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  1. stevecvo

    Problem removing 525d crankshaft damper pulley

    I clearly misinterpreted what you meant and in this context my reply must have seemed a bit odd. Yes you will have no trouble if you put the car in gear to do the job.
  2. stevecvo

    Problem removing 525d crankshaft damper pulley

    It is a pretty straightforward job and you don't need a manual except perhaps if you forget to note how the serpentine belt fits. In any event the Bentley manual does not cover the diesel engines. I paid €200 for an aftermarket unit which my local motor factors got in for me the next day because the BMW price is horrendous. You can get them a bit cheaper on EBay but for me to get things sent to Portugal costs money and adds to the delay.
  3. stevecvo

    Problem removing 525d crankshaft damper pulley

    New pulley fitted and problem resolved. I have followed BMW forums for a number of years but I had not heard of this issue before.
  4. stevecvo

    Problem removing 525d crankshaft damper pulley

    Thanks to Qaasimahmed for your suggestion. I looked at this idea but even if I removed the radiator my impact wrench would not fit in the space available due to the presence of the A/C radiator and my star sockets are for 3/8 drive and I don't have a 1/2 to 3/8 converter. Thanks too to Clavurian but his idea came after I had found another solution. I noticed that the front face of the pulley has a hole in it which goes about 10mm deep so I removed the front undertray to give access to the floor beneath the front of the engine. I then cut a length of square tubing and drilled a hole through it and welded a bolt through the hole which I cut off to leave 10mm protruding. I placed the bolt in the hole in the pulley and turned the pulley slightly until it was locked into place by the end of the tube tube against the floor and the bolt at the top of the tube. I was then able to undo the star headed bolts with a 3/8 rachet and a length of tube to give a bit more leverage. I attach photos to show what I mean. A word of warning if you do this job the pulley weighs about 6.5 kilo so you do not want to be under the car when it comes off.
  5. Over the last couple of weeks there seemed to be a bit of clatter from my 2001 525d at tickover as if some thing was a bit loose. Yesterday the engine developed a knock at the front rather like an exaggerated diesel knock. The engine runs fine at higher revs and came back from Faro airport last night at a steady 80mph. Having done some research and after removing the auxiliary belts I think that the problem lies with the crankshaft damper pulley which unfortunately is not a cheap part. On this engine the pulley is held on by 4 bolts and I naively imagined that unlike the single bolt system it would not be too difficult to remove these but they are pretty tight and since the car is an automatic I can't lock the engine by putting the car in gear. Does anyone have any tips for removing these bolts? Is it possible to lock the engine by some means without a special tool from BMW? All ideas gratefully received.
  6. stevecvo

    Brake warning lights on after fluid change

    Some of the older model discount schemes offer really good value for money. In order to keep the benefits of my BMW Value & Care card I have to get a dealer service at least once every two years . In 2016 I put my E39 525d in for an oil service at the older model discount price of €99 and I had the brake fluid changed for an extra €50. At these prices it is hardly worth doing the job yourself except for the fact that you have to mess around getting the car to the dealer and leaving it there for half a day before you go back to pick it up . The dealer also checked the car over and advised me of a couple of issues which I had already purchased the parts to fix so I declined their kind offer to do the jobs for me!
  7. stevecvo

    E39 Diesel workshop manual?

    I can't get a connection via the landrover link above. Has anyone else managed it?
  8. stevecvo

    EML anyone know what this means??

    INPA is pretty basic. You need DIS or ISTA to get a more detailed analysis of faults.
  9. stevecvo

    E30 with a twist is finally on the road

    Looks fantastic apart from the bonnet bra! This detracts from the appearance in a big way.
  10. stevecvo

    e39 - ebay special radio replacement

    I posted about fittingI fitted an Xtrons PF7139BS to my 525d last year. It cost £189 and I have been pleased with it apart from the difficulty in fitting retaining plates. I updated the Sat Nav to IGO since I did not personally like the one that came with the kit. Performance is better than my original BMW radio and the appearance is excellent - so much better than single DIN units set in large mounting plates.
  11. stevecvo

    white smoke from engine bay???

    The hot air problem probably stems from a failure of the water valve which sits in the passenger side of the engine bay and controls the supply of hot water to the heater matrix.When the solenoids fail or the valves stick in the open position the supply of hot water is not cut off when it should be. I had the same problem and fitted a used unit off EBay ( around £25) which sorted the problem. If you do a search you will find stuff on this.
  12. stevecvo

    Lake victoria behind driver's seat

    +1 for the vapour barrier on the right hand rear door
  13. stevecvo


    Thanks anyway for taking the time to reply Marc. Good luck with the sale.
  14. I have just seen that they are offering a 60% discount which brings the price down to £47 but they have obviously loaded the price before the discount to make it look as if customers are getting a bargain.
  15. I am not familiar with Castrol Edge 10-60 (is that what M5s run on?) but having done a quick search the on line price for 4 litres here in Portugal averages around 44 euros so those prices do seem a massive rip off.