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  1. MOT Changes coming in may

    Another step forward to pushing people into buying new cars
  2. Rear washer bottle location

    It's a shared bottle for front, rear and headlamp wash. A separate bottle for intensive screen wash which is located inside the engine bay.
  3. Hello Everyone

    Can't insert a middle finger emoji as photophucket isn't working. I'll figure something out....
  4. Greatest Movie Scene.

    Greatest movie scene? Think that's NSFW.... I'm allowed, Im Dutch.......
  5. Hello Everyone

    Be prepared to be disappointed Duncan..... It's an Aero HOT but in 93 form...
  6. Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 17/01/18

    M5 Touring yeah. Seen this on facialbook. I'll be following this closely! Loved the retractable boot floor. Had it in mine too.
  7. Hello Everyone

    Just to piss on your chips... I have two now....
  8. Appropriate courtesy car!

    Does it have a dildo in the boot for emergency dent removal too?
  9. Appropriate courtesy car!

    Should've stuck with your cheap bolbo Mark....
  10. Finding VIN from reg no.

    I don't like tea or chocolate anyway.....
  11. Hello Everyone

    Welcome along kid. You'll love it here...
  12. Finding VIN from reg no.

    Go here, register and login. Enter reg plate and it'll pull the VIN underneath. Linky thing
  13. This is a guide on how I fitted electric memory seats to my 1997 E39 Touring that came with standard cloth manual non heated seats. First of all a big thank you to: Rob (rob-the-viking) Toni (Clavurion) Flow (Flow124) German E39 forum I have fitted the electric memory seats WITH sleep power cut-off to the memory seat which is as OEM factory fitted apart from the switched ignition on F5 which I have used F19 for. Lately I have received numerous PM's and emails from people that want to install memory seats so I thought I do a little write-up. Apart from tools you'll need the following: 1. E39 5-Series 2. A set of memory seats 3. Drivers door wiring loom from a car with memory seats. 4. K72 relay P/N: 61.35-8 365 960 5. Four blade fuse holders 6. Memory switch pack This is the K72 relay: It has 5 contacts that need to be connected: 2. Ground/earth 4. Output to memory seat via fuse 13 5. Input from GMIII (Pin 19 on X254) 6. 50A +ve feed. 80A on post Sept 1998 8. IGN feed (fuse 19) Drivers door loom with memory switch pack connector: Chopped this out of a broken E39 for the blade fuse holders: Memory switch pack: First install the drivers door loom and the memory switch in the drivers door. White connector is for the memory switch and the yellow one for chromatic mirror (if present) Note the P-bus wire (thinnest of the two) as you need to trace it back into the car and find it behind the bonnet release handle passing the LKM/LCM. You'll need access to the rear and side of the fusebox above the glovebox, main fusebox below the drivers seat, earth points below drivers seat and passenger seat and lastly the relays behind the steering EWS. After a few hours it'll look like this... nice.. I'll start off with the passenger seat as it only needs two wires connecting and it's closest to the fusebox. +ve and -ve. If you have heated seats already then you only need +ve. You'll need to add the +ve to slot number 6 and -ve to slot number 1 in the seat connector. The -ve wire is relatively short as the earth points are under the passenger seat All cables are routed through the plastic cage in the sill. -ve to the earth point and +ve to fuse holder number 10 as per factory install. Solder the +ve wire to the fuse holder, retract the plastic retainer in the fusebox and slot the wire in position F10. It's key to remove as much as possible around the fusebox so you can spin it round. These holders go in easily but do not come out. The input to F10 is already live so only the output wire to the seat is needed. That's the passenger seat done. Next up is the drivers seat. The drivers seat only needs three wires. +ve, -ve and the P-bus wire. You'll need to add the +ve to slot number 6 and -ve to slot number 1 and the P-bus wire to number 4 in the seat connector. The P-bus wire needs to be connected to the P-bus you've traced back in the footwell discussed above. Solder it on rather than crimping so you can always de-solder it and revert the install. Connect the -ve to the earth point under the drivers seat and from the second earth point run a cable to pin 2 on the K72. Open up the fusebox and run a wire from the 50A spare fuse to pin 6 on the K72. Lastly, run the +ve from the seat all the way to F13 output in the fusebox (glovebox). Now the easy part is over it's time to wire the K72 relay up You'll need to pull three lenghts of wire from the fusebox (glovebox) to the K72. I wanted it like a OEM install so routed them with the main loom near the front windscreen. This is where you'll spent wasting most time Wires ready to be connected up: The K72 needs an ignition feed which we will take from F19 as that's already fed from IGN and goes to pin 8 on the K72. It also forwards the power coming into pin 6 to pin 4 so from pin 4 it's need a wire to F13 input (top) Now there's only one wire left which needs to be connected to the GMIII in order to send a sleep signal to pin 5 on the K72. The wire needs to be connected to pin 19 on the X254 connector (black 20-pin) to the GMIII. Now all five wires are where the K72 is going to live it's just a matter of connecting them up I'm sourcing an OEM relay seat but for the time being the yellow spade connectors will do Put the car back together and stick a 30A fuse in F10 and 13 and a 5A fuse in F19, connect the battery and code the SA function to the car with NCS Expert. Rob is an expert in this btw This install will roughly take 14 hours without coding. Maybe it can be done a little quicker but I had to take this carkit out and put it back in. All you need to do now is walk to your fridge, get a couple of beers out and be proud of your achievement
  14. Books are closed for 2017 now. Toy boxes will be available in 2018 again. Have yourself a nice Christmas kids
  15. I am building a limited number of personalised toy chests for the 2014 Christmas period. The chests are made completely of 18mm solid pine and dovetail joint technique has been used to make the chest look beautifully crafted whilst adding a very strong non mechanical joint. A cut-out on the front of the chest protects child's fingers from being trapped when closing the lid. A gas strut is also fitted to aid opening the lid and keep it stay open. To personalise the chest a name can be added to the front of the chest free of charge. Dimensions: 65cm (W) 35cm (D) 36cm (H) Price is £100 including preferred name which can be painted in various colours. Names are limited to seven (7) letters on this size chest. Names can be cut as lower case with a leading capital or all capital letters. Postage and packaging is £30 including insurance and usually delivered via UK Mail. Some examples and detailed pictures below; EDIT: The gas struts shown have now been replaced with fully adjustable hydraulic soft closing dampers.
  16. No more flirting - EVER

    Your comment made me feel very sad. So sorry for you.
  17. Piper's E61 520d Touring

    Wheels look good Chris!!
  18. Traffic jam boredom?

    The Russians have got it sorted.
  19. E39 rear lights all the same?

    They're not facelift ones. Just clear indicators. Looks identical to the one I had but then with cream interior
  20. Good bye?

    Hello Frank. Glad you're keeping well. Misses OK? the jag still looks good!
  21. Help..on holiday ..burst E39 rear airbag....

    Where about's are you?
  22. Top bombing....

    Third time it needs to be videoed.
  23. E39 rear lights all the same?

    Plus the inners are all red on pre and post have a white square for the reversing light
  24. Top bombing....

    I dare you to jump in your tub from the roof of your house Jay....