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  1. Spandex

    E46 Alternator removal - power cable

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a thumbscrew like that used in an engine bay. I think a previous owner has lost the origins bolt and used whatever they had lying around. As above, mole grips are probably your best bet, but get some penetrating oil on it first.
  2. Spandex

    Anyone know what this is?

    That's brilliant, thanks. It might be enough if there's a matching trailer (especially one missing some of those caps on the correct side) in outside one of the units. It's a smallish industrial estate, so I might get lucky.
  3. So, the (I'm guessing) lorry or van that ripped a hole in the side of my parked car this morning as it cut the corner into an industrial estate scattered a few of these on the floor in the impact: It's about 30mm across and has fins on the inside as it looks like it's supposed to slide onto the end of a pipe/tube. It has an elephant logo on the end. If I can find what it's from, I might be able to work out who did it (obviously no note was left). Because insurance companies enjoy a joke, they're putting this down as a fault claim unless I can ID the other vehicle, even though I wasn't anywhere near my car when it happened. Maybe it was my fault for not standing at the side of my car waving a red flag.
  4. Spandex

    Sunrise at Gatwick

    I think you need to put "if you're a plane nerd" on the end of that sentence.
  5. Spandex

    Sunrise at Gatwick

    I guess I should have counted the windows..
  6. Regardless, older generations are bound to claim that they’re ‘real’ enthusiasts, because they like proper cars. Well maybe they’re actually just nostalgia enthusiasts, because a real car enthusiast would find any car interesting, whether it’s electric, petrol, manual, auto, steam powered, whatever. Personally, I’m just as interested in an electric car as I am a big V8 powered barge (I’ve owned a few of the latter and would love to own the former). And I haven’t driven a manual in years and can’t say I miss it one bit. If I have to like manuals to be an enthusiast then I must not be an enthusiast.
  7. Well, most young people will never be able to buy anything other than an old knacker... whatever that means at the time. But also, the only reason we think running a knacker is important to being an ‘enthusiast’ is because that’s our experience. If cars change then the importance of owning a knacker might change too..
  8. Are we still car enthusiasts, with our nice synchro gear boxes, disc brakes, sound deadening, HID lighting, stereos, sat nav, etc. etc? Every generation thinks they grew up with motoring nirvana and everything that comes afterwards is ruining it for 'real drivers'. As long as there are cars, there will be enthusiasts, and they'll be just as enthusiastic as us. They'll grow up with whatever cars/technology happens to be around at that time and they'll think that whatever comes after that is taking away from the 'purity' they grew up with. And they'll moan about it on forums.
  9. Spandex

    Sunrise at Gatwick

    Looks like a 787 to me...
  10. The best 'fleece replacement' jacket (and by fleece replacement I mean breathable, packable, lightweight and not so bulky that you can't wear it under a waterproof) I've ever used is the Arcteryx Atom LT. It somehow manages to keep you the right temperature in autumn, winter and spring. But I've not seen them in anything bigger than XXL so you might not fit. Arcteryx don't usually have the most generous fit either, especially for stuff that's designed to be layered. If size is definitely an issue, I'd look at North Face. They tend to come up bigger than most outdoor brands I've tried, so you'll have more choice there. I've also found Rab jackets were on the large side, so it's worth checking them out too. <edit> Actually, the Atom LT is available in 3XL: https://www.alpinetrek.co.uk/arcteryx-atom-lt-jacket-synthetic-jacket-bf/ Not a bad price either.
  11. Spandex

    Car insurance

    The question they ask is ‘what is the car worth’. That doesn’t mean ‘what do you wish it was worth’ or ‘what did you pay for it years ago’. They want to know approximately what the current market value is. I have no idea why they even bother asking, but whatever you tell them isn’t what your car is insured for. Your policy will state that you get ‘market value’ back in the event of a total loss, which means market value at the time of the loss, not market value at the time they last asked you. (obviously the above refers to standard policies, not pre-agreed value insurance sometimes used on classic cars)
  12. Spandex

    MOT advice

    This is what I thought, but it's not actually true. You can have what is effectively a 13 month MOT because you can get a new MOT done up to one calendar month from the expiry of your existing one and that new MOT will effectively be valid for 13 months. Technically it is 12 months on the new one, plus 1 month on the old one, but the end result is that you can go 13 months between the two tests.
  13. Spandex

    MOT advice

    So if I get it done 2 months early, it's valid for the next 14 months? What about 6 months early? Do I then get to go 18 months without getting it retested? Is there a limit? Where is this documented?] <edit> Ignore the above. I've looked it up. The only way to maintain the anniversary is to keep within one calendar month of the test date. Anything more will move the retest date to 12 months from that point.
  14. Spandex

    MOT advice

    What do you mean by ‘maintain the MOT anniversary’? If your MOT was due on the 1st of October and you got it done a month early on the 1st of September, then clearly your next MOT will be due on the 1st of September 2019. Anything else would make no sense.
  15. Spandex

    Which Battery

    Yes. There are two things that can be coded - one tells the car what type/capacity battery is fitted, the other tells it that the battery is new. So, even if you replace like for like, the second one still needs to be set. If you replaced it with a different type (e.g. changed an AGM battery for a standard one) or changed capacity you’d need to code both.