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  1. I am flying over to the UK this evening from the sunny Algarve for a few days. What is the weather actually like at the moment in the London area? The UK papers are full of horror stories for some parts of the country.
  2. What's the weather like in London ?

    Very true - but wouldn't you be?. You could try a few Arabic words interspersed with the word "bomb"
  3. What's the weather like in London ?

    Thanks guys. It is sunny and 21 degrees here at the moment so just a temperature drop to contend with.
  4. This months stupid award goes to....

    That's Wolverhampton for you.
  5. Nevertheless some very useful information there.
  6. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    From new -16 years and 7 months - 216000 miles
  7. 16 inch tyre and 17 inch spare?

    Would not the ABS system be confused by the slightly different wheel speeds or would the difference be too small to register?
  8. Which diagnostic scan tool to buy

    I have all the usual diagnostic stuff on a laptop but for instant checks I keep a C110 scanner in the glove box. It is very compact and a good bit of kit
  9. Oil cover undertray missing?

    Yes. Originally there was a small drop down cover in that hole. Mine disappeared many thousands of miles ago. It is a pretty superfluous item anyway.
  10. Now I’ve seen it all !

    What a fucking abortion.
  11. Went Xmas shopping today

    They look a bit last season to me and that's may be why they are cheap. This season's rips are in a slightly different place and less frayed. Fashion is a swiftly moving game.
  12. which way is better to search for loose backup ring?

    Between the alternator and the block would be my guess
  13. The Darkbmwlord and his E39 on a shoestring...

    I hope you were smiling and not smiting. If you are lucky the abs fault might simply be the destroyed lead from a front wheel sensor as per one of your earlier photos, although it is hard to tell whether the lead in question is an ABS sensor lead or a brake wear sensor lead like the broken one at the back and which will trigger the brake warning light.
  14. Tailgate rot

    Jesus that looks awful but it is a good job that you caught the sill before any rot spread to the jacking point. Good luck. I shall be interested to see your follow up posts.
  15. I drove the wife's 20000 mile E88 convertible today and it made me realise how crashy the ride on my 216000 mile E39 525d saloon has become. The E88 seems to absorb bumps and float whereas my E39 doesn't do this anymore . Earlier this year I renewed the front shock absorbers and top mounts expecting a big improvement in the ride quality but was disappointed with the result. At times I can feel some slight movement through the steering wheel as if in the old days the steering rack clamp rubbers had worn badly. What parts of the front suspension would be the prime candidates for renewal and what are the signs of wear to look out for?
  16. What makes front suspension "crashy"?

    I have been running the car with Bridgestone and Firestone tyres for the last 12 years and have had no problems. I don't throw the car about and they work fine for me. Sachs are OE shock absorbers so I don't think the fault lies there. It feels very much like a small amount of play somewhere. I can see that the antiroll bar rubbers are worn but I doubt that this would cause the symptons..
  17. 99 523i not coming to life...

    +1 for the ignition switch. Faults here can cause all sorts of weird issues.
  18. As you have confirmed that the rings are not in the cylinders that is a feasible way forward. The alternative is to start removing bits off the side of the engine and ultimately taking the head off. Unfortunately there are so many places that the rings can fall into and remain hidden. I assume that you have removed the undertrays?
  19. When I lost one off mine I feared the worst and ran a flexible magnet down the intakes. I was preparing to buy one of those miniature cameras to have a look in the cylinders but in the end I found it lodged between the alternator and the block. Human nature makes you tend to fear the worst but common sense says that it is actually unlikely. The problem is whether you dare start the engine until you have resolved the issue!
  20. What makes front suspension "crashy"?

    Thanks for the replies. The tyres are newish Firestone TZ300s on 16 inch turbines. The replacement shock absorbers were new Sachs units and the top mounts were new Lemforders. The rear shock absorbers were replaced earlier. The car rides well over undulations but sharp bumps seem to create a a bit of a crashing noise as if something is loose somewhere. The car does not wander. Next time I am underneath I will check the ball joints and the suspension arm bushes for wear.
  21. BMW E39 Breaking Parts Left.

    Do you still have the rear door seal? I was also waiting for a reply about the rear passenger side kick plate.
  22. Front drivers side clatter sound 530

    The brake disc shields can make this noise especially if they have been messed about with.
  23. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Brake wear light appeared on dash so I replaced rear pads and sensor. Light went off but then came on again. checked rear sensor which was OK. Removed offside front wheel forgetting that front sensor is on the nearside. Removed front nearside wheel and found that the sensor had come out of the pad. The plastic arm was broken but the wires appeared intact so there was no reason why this should have triggered the light. I replaced the sensor in the pad and the light went out. Mental note to self to buy a new sensor.
  24. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Result indeed!
  25. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That steering wheel looks pretty unworn.