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  1. I too was a Triumph fan for many years running a 2000, two 2.5PIs and finally a 2500S estate all manual. I have a photo of the latter in a line up at the old Canley works to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the launch of the 2000. My Granada 2.0 also suffered from auto gearbox problems. These boxes often needed a rebuild as 100000 miles approached
  2. I ran a 1200cc Cortina in the late 60s and rebuilt the engine on the kitchen table after a rebore and crankshaft regrind. I even fitted main bearing cap supports to cure the famous crankshaft whip and added a short shift gear stick but eventually I moved on to a Triumph 2000 and started a long love affair with big Triumphs. In the 90s I ran a 2 litre Granada for a couple of years and that was a good old bus with lots of room and a high top gear. I currently have a Puma which I use a couple of days a week alongside the E39 and E88. I also bought a nice stolen and recovered Mk 1 Fiesta XR2 as a summer project to do with my son many years ago but while we were working on it the boy racer business sent the insurance premiums sky high and what started out as a profitable deal actually cost me a few bob when I came to sell it.
  3. I finally got ISTA installed on my new laptop and the information it can provide looks pretty impressive but at the moment I can't get it to communicate with the car. I am using Jimmy´s cable and I have reinstalled the drivers for the usb connection. I have checked the port settings but so far no joy. I am going to take a break but I may try installing INPA from Jimmy´s disk to replace the version which came with the ISTA set up
  4. I keep one set of DIS etc on a Dell 620 and it works well. I had the same charging issues with a pattern battery but the problem was resolved by changing the charger. These machines do seem to recognise non OE chargers and stop the battery charging. I have also heard of issues with connections in the charging socket. I am in the process of loading ISTA on my new i7 laptop and it has proved a bit troublesome. I will be interested to see if it works and if so what the advantages are over DIS.
  5. Now that is nice..
  6. I had new Sachs front shock absorbers and Lemforder top mounts fitted by a local trusted mechanic as when I went to do the job as I fitted new discs and pads my ball joint breaker that I have used on a variety of cars over the last 40+ years would not fit the E39 joints. At 208000 miles I felt that the ride was getting a bit crashy over bumps but I don´t find that the car rides as smoothly as I had anticipated.It may be that I have forgotten what it was like when it was new but can anyone suggest anything to check out? At the same time my key stopped operating the remote central locking. I plugged in my handy C110 scanner and it told me that there was a problem with the fuses and with something in the passenger door locking mechanism. I checked the fuses and all was OK. Before I tried DIS which I always have trouble with because I use it so infrequently I did a search on here and found references to reprogramming the key. I thought it was worth a try and lo and behold it worked and has continued to do so.
  7. £50 seems a fair price to me. I don´t live far from you in Portugal but I already have a set in the same sort of condition. If I need to take a page from Part 1 to a job I print it out from the online pdf copy to save dirtying the original book.
  8. When I lived in the UK I always felt that personalised number plates intended to refer to names were very chavvy and a lot were owned by total wankers but occasionally I encountered an amusing plate. My favourite was seen on a Range Rover standing outside the local manor house in Shropshire. The plate FAT 61T had been slightly amended to read FAT GIT. Luckily here in Portugal we don't have personalised plates and my formerly UK registered car now bears the inoffensive registration 04-84-VM
  9. Great to see the site back to normal with good speed and no more certificate warnings. Congrats to those who have obviously worked hard to get things back on an even keel.
  10. This was an optional extra which I had fitted when I ordered my car in 2001. It is very useful on occasions but I don't think it is particularly rare. You see them up for sale from time to time.
  11. If you are very lucky the ABS and DSC lights will indicate a fault on one of the wheel sensors ( a cheap fix) but in my experience it will more likely derive from a fault in the ABS module (an expensive fix).
  12. Even with suitable facilities putting a 4.6 engine looks a pretty daunting exercise to me. If the current engine is basically as sound as you suggest I think I would see whether that is repairable first. As a starting point it would be a good idea to follow up the suggestion of checking the oil filter for metal. If you find this then the engine is scrap but if not you could remove the relevant head to see the nature of the head gasket problem and then decide whether the chain guide could be replaced..
