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  1. Spandex

    Wheel Lock Code for e60

    There are sellers on eBay who can identify most codes based on a photo - I've used them in the past to replace a lost wheel nut key. Might be worth pinging a few messages out to see if they can help.
  2. Spandex

    V8 curiosity

    Well, when I say I can’t fault them, I don’t mean nothing ever went wrong with them - but nothing drastic, and they were no less reliable than any other engine I’ve had. That being said, the only oil leak I had was on the e39 540 (M62 I think) - rocker cover gasket on one bank, which is fairly common. I don’t remember it being massively expensive to sort.
  3. Spandex

    TV guide....

    Err.. You do know that Santa won’t deliver any presents to naughty boys who tell porky pies? At least I’m getting crayons...
  4. Spandex

    TV guide....

    Actually Sweet Cheeks, I didn’t say anything about ‘HD quality’ - there’s no such thing as ‘HD quality’. I said you’re watching it in worse quality than if you recorded it from the linear channel. As for Sky not allowing 3rd party channels to broadcast in better quality than theirs, that’s also bollocks. Discovery manage their own encoders and uplinks and they rent their own transponders - Sky have no say in the quality. But satellite bandwidth costs money so Discovery lower their bit rate to fit more channels in the available space. It’s their own commercial decision. It really isn’t a difference of 5% between OTT and OTA. I would expect the bit rates of IP content to be around half what it is on the satellite. If you can’t tell the difference, then maybe you could ask the family for specsavers vouchers for xmas . To anyone else still bothering with this thread, if you want the best quality on Sky, record the channel instead of watching catch up.
  5. Spandex

    TV guide....

    That's good news Sugar Plum. Have to admit, when you wrote this bollocks, I just assumed you didn't have a clue: "Of cause the quality is the same as if you where watching it as it's been shown as it's ALL recorded anyway then sent out at a certain time on a certain day!"
  6. Spandex

    TV guide....

    They've had a short HDR (in 4K) demo reel on the iPlayer TV app for ages, but it was buried in a link in the settings pages. That was just some scenes from Planet Earth 2. They added the whole of Blue Planet 2 on the 10th I think.
  7. Spandex

    TV guide....

    This is precisely my point. The resolution is only one aspect and generally the least important one. Not to mention the fact that Youtube uses adaptive streaming so the 4K video may not be 4K all of the time - that will depend on bandwidth fluctuations in your broadband connection. If you want to see 4K looking amazing (and don't have a 4K blu ray player) the best thing you can do at the moment is check out the BBC iPlayer 4K showing of Blue Planet. Not for the resolution, but for the High Dynamic Range (if your TV supports it). The difference between HD and 4K on 'normal' sized TVs (less than 60") and at normal viewing distances isn't that great. The difference between HDR and SDR is startling. Edit - When I say 'if your tv supports it', your TV needs to handle a format of HDR called Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG). For various reasons, some TVs which support other HDR formats don't support HLG, so it's not guaranteed.
  8. Spandex

    TV guide....

    Ok... When Sky broadcast something over the satellite, it's being played out from a disk-based playout system and encoded in real time at a certain bit rate (well, technically a bit rate range, as it will be stat-muxed along with some other channels that share a transponder). When they stream something over the broadband connection, you're getting a pre-encoded file - still variable bit rate, but the average bit rate will be lower than the average bit rate of the same programme coming off the satellite. The same goes for any broadcaster by the way - this isn't something unique to Sky. So when you watch a live channel (by live I mean a linear broadcast channel over the satellite) you're getting a different, higher bit rate to what you get when you watch the same programme later on catchup over the internet. It will come from the same master source material and generally will be the same resolution (lets ignore adaptive streaming for now - you'll just get depressed when you find out you're not always getting HD even when you chose the HD option), but it is not the same encoding and it's definitely not just a 'recording' of the original showing. The two streams are different and the quality is different. So what this comes down to is you thinking that something is the same 'quality' because it's the same resolution. Unfortunately, the bit rate has a much larger effect on quality than resolution does. Think of it this way - If you have a 3Mbit/s SD 576p stream and a 3Mbit/s HD1080p stream, you effectively have the same amount of data storage available to you, but need to store 5 times the number of pixels for the HD image - that means you have to compress the image much much more to fit it into the same amount of space. This reduces the quality, so an SD image will actually look better than an HD image at lower bit rates - and two HD videos with identical resolutions can look completely different from one another because they're encoded at different average bit rates.
  9. Spandex

    TV guide....

    HD can be good or bad quality. SD can look better than HD. The fact that both were HD tells you pretty much nothing about the picture quality As for whether or not you should listen to a guy called Spandex on a car forum, that’s up to you. If it helps, I worked for Sky for 15 years, the bulk of that time in R&D. I know exactly what you’re getting when you watch recordings or catch-up programmes, down to the hardware and configuration used to encode it. Still, I’m sure you’re right, it’s all the same.
  10. Spandex

    TV guide....

    Sky Q uses the same streaming assets as any other Sky box. Believe me, you didn’t watch it OTT in the same quality as you would from a recorded satellite programme... doesn’t work like that.
  11. Spandex

    TV guide....

    On demand is lower quality than an over-the-air recording in most cases, so if you want the best picture quality, use the pvr. I only use catch-up as a last resort. As for planning their day around TVs, I think that was much more of a thing in the past. Now people have the option of pvr, on-demand and streaming services, real-time live viewing is much less common. I don’t bother with paper TV guides, but I get the point.
  12. Spandex

    V8 curiosity

    Bit obsessed with BMW v8s... I’ve had an e39 540, e63 645ci, e60 545i and now have an e70 4.8i x5. Can’t fault any of them.
  13. You do know the front wheels turn so you can go round corners, right??
  14. Spandex

    Recommend a commuter car

    That's a shame... If I wanted a commuter and I had an £8k budget, I think I'd be looking at a £1k - £2k barge (7 series, A8, etc) and then pocket the £6k to cover fuel and maintenance. Buying a newer car might end up a false economy.
  15. Spandex

    Leads for connecting TVs, hdmi, 4k

    Yeah, I reckon you could get sd sdi down a rusty bit of barbed wire in a quiet environment...