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    E39 525d and Ford Puma .Wife has 118d convertible

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  1. Hi Steve, you still around with your five in the Algarve?    moved my 540i on last year and got an E63 M6 mow, but still have my diagnostic and coding stuff if you need anything doing would glad to help. 


    Regards Jeff

    1. stevecvo


      Hi Jeff

      Still here and being retired I can't afford M6s !!!

      I am still running my E39 525d. Thanks for the offer but I am well equipped with diagnostics/coding stuff (DIS, INPA. C110 scanner plus Delphi scanner and cables) and I am currently looking at installing ISTA but finding it problematic. My real problem is using the stuff because I don´t use it very often ( reliable car) and when I do I have to work out what to do.