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  1. Help..on holiday ..burst E39 rear airbag....

    Where about's are you?
  2. Top bombing....

    Third time it needs to be videoed.
  3. E39 rear lights all the same?

    Plus the inners are all red on pre and post have a white square for the reversing light
  4. Top bombing....

    I dare you to jump in your tub from the roof of your house Jay....
  5. Help please

    Checked your power steering fluid level?
  6. That's it for petrol