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  1. stevecvo

    Lemforder vs Meyle for suspension parts

    I tackled this job in the week and while I was able to replace the right side wishbone, the tension strut defeated me as I could not break the taper joint next to the track rod end joint. Having tried to defy the ageing process I have reluctantly decided that at 76 my back no longer takes kindly to heavy jobs under the car working on the floor and so I will get a local mechanic to finish the job for me. It is bloody frustrating when you know what has to be done but can't do it!
  2. stevecvo

    this is exactly why i hate germans

    just 3 words " engine sump gasket". What a ridiculous design.
  3. stevecvo

    530d and smoking

    I think that this is pretty common on diesels that are driven gently and have racked up a few miles. Crud seems to build up and then gets blown out the back when you give it some welly. Nothing to worry about in my opinion.
  4. stevecvo

    Updating Haynes Pro

    For ease of access and printing if necessary I keep a copy of Haynes Pro on my main Windows 10 PC as well as the old XP laptop I use for diagnostics. Recently the PC started playing up and rather than mess around for hours trying to sort the problem out I decided to back up the disc from a copy I had on an external drive. Unfortunately this copy did not include Haynes Pro and when I reloaded the application, superimposed over the screen was a small secondary screen with a message saying that the database was no longer current and that an update was required. I looked around on Ebay to see if I could buy an updated copy but there seem to be none around now. I can access the program as normal by adjusting the current date on the PC to Nov 2015 but this is a bit of a nuisance. Does any of the techies out there know of a fix to update the 2015 edition of Haynes Pro, please?
  5. BMW here charge €99 for an oil service on the E39. It is shown as a special Senior rate. It really shows how much they uplift the charge for more modern vehicles as the cost of the oil and the filter cannot be much greater than for the E39
  6. stevecvo

    E39 530i mysterious coolant loss

    On the M57 diesel engine there is a coolant connector between the top hose and the block under the inlet manifold. This is made of some sort of fibre material and can start to break up with age causing a slight loss of fluid which hard to spot but I do not know whether the petrol engines have the same arrangement.
  7. stevecvo

    The unwritten rules of being British

    Rule 22 The rules must be concise enough so that you don't get bored and give up after the first few
  8. stevecvo

    N47 timing chain

    It doesn't sound like a timing chain issue. Something seems out of balance and causes the engine to rock slightly at tickover. As a bit of a long shot have you checked the engine mounts?
  9. stevecvo

    Lemforder vs Meyle for suspension parts

    Thanks for all comments. I have ordered all the parts I needed from BMWmotormec on Ebay (free delivery) from C3BMW on their website (where there is a delivery charge) at a total cost of £295
  10. stevecvo

    Lemforder vs Meyle for suspension parts

    Yes I used RealOEM to physically identify the parts from the numbers quoted by BMW.
  11. stevecvo

    Lemforder vs Meyle for suspension parts

    Thanks Dan. I found the front suspension Meyle kit on Ebay from car parts international for £294.41 but I will certainly check the sources you mention. One of the benefits of the BMW dealer quote is that they conviently list out all the part numbers!
  12. I took my 2001 525d into the local BMW dealer yesterday to get an oil and filter change (€99) plus a brake fluid change because I need to take the car in every 2 years to keep my Value and Care card going and I can't do the job much cheaper myself with a genuine filter and decent quality oil. When I went to collect it the service agent said that there was wear in the suspension and the car would not pass an MoT. They handed me an estimate to fix it. This covered rear top control arms, front lower control arms, wishbone rods and track rods. I knew that the front needed a bit of attention as the car is now at 225000 miles but I did not think that the track rods were worn. When I saw the price for the job was just over €1800 I politely declined saying that my next MoT was not due for another 6 months. Having priced up the parts and avoiding the cheapo rubbish it looks as if I could get the lot in Meyle for about £360 including some drop links which I have already replaced. I usually go for Lemforder parts where I can but these run out at roughly double for the same items. In people's experience is there that much difference between the two makes to warrant the additional price? As an aside the estimate included the sum of €11 for waste disposal. I noticed that my invoice for the oil and brake fluid also included a charge for disposal of the residues. Is this something peculiar to Portugal or do UK dealers make a similar charge now?
  13. I don't know the M5 engine but on an M57 that sound can be caused by a failing crankshaft pulley although it is usually at low revs and I can't think why it should come and go.
  14. stevecvo

    Now THIS is how a 7 should be done...

    Nice but I agree that it is expensive and I do not like the black sills and continuation line around the bumpers. This seems to spoil the lines of the car for me.
  15. That is a weird noise. It sounds a bit too rythmic and positive to be merely something like the undertray flapping about in the airflow. More as if something is catching somewhere on a part which is turning. Did it happen at the same sort of speed before? Hopefully you will find something out of place when you get the car up in the air.