebuild (3,000 miles ago)83 bottom end with 10.6:1 CR.Polished and ported head with big valves.ITB kit with plenum.Augment Automotive ECU / stand-alone engine management.Complete Fritz stainless system with custom 6-branch manifold. This is no DIY project – all work has been undertaken by Fritz’s Bitz over the last 8 years with bills c. £20k. The body shell has covered 206,000 miles, but in my ownership I have replaced pretty much every mechanical component with new or re-built parts. Never had any major welding. Most bushes replaced, rear sub-frame mounts done, had the drive shaft balanced and new giubo fitted. The car has a history file containing every bill and receipt from new. BMW car magazine feature back in 2011. It's been garaged and pampered and only used on sunny days and weekends. It's a real one-off, makes an awesome sound and is the most enjoyable drive I've ever owned. If the Alpina look isn't for you, the front spoiler unbolts in 5 minutes, and the alloys will fetch a few bob on ebay, so it can easily be re-invented for it's next chapter of ownership. Really keen for this to go to a good home, to be appreciated and enjoyed. Priced at £12,995.
  9. Warm enough to take the beast out of the garage for a wash, wax and a quick run. Looking forward to spring and being able to use it more regularly. Got chased out of industrial unit car park by security guard for taking photos!
  10. I'm in. Will be the closest car meet I've ever been to. I can turn right out of Fort Nelson, coast down the hill, turn into my road and onto my drive without starting the engine! 525e Dolphin Grey
  11. DiggedyE28

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    ETA – decided to see how much could be squeezed out of the original lump rather than doing a conversion.
  12. DiggedyE28

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Hi Dan, I'd love to have picked your brains about this a couple of years back, but I'm now way to far down the road. The guys at Fritz have put hundreds of man hours into the project, and are committed to seeing it through so I just have to wait. The standalone system has been custom built and coded for the car, and ran fine, but with a massive flat spot. So it's had individual throttle bodies added to fill it's lungs. It ran fine on the rollers with the bonnet up, but on the road they were sucking in hot air, so it's had a custom plenum chamber built and added, but still not driving right. So bigger valves, plus polish / porting is in progress now. Should have more bhp/tonne than an M5 when finished. Good things come to those who wait etc.
  13. DiggedyE28

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Ticked off another week on the calendar since I last saw my rusty steed. Has now been fifteen and a half months! Am sure Richard at Fritz is just as keen to see the back of it as I am to see it return. Being the guinea pig for a custom stand alone system has been a long old journey to say the least - but will hopefully be worth the wait.
  14. DiggedyE28

    E28's on the Hill!

    Sod's law – that's Le Mans weekend. Any chance of making another date? I won't be able to make it, but here'a a pic I took of mine in Fort Nelson carpark about 7 years ago!!
  15. DiggedyE28

    E28's on the Hill!

    I'm up for it. I live about 3 miles from that carpark! I would have made it last year, but my car was at Fritz's. In fact it's still there now!! I hope to see it again soon. And if so see some of you too.