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  1. This happened to me and is fairly typical of BMW plastics after prolonged usage. Simply fit a new EGR thermostat which is not too expensive and you should be good to go
  2. Transposed photos would show a RHD steering wheel on the left but the airbag transfer and the tyre pressure information plate on the front door jambs do not look transposed compared to what is on my car. A clincher would be the word AIRBAG at the top of the transfer but the photo is not quite clear enough for me to swear 100% that it is the right way round.
  3. It is not very difficult to change the pusher fan. I bought a secondhand fan off a member here a few years ago when my original unit failed. I paid about £40 as far as I recollect.The housing was slightly different but it has worked faultlessly. I did need a second pair of hands to help me get the front bumper back in place though.
  4. Earlier this year I downloaded and set up ISTA+. As I have an E39 and my wife has an E88 I can connect iSTA to these with the cable I bought from Jimmy for DIS. However I believe later series cars need to be connected via ICOM and I must confess that I am not really sure what this involves. Can anyone explain fairly simply what is involved? I have checked ICOM on Ebay and these seem to be reasonably pricey bits of kit.
  5. Are you saying that you can use your cable on F series models? I know it works on E series but I thought that later series needed ICOM.
  6. No PM received
  7. A couple of years ago there was a smell of burning on the passenger seat squab while the electric seat heating was switched on and a small burn hole appeared in the leather. Much panicking and pulling of wires under the seat followed and eventually I removed the fuse. What is involved in fitting a new seat squab loom and what sort of money would I be looking at?
  8. You should thank your lucky stars. As Machinehead says often a faulty ABS module will throw up a sensor fault. and the answer after a lot of false optimism followed by a lot of grief is to replace or repair the module
  9. While you are at it check the plastic Y piece coolant connector which connects the top hose to the block. I know from experience that these will degrade over time and as it is hidden under the inlet manifold it is not easy to spot a leak. Get the whole connector with its new gasket rather than just the gasket as the price difference is minimal and the plastic on the unit round the seal can break up. Maybe I have been lucky but I have never had any problems with the hoses in 210000 miles except when I broke off the plastic connector for the header tank on the top hose and thus had to replace the hose. The main problem I had was with the expansion tank itself which developed a leak where the top is sealed to the body. Plastic parts generally seem to suffer from the heat build up under the bonnet.
  10. I had problems a few years ago with the nylon bush which the shifter mechanism runs in to move between some of the gear settings. If you lift the gaiter and its surrounding plate you can check what is happening. I managed to get mine back in place and gave it a lot of lubrication with silicon oil and I have had no problems since.
  11. Thanks for that. They look an interesting alternative to the Bosch or Valeo that I have used to date
  12. Has anyone tried the Good Rain wipers mentioned above?
  13. I too was a Triumph fan for many years running a 2000, two 2.5PIs and finally a 2500S estate all manual. I have a photo of the latter in a line up at the old Canley works to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the launch of the 2000. My Granada 2.0 also suffered from auto gearbox problems. These boxes often needed a rebuild as 100000 miles approached
  14. I ran a 1200cc Cortina in the late 60s and rebuilt the engine on the kitchen table after a rebore and crankshaft regrind. I even fitted main bearing cap supports to cure the famous crankshaft whip and added a short shift gear stick but eventually I moved on to a Triumph 2000 and started a long love affair with big Triumphs. In the 90s I ran a 2 litre Granada for a couple of years and that was a good old bus with lots of room and a high top gear. I currently have a Puma which I use a couple of days a week alongside the E39 and E88. I also bought a nice stolen and recovered Mk 1 Fiesta XR2 as a summer project to do with my son many years ago but while we were working on it the boy racer business sent the insurance premiums sky high and what started out as a profitable deal actually cost me a few bob when I came to sell it.
  15. I finally got ISTA installed on my new laptop and the information it can provide looks pretty impressive but at the moment I can't get it to communicate with the car. I am using Jimmy´s cable and I have reinstalled the drivers for the usb connection. I have checked the port settings but so far no joy. I am going to take a break but I may try installing INPA from Jimmy´s disk to replace the version which came with the ISTA set up
  16. I keep one set of DIS etc on a Dell 620 and it works well. I had the same charging issues with a pattern battery but the problem was resolved by changing the charger. These machines do seem to recognise non OE chargers and stop the battery charging. I have also heard of issues with connections in the charging socket. I am in the process of loading ISTA on my new i7 laptop and it has proved a bit troublesome. I will be interested to see if it works and if so what the advantages are over DIS.
  17. Now that is nice..
  18. I had new Sachs front shock absorbers and Lemforder top mounts fitted by a local trusted mechanic as when I went to do the job as I fitted new discs and pads my ball joint breaker that I have used on a variety of cars over the last 40+ years would not fit the E39 joints. At 208000 miles I felt that the ride was getting a bit crashy over bumps but I don´t find that the car rides as smoothly as I had anticipated.It may be that I have forgotten what it was like when it was new but can anyone suggest anything to check out? At the same time my key stopped operating the remote central locking. I plugged in my handy C110 scanner and it told me that there was a problem with the fuses and with something in the passenger door locking mechanism. I checked the fuses and all was OK. Before I tried DIS which I always have trouble with because I use it so infrequently I did a search on here and found references to reprogramming the key. I thought it was worth a try and lo and behold it worked and has continued to do so.
  19. £50 seems a fair price to me. I don´t live far from you in Portugal but I already have a set in the same sort of condition. If I need to take a page from Part 1 to a job I print it out from the online pdf copy to save dirtying the original book.
  20. When I lived in the UK I always felt that personalised number plates intended to refer to names were very chavvy and a lot were owned by total wankers but occasionally I encountered an amusing plate. My favourite was seen on a Range Rover standing outside the local manor house in Shropshire. The plate FAT 61T had been slightly amended to read FAT GIT. Luckily here in Portugal we don't have personalised plates and my formerly UK registered car now bears the inoffensive registration 04-84-VM
  21. Great to see the site back to normal with good speed and no more certificate warnings. Congrats to those who have obviously worked hard to get things back on an even keel.
  22. This was an optional extra which I had fitted when I ordered my car in 2001. It is very useful on occasions but I don't think it is particularly rare. You see them up for sale from time to time.
  23. If you are very lucky the ABS and DSC lights will indicate a fault on one of the wheel sensors ( a cheap fix) but in my experience it will more likely derive from a fault in the ABS module (an expensive fix).
  24. Even with suitable facilities putting a 4.6 engine looks a pretty daunting exercise to me. If the current engine is basically as sound as you suggest I think I would see whether that is repairable first. As a starting point it would be a good idea to follow up the suggestion of checking the oil filter for metal. If you find this then the engine is scrap but if not you could remove the relevant head to see the nature of the head gasket problem and then decide whether the chain guide could be replaced..
  25. What was the level on the dipstick when you refilled after the oil change? I knew someone who had problems because he had the wrong dipstick in the car and using the level on this he was overfilling with oil. However if the level was right when you filled up with the correct amount of oil but is now high there is clearly a problem.