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    +1 for the centre rear brake light. You can unplug the bulb holder and check the contacts. They may be corroded or simply need bending out to make a better contact
  2. E39 washer jets

    +1 for brittle broken pipes. I bought the section from the wing up to the jets from BMW for about €19.
  3. Waiting for a bus in Newcastle!

    Now I understand all that interest in 7 seaters.
  4. BPMe fuel App *warning*

    You did the sensible thing but there is no denying that the way you were physically manhandled at the stop amounted to assault and was clearly unacceptable. I doubt though that any lessons will be learned though as most of the people dealt with in this way are not innocent citizens and the public does not care in those circumstances.
  5. Jap 540i

    What a superb motor car. I am not tempted though because it would cost a fortune to matriculate this into Portugal.
  6. The rear door seal I was after is item 2 in the above diagram. The fabric part needs to be black.
  7. I would be interested in the rear door seals (ie fitting the body aperture) if they don't have any splits
  8. Central locking remote&manual stopped working.

    As it was 19 degrees and sunny at 5pm here today I doubt that even at the coldest here I would be looking to start my car at a temperature where the Webasto would kick in so I am inclined just to forget about it, I bought the car new and it spent the first 18 months of it life near Chelmsford but if the Webasto operated then I never noticed it.
  9. Central locking remote&manual stopped working.

    I owe Clavurion an apology. Because he knows what he is talking about I opened the bonnet and low and behold the sticker is there. Next to it is an unused mounting platform where I had assumed that the Webasto would be fitted but I now know it is in the passenger side wing. My handbook says that the system is fitted to all 520d, 525d and 530d models. I will now have to learn what the thing is supposed to do and see whether it works.
  10. Central locking remote&manual stopped working.

    My 525d which I bought new in 2001 does not have this fitment.
  11. Fake Castrol oil in Russia?

    Tosser is perhaps a more accurate admission but "the author of a barely literate post" is a kinder description.
  12. Fake Castrol oil in Russia?

    My can came from one of the largest supermarket chains in Portugal. I do oil changes on the 4 family cars and I buy all of the oils I use from this supermarket when they have special offers. I have also checked a couple of old cans I have containing used oil waiting to be disposed of and they are the same. It must be a molding issue on the 4 litre Castrol containers.
  13. Fake Castrol oil in Russia?

    The can of Castrol Edge in my garage looks the same as the one in your first photo. The top part of the seam looks messy and it smooths out in the middle.
  14. Back into a 5 series! 523i just purchased

    You would have to modify the body panel behind the rear seats to fit folding seats. I don't think it is an easy job.