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    Wait, what?! This is a recall now?! I forked out the best part of £900 (BMW supplied part fitted by indy) to get this done just before Christmas last year on my 530.. Anyone know if they were recalled too? Annoying thing is that I called my dealership who told me nothing about it.
  2. Frobius

    F11 Bump stops disintegrated

    Worth having a look at your load cover in the boot too. I spent about 6 hours trying to figure out where the creak was coming from when I went over big bumps. Turns out it was the retractable load cover squeezing slightly when it was fully extended and moved enough over a bump!!
  3. The only benefit I can see to Eco Pro is that by deadening the throttle response is that your tyre life is increased by not pulling away as hard as you tend to do in comfort or sport.
  4. Frobius

    F10 520d Exhaust fumes in cabin

    Car back today. Totally cured and back to normal. There’s quite a bit of soot build up around the acoustic covers and the throttle, but that’s a problem for future Frobius. I forgot to take pics, but I asked to see the old EGR cooler and where the crack was. As they said, on the bypass pipe on the rear, there are two corrugated sections. Both sections had 1mm x 10mm splits in them. It was no wonder I was getting fumes in the cabin! I might change the cabin filters just for good measure now, although I believe they’re only for particulates and so shouldn’t have trapped anything from the exhaust, save for a couple of particles of soot that made it that far.
  5. Frobius

    F10 520d Exhaust fumes in cabin

    Have exactly the same problem and the fumes come from the same place as the arrow shows on the OP. Had it diagnosed and they confirmed what I expected. The bypass pipe on the rear of the EGR cooler has sprung a leak on the corrugated part of the pipe at the back of the cooler. Unfortunately BMW are the only ones that make this part and they only sell it as a unit complete with a new EGR valve and other bits. It's about £500+ retail but you can usually get about a 15% discount bringing it down to about £440. BMW quote 1.5 hrs about to replace. You'll also need 3L of coolant, 2x pipe unions, a metal gasket and just to be safe, the two hex bolts that secure it on to the exhaust side. Mine's booked in on Saturday to get done!
  6. Frobius

    EGR Cooler

    Hi, Thanks, good price. Can I also add the following parts to the quote? 11717799853 - Pipe Union x 2 11618508626 - Gasket steel 11712249909 - Torx bolt x2 83192211191 - Coolant x2 Thanks.
  7. Frobius

    EGR Cooler

    Hi, Looking for a price on the EGR Cooler kit for my 63 plate 530d - chassis D341715. I believe the part number is 11717823210 and would also need the pipe union, part no 11717799853. Thanks.
  8. Frobius

    F11N Service Parts

    Hi, Can you check and quote me for the following: Fuel Filter Element - 13327811227 Air Filter Element - 13718518111 Microfilter Set - 64119272642 - Does this include a pair of filter elements? Chassis is D341715. Thanks.
  9. Frobius

    Glow plug broken in engine!!

    Wow. Massive stones! I'll tackle most things, but this os one of those things that I'd probably have had to front the cash on!
  10. Aren't they meant to be gloss black?
  11. Frobius


    Hi, Can I get a price for the 20L screenwash for collection from Cotswold Hereford? Last part number I can find is 83122409035 but that seems to have ended this year with no replacement? Thanks
  12. Frobius

    F11 Audio Upgrades

    There's a few thread on this now, but rather than hijack someone else's thread, I'll do a new one.I picked up my MY14 530d touring in the summer but unfortunately couldn't get one that had the HK stereo in time, not to worry I thought, I'll just upgrade it later. I did the Alpine upgrade in my old E91 and was impressed and assume that it's similar in the F11.The car just has the base stereo with 4 speakers, 2 subs and no amp. Clearly the first issue is that the are no tweeters. I've ordered the tweeter covers straight from the dealers (£8 each) and will be looking to install the Focal IBMW-S component kit. Happy enough how to do that as it'll be as easy if not slightly easier than it was on the E91. This should hopefully address the lack of clarity in the current system. I may have to recode to HIFI as I believe the base stereo EQ bumps the treble to compensate for no tweeters - either that or I'll just turn down the treble on the I-drive.Has anyone done just this with these speakers and left them amped off the head unit? With the current set up, I find that when you turn it up, it caps out at about 60-70% volume, seemingly cutting the power to stop clipping and distortion (or simply running out of power), and doesn't get any louder. At those volumes, the subs really lack punch too. Will changing the OEM fronts and adding tweeters help this? Are they any more sensitive than the oems and therefore free up a little more power for the subs?The reason I ask is that I don't have the free cash to amp the system at the same time, so am starting with the speakers and will then looking at adding in an amp later.Next stage - hopefully around xmas, which is where it's going to get a little more complicated is amplification. The old Alpine system was nice and simple. Simply tap into the lines to the sub/fronts, break them apart and run that back to the amp in the boot, then back to the sub and fronts individually. The loom and everything else was pre wired to make that nice and easy. There's a point - has anyone tried to install the Alpine system in a 5 series?My next thoughts are that I'll be looking at a JL Audio XD400/4 and amp the fronts and subs as per the alpine system, leaving the OEM rears still run off the head unit. Rather than wiring it all in myself and cutting wires, I might just order the technic cable that's designed to split the 2 channel head unit output into 4 channels for the fronts and subs to be amped separately. For the 2/4 cable, it doesn't need to go as far forward as the head unit, instead just tapping in at the subs. My only fear about doing that is that I limit my future upgrade path to simply adding better speakers to the rear that I'd not be able to amp without having changing everything.So to my main question - if I were to get a 700/5 amp and the technic 4/6 cable, I could then amp the rears and subs too, albeit with a bit more involved wiring having to run cables from the boot to the head unit. Would amping the rears really make that much of a difference? I've got to be honest, the audio is all about me and I don't see myself sitting in the back that often. I'd get a little better audio anyway by swapping out the rears for the Focal IFBMW-C kit at a later day if needs be - yes amping them would improve them but by how much.Thoughts? QUOTE
  13. Frobius

    Swirl Flaps

    I'm in the same boat. Was going to buy an E39 but now thinking E60 530d. I'm going to be looking at an early one considering my budget but I'm worried about this swirl flap thing. Is there a mfg date where after that, they put the plastic ones in or is it variable? I heard there was some time in 2005 where they moved from a metal flap to a plastic one that is more hard wearing but I don't know the date or how to tell if a partiular car has the old or new flaps without stripping off the inlet manifold.
  14. Frobius

    FRT Brake Disc Inner HEX Bolt jammed

    This happened on an old E30 325i I had. I took it round to a local garage and he welded a bit of metal to the bolt and turned it right out no probs. Only charged me a fiver too as it took jim about 8 minutes!
  15. Frobius

    Phone options

    Are these 13th generation ULF things fitted to late E39's, or is it something you retrofit from later models?