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  1. New E39 owner. 523i SE Touring

    I might just give it a go.
  2. New E39 owner. 523i SE Touring

    A few people recommended that kit but I'm good at fücking things up. Got OEM Xenons in this thing so could be costly if I mess it up.
  3. New E39 owner. 523i SE Touring

    Let me know how you get on with this please. Mine are not too bad but could be better. Don't fancy wet and dry sanding myself
  4. E39 Business cassette round pin.

    It did when removed as it was in mine. i'll have to find it and check it in my mans car as I don't have an E39 nomore
  5. New E39 owner. 523i SE Touring

    What he really means is that R-reg's are the best....
  6. M5 Touring F11. I want one !

    The boot on these is quite big enough to live in with the seats down so I can't see a problem selling your house Denis. When was it you was planning a 'oop north trip' in the newly acquired F11 M5 Touring? I'll stick the kettle on...
  7. E39 Business cassette round pin.

    Got a MID here I think
  8. M5 Touring F11. I want one !

    Right, you had 6 minutes Denis. How's talks with the bank manager? I think this could be nearly on par on porn levels with the E39 M5 Touring of Steve back in the day.
  9. New E39 owner. 523i SE Touring

    ...and kiddie boosters
  10. New E39 owner. 523i SE Touring

    Welcome along. Nice and tidy looking Touring. Same as everyone else, keep it standard! Don't be tempted to fit: Style 32's Facelift headlights Facelift bumper Memory seats Memory steering column Memory mirrors Sliding boot floor Ah, feck it, the list is too long.....
  11. LED Angel Eye bulbs.

    Looking tidy Dan. I had some chinese LED's in mine which didn't flickr but they were 6000k to match the 6000k Xenon dipped lights not 4300k as in OEM.
  12. E39 boot lid

    Come on and get on with this already....
  13. A sooper dooper alarm and a bath

    Some things are worth a pretty penny. I need to have a look if I can get this for my car. Sourcing the bits needed to retrofit the OEM way are halfway there and won't have one touch or roof up just down.
  14. A sooper dooper alarm and a bath

    Cool. Nothing worse holding that button for 20 secs. Not taking the piss there either. I'll have to to have a look if they do boxes for mine as I'd like the one touch thing on mine.
  15. E39 washer jets

    Yeah driver side as Dan said. Top tip: Remove the pumps carefully or the filter that sits on the end will fall into the reservoir.....
  16. E39 washer jets

    You need to take the wheel arch liner out. Can't miss it from there.
  17. A sooper dooper alarm and a bath

    Cool, that explains the higher speed then. It was an option on mine but not fitted. Currently trying to source the right bits to retrofit it to mine. (no BMW) Even then it'll only take the top down but not up. Something to do with safety or something. I take it your roof goes up and down from the key?
  18. A sooper dooper alarm and a bath

    That's pretty impressive 25mph. Mine's set at 20mph but my last one at 10mph which is awkward when you lower the roof and the light turns green.... Have you looked at this?
  19. A sooper dooper alarm and a bath

    Sounds good. Or not so if you're trying to nick the thing.... Nice looking car indeed! What's the speed restriction taking the roof down?
  20. Piper's E61 520d Touring

    Looking good Chris!
  21. Most likely. I don't think it has moved in a while looking at all condensation inside.
  22. I've been told the bloke that owns it doesn't even drive....
  23. E39 washer jets

    Clean the filters that slot onto the pumps first. If it's the piping then just replace with aquarium stuff for 30p a metre.
  24. Lovely !! Even more hood scoops and some nice stickers added.... Don't overlook the OEM dials and gauges scattered all over the dashboard.. His German is a bad as his taste as I'm sure it meant to spell Sonderklasse which means Special Class. Special it certainly is, classy not so. Enjoy this weeks episode of the chromomerc