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  1. Spandex

    Car insurance

    The question they ask is ‘what is the car worth’. That doesn’t mean ‘what do you wish it was worth’ or ‘what did you pay for it years ago’. They want to know approximately what the current market value is. I have no idea why they even bother asking, but whatever you tell them isn’t what your car is insured for. Your policy will state that you get ‘market value’ back in the event of a total loss, which means market value at the time of the loss, not market value at the time they last asked you. (obviously the above refers to standard policies, not pre-agreed value insurance sometimes used on classic cars)
  2. Spandex

    MOT advice

    This is what I thought, but it's not actually true. You can have what is effectively a 13 month MOT because you can get a new MOT done up to one calendar month from the expiry of your existing one and that new MOT will effectively be valid for 13 months. Technically it is 12 months on the new one, plus 1 month on the old one, but the end result is that you can go 13 months between the two tests.
  3. Spandex

    MOT advice

    So if I get it done 2 months early, it's valid for the next 14 months? What about 6 months early? Do I then get to go 18 months without getting it retested? Is there a limit? Where is this documented?] <edit> Ignore the above. I've looked it up. The only way to maintain the anniversary is to keep within one calendar month of the test date. Anything more will move the retest date to 12 months from that point.
  4. Spandex

    MOT advice

    What do you mean by ‘maintain the MOT anniversary’? If your MOT was due on the 1st of October and you got it done a month early on the 1st of September, then clearly your next MOT will be due on the 1st of September 2019. Anything else would make no sense.
  5. Spandex

    Which Battery

    Yes. There are two things that can be coded - one tells the car what type/capacity battery is fitted, the other tells it that the battery is new. So, even if you replace like for like, the second one still needs to be set. If you replaced it with a different type (e.g. changed an AGM battery for a standard one) or changed capacity you’d need to code both.
  6. Spandex

    Civil Parking Charge Notice

    No I can’t. Maybe try posting about it some more, see if that makes it more obvious?
  7. Spandex

    Civil Parking Charge Notice

    I haven’t shouted you down. I’ve told the OP that your advice is out of date and I’ve told them where to find current advice. No different to you telling Dan his advice was wrong.
  8. Spandex

    Civil Parking Charge Notice

    No one is saying it has never worked. No one is even saying it will never work again. But it’s not guaranteed to work and it’s not the method recommended by people on pepipoo, who are far more experienced in this stuff than either of us. The fact that it used to be the advice they gave out, but has changed due to changes in the law and recent court judgements should tell us something.
  9. Spandex

    Civil Parking Charge Notice

    We’ve been through this before. Yokozunas information is either out of date or just plain wrong. OP, your best bet is to go over to pepipoo.com and ask for their advice. You’ll get an informed response without the hyperbole there.
  10. Spandex

    Wheel Lock Code for e60

    There are sellers on eBay who can identify most codes based on a photo - I've used them in the past to replace a lost wheel nut key. Might be worth pinging a few messages out to see if they can help.
  11. Spandex

    V8 curiosity

    Well, when I say I can’t fault them, I don’t mean nothing ever went wrong with them - but nothing drastic, and they were no less reliable than any other engine I’ve had. That being said, the only oil leak I had was on the e39 540 (M62 I think) - rocker cover gasket on one bank, which is fairly common. I don’t remember it being massively expensive to sort.
  12. Spandex

    TV guide....

    Err.. You do know that Santa won’t deliver any presents to naughty boys who tell porky pies? At least I’m getting crayons...
  13. Spandex

    TV guide....

    Actually Sweet Cheeks, I didn’t say anything about ‘HD quality’ - there’s no such thing as ‘HD quality’. I said you’re watching it in worse quality than if you recorded it from the linear channel. As for Sky not allowing 3rd party channels to broadcast in better quality than theirs, that’s also bollocks. Discovery manage their own encoders and uplinks and they rent their own transponders - Sky have no say in the quality. But satellite bandwidth costs money so Discovery lower their bit rate to fit more channels in the available space. It’s their own commercial decision. It really isn’t a difference of 5% between OTT and OTA. I would expect the bit rates of IP content to be around half what it is on the satellite. If you can’t tell the difference, then maybe you could ask the family for specsavers vouchers for xmas . To anyone else still bothering with this thread, if you want the best quality on Sky, record the channel instead of watching catch up.
  14. Spandex

    TV guide....

    That's good news Sugar Plum. Have to admit, when you wrote this bollocks, I just assumed you didn't have a clue: "Of cause the quality is the same as if you where watching it as it's been shown as it's ALL recorded anyway then sent out at a certain time on a certain day!"
  15. Spandex

    TV guide....

    They've had a short HDR (in 4K) demo reel on the iPlayer TV app for ages, but it was buried in a link in the settings pages. That was just some scenes from Planet Earth 2. They added the whole of Blue Planet 2 on the 10th I think.