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  1. E39 530D auto vs manual mode

    Sports mode simply holds on to the gears longer and with you right foot planted gives a far more spirited performance. I started to use manual mode to tip the car into top gear from auto when it was not going fast enough to engage 5th and over the years I have abandoned auto mode and use manual mode to drive the car like a manual model but without a clutch.
  2. Headlight internal adjuster

    I stand corrected but moving the adjuster across was sufficient to get my UK car through the Portuguese vehicle inspection when I matriculated it here. Other people I knew with RHD cars had to change the headlights to the LHD version.
  3. Headlight internal adjuster

    Yes. This converts the beam from left to right hand dip.
  4. Xtrons headunits - talk to me bout them

    Have a look at the Android head units posting further down in this section.There is a lot of information there. I fitted the Xtrons PF139BS to my E39 at a cost of £189. It is an extremely nice fit in the facia and the sound is better than the original BMW unit it replaced. I replaced the supplied Kudos maps with an IGO version. A lot of people will be happy with this unit for the money but naturally you can spend much more and get a better sound. With hindsight I wish I had known about the full Android 7.1 units that you can get for another £40 see for example http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112527680072?ul_noapp=true
  5. Gearbox noise in neutral

    Could also be the input shaft bearing.
  6. Stud conversion

    Now that my youthful strength has evaporated I do find it a struggle at times to hold a wheel in place while I try and locate the first wheel bolt , especially if I have been working on a tiring job. Sometimes it is possible to get one bolt in loosely and rotate the wheel to position the next one but the idea of a long bolt as per the above post is an excellent idea. To any of the weight lifters reading this with a smile I say wait until you get into your seventies!
  7. Following research after an earlier posting I took the plunge and ordered an Xtrons unit which is supposed to fit the E39 series. My car is fitted with a standard one piece BMW business radio incorporating a tape deck and getting this out was simple but the ISO connector which goes into the back of the unit does not mate with the connectors supplied by Xtrons. I attach photos of my ISO and the Xtrons leads. I have queried the matter with the Ebay supplier but have received a fairly lame reply referring to a totally different radio. Before I send the unit back as unsuitable for the described purpose I thought I would check whether anyone else has encountered this problem and managed to resolve it. Also as a word of advice to others I did not realise how much dismantling is necessary to remove the frame which holds the standard radio!!
  8. I installed the Xtrons unit into my E39 but I am not particularly impressed with the GPS maps supplied. The system does not seem as flexible as the Garmin system that I have used to date. There is not free choice as to what locations can be keyed in because as you input letters the keyboard leaves available only those letters which could be used to key in locations that the system recognises. On the face of it this is not a bad idea but for where I am in Portugal although the actual maps are pretty good the locations available to key in are very limited and I cannot key in the road in which I live. The maps are contained in a micro card that has to be inserted into the head unit. Does anyone know whether it is possible to download alternative maps to a micro card and substitute these in the GPS system? I do not have any other Android devices , only windows computers and an Ipad and Iphone
  9. alternative maps for Xtrons PF7139BS

    Just remembered that I have a newish fairly high spec Android IPTV box. That should do the trick after a bit of time to familiarise myself with the system
  10. alternative maps for Xtrons PF7139BS

    This unit does not have wifi. With hindsight I would have been better advised to have spent an extra £100 and gone for the Android 6 model but I was unaware of this at the time. One of the adverts for my unit refers to an optional 3g dongle and this might offer the opportunity of wifi access. I will have to look into this.
  11. alternative maps for Xtrons PF7139BS

    Thanks for that Dan. The problem I foresee from a quick read of the article is that I have Windows computers, Apple phone and Ipad but no Android devices to create maps on an SD card to insert into the Android head unit. Am I understanding it right that I need an Android device to be able to create the SD card for the Xtrons unit?
  12. alternative maps for Xtrons PF7139BS

    I don't know. Can you download Google maps on to an SD card to run on Android devices? I am afraid that being a longtime Windows man I am a bit clueless when it comes to Android
  13. Installing Xtrons head unit into 525d

    bb2005 I have replied to your pm.
  14. BMW E39 Breaking Parts Left.

    OK thanks. What is the rear kick plate like?
  15. alternative maps for Xtrons PF7139BS

    Well I contacted Naviextras who supply IGO updates and asked about purchasing an update for my maps if they were not the latest version. I was told, however, that my copy is a cracked illegal version and it cannot be updated . They added that it is not possible to legalise a cracked license as it is generated individually for each device. Also, I cannot replace the cracked software version, nor can I purchase the software only. They do not sell their navigation software to end-users as the software is only available pre-installed on devices supported at Naviextras.com. If I wish to update my contents through Naviextras, I need to possess a supported device.- which Xtrons is not. I am thus in the odd situation of being willing to pay for software which they are not willing to supply. In the circumstances I can only take the dark route. My version of IGO primo (Europe) is dated June 2014. Does anyone know the source of anything later? Feel free to pm me if you prefer.
  16. BMW E39 Breaking Parts Left.

    I am not looking for sport trim. I have an SE and I attach a photo of the front kick plate. Is the door seal in good condition with no splits or significant scuffing? If so please hold it for me pending a reply on the trim
  17. alternative maps for Xtrons PF7139BS

    Having followed up this matter I have been advised by the supplier that the unit is compatible with IGO, SYGIC, and TOMTOM maps as well as the Kudos map system supplied on purchase and works with all of these. I have managed to find a set of IGO maps for Europe and I have installed these. They seem much better than the Kudos maps for my local area and once I have found out how to make all the necessary tweaks I think that they will work better for me. These maps seem a little older than the Kudos maps but I believe that updates can be purchased from IGO
  18. BMW E39 Breaking Parts Left.

    If this is a saloon do you have a good rear door seal please? If so what is the price posted to Andover? Also do you have the passenger side kick plates, front and rear as both mine are split?
  19. 530d gearbox characteristics

    You can move up and down the gears at will in manual mode provided that you are not going either to fast or too slow for the chosen gear.If you drop it into 5th too early the box will automatically drop back 4th. Similarly as you slow down the box will automatically change down through the gears. I like to get into top gear as early as possible and I use the manual shift to drive my car as if it had a manual box but without the fag of having to dip a clutch.
  20. Installing Xtrons head unit into 525d

    Finally found the answer to the time setting problem. The time is synced to the GPS and you have to pick a satellite setting to suit. Oddly enough although we are on GMT here in Portugal I could only get an accurate time setting by opting for GMT+1. Weird these Chinese!
  21. Help, no luck with the trifecta of abs/dsc

    He usually picks up on posts and replies but I suppose you could always pm him.
  22. Help, no luck with the trifecta of abs/dsc

    Clavurion is normally the man for that sort of stuff
  23. Help, no luck with the trifecta of abs/dsc

    Are you saying that you had a new ABS monitor as well as the pump?
  24. 525d 2003 front wheel bearing

    I am sure many of us have made a bit of a prat of ourselves with postings which look a bit daft when the solution is pointed out to us but it all helps to spread knowledge. The more you read about our cars the better equipped you are to deal with problems when they arise. The help and advice from forum members is truly amazing.
  25. Oh dear - running problems already

    Over the years I have acquired a range of BMW diagnostic equipment from INPA through DIS to ISTA plus some more generic code readers. The problem with the more esoteric stuff is that I use it so infrequently that it takes me ages to work out how to use it when I need to. I have found one of the simplest code readers for a range of BMWs is the creator C100 which cost me about £35 and lives in my glove box. This gives a quick read out of error codes and I can use the more complicated stuff if I need to delve further into a problem