  13. What was the level on the dipstick when you refilled after the oil change? I knew someone who had problems because he had the wrong dipstick in the car and using the level on this he was overfilling with oil. However if the level was right when you filled up with the correct amount of oil but is now high there is clearly a problem.
  14. I am a bit tired of hearing that "the will of the people must be obeyed" in the context of the High court ruling. In the last and preceding national elections more people voted not to have a Conservative government than voted for it but that is the parliamentary election system. You can't really pick and choose when you want to abide by a parliamentary system of government.
  15. Changed the fuel lines into and out from the filter on my 525d. Also put in a new thermostat. Fiddly but not difficult. The major PITA was disconnecting the hoses from the old thermostat. I know I am old school but what was wrong with hose tubing and jubilee clips. The click on hose connectors on the BMW are fine to install but a bugger to remove when they have been in place for a while. Luckily since I was renewing the thermostat I could afford to be a bit brutal with the old one to undo the hoses.
  16. 50 years ago a lorry driver neighbour told me to use hot water when he saw me scraping the screen. I did this all the time I was in the UK with great success. Now I live in the Algarve I don't need to deal with iced screens.
  17. It could be that the car had a temporary fuel cap at the last MoT and it was replaced by the proper thing for the retest.
  18. Yes 18 was never found in the old socket sets and I had to use an imperial socket the first time I changed my front brake discs on the 525d. This was the first time I had come across 18.
  19. My only comment on the Halfords set is that it looks a bit light on 1/2 inch drive sockets. I have two Kamasa socket sets which I have use for over 40 years supplemented by odd extra sockets and impact sockets for the air wrenches. I also have a 3/4 drive set for the really heavy stuff. I only use 1/4 or 3/8 when space is tight but perhaps this is just from habit and 1/2 is not necessary for many jobs
  20. I actually took my E39 525d to the dealer for a service last week for the first time in years as they were offering a "senior" package for older cars which gave an oil service (oil and filter) for 99 euros. I struggle to buy Castrol Edge and a BMW oil filter for that price and the process also gave me 2 years extension on the free recovery and assistance package under my BMW Care and Value card. It just shows that very occasionally a dealer offers value for money.
  21. After 15 years the rubber and plastic parts on my E39 525d are in the process of gradually degrading. The latest was the tube running from the fuel filter causing a leak on to the top of the filter - not on the exhaust manifold side but still not a good idea. I bought the part from my dealer and it is pictured below. The retail price was an eye watering 127 euros. As I said to the parts guy this is why I only buy from BMW when I have no other OEM choice elsewhere. Undoubtedly not a volume part but I don't see how they justify that price.
  22. I have been using my separator for the last 45 years and the E39 is the first car that it will not fit. I fitted new front discs and pads at the weekend and I was going to also fit the new shocks and top mounts that have been sitting my garage for about 18 months but I could not split the track rod end ball joint. Ed China always makes it look easy with a hammer (or sometimes two hammers) but I have never had any success with this method.
  23. The passenger side fits the drivers side for both front and rear seals but the front and back are not interchangeable. Fitting is a quick and simple job. You just have to make sure that it seats properly all round the aperture otherwise it will seem to be too long. I have bought three or four secondhand because I am not prepared to pay BMW prices for new ones, especially as a couple of times my dog has split a rear seal getting out of the car. A split can be repaired by sticking a small section from an old seal under the split but heavy scuffing can´t be treated. I had one from ebay which had a split in it and I got the money back via Paypal. I have bought others off members of this forum and they have been OK. e34m525i was advertising some recently in the parts section.
  24. What did Actronics charge out of interest? I have not heard of them but their video looks impressive.
  25. I suspect that you will find that the viscous fan is not working properly and that this is causing the electric fan to go into overdrive. Check the viscous fan by trying to stop it with a rolled newspaper once the engine is hot. I had exactly the same problem and once I replaced the viscous clutch the electric fan returned to normal. Check also that your coolant level is OK.