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  1. Well you live and learn! I would never have thought of that in a million years.
  2. I have used several TRW components over the years and have found them to be of good quality. I seem to remember the odd tale of peculiar things turning up from ECP in genuine boxes. It will be interesting to hear what TRW say.
  3. The pumps are not very expensive but if they are making a noise they should be working. The filters are a possibility as stated above but before removing the wheel arch liner to get at the tank I would check the pipework again. I had a similar problem and found that the pipes going across the bonnet to the jets had become brittle with age and had split but the water was being soaked up by the sound deadening material. If you do need to get at the tank you will probably need 3 new plastic fixings to reconnect the wheel arch liner to the wing
  4. They roar because they are passing a lot of air and doing the job they were designed for. I would only worry if the fan was roaring in cold weather or before the engine reached its operating temperature in warm weather but usually when they fail it is because the clutch fails to lock in and hence no roar when hot.
  5. Could well be engine mounts.I had the same symptoms, particularly so when reversing up an incline. If your car is an auto try putting it in drive with your foot on the brake and rev the engine with the bonnet open to see if the engine moves. I seem to remember that there is a YouTube video about this
  6. Has nobody else done this job? My new vacuum hose arrives from the UK next week.
  7. I bought mine new in 2001 as a sort of retirement present and it replaced the Renault Laguna and Honda Accord Aerodeck that we were running while I was working. To be honest I started out looking at a VW Passat but they were changing the model and new ones were not around. I looked at a Merc C class at the Motor Show but my wife said that since I had always admired the E39 and frequently said that it was the European car of the year I should pay the extra and get one. I went over the Belgium and test drove a BMW 525d, a Merc 220d and a Merc 320d. I quickly decided that I liked 6 cylinders and although I marginally preferred the 320 Merc I settled for the cheaper 525d. I bought it in Belgium because in those days this gave a good saving and picked it up at the docks in Dartford. I loved it from the minute I got it and still do. It was a class above the everyday cars that I was used to driving and it still feels good 16 years later. The irony was that I paid extra to get a RHD UK spec car build for Belgium and then some 18 months later I moved permanently to the Algarve.
  8. Bloody hell. That is cheap if you can undertake the removal.
  9. Any course is going to need to be supplemented by a lot of experience to successfully tackle a job like that without compromising the structural integrity of the car. Luckily my car has lived in Portugal since it was 18 months old and in the absence of ice and the dreaded salt rust is not really a problem here. Sun damage to rubber items is however another matter but is more easily and cheaply remedied.
  10. In the circumstances I think that you are entitled to reject the sofa and ask for a refund but this may leave you without any sofa. I guess the problem arises from the fact that this sort of stuff is made to order and there is not a stock from which a replacement can be immediately supplied. The store which supplied the sofa does not seem to have much of an idea of customer service and has failed to reassure you that the matter will be resolved satisfactorily. I don't think that a leather match is likely to be a problem especially as the damage is to the side but you might advise the store that you reserve the right to reject the item if the repair is unsatisfactory and at the same time enquire as to how they propose to recompense you for the inconvenience that you have suffered.
  11. Thanks for your replies. I am ashamed to confess that I have never looked at the Audio section but I have now seen the fairly lengthy item on this sort of thing and read a bit of it. Unfortunately I think I am going to find many mixed views with some quite happy and others bitterly opposed to this end of the Chinese market. I will read up some more but as I am not a HiFi fanatic I may well have a punt on this or something similar.
  12. Does anyone have experience of the bit of kit? I am not bothered about high quality sound - the standard radio in the car sounds OK to me - and I know from enquiring that the SatNav maps are not updatable but on paper it looks fair value at £210 and a relatively easy to install. The model number is ICE/HU/PF7139BGTS and the link to the Ebay ad is:-
  13. So he is human after all!! - but normally right and very knowledgeable I have to say
  14. Thanks for that. I am impressed. When I changed my mounts I pulled the hoses complete with connectors out of the mounts and then inserted them into the new mounts before I bolted the mounting plated back on the chassis. From what you say it looks as if you left the connectors in the mounts and joined new tubing to them. Tricky but probably a bit more doable than removing the connectors.
  15. Has anyone installed new tubes to the engine mounts in situ as access to the underside of the mounts looks almost impossible? If so how did you do it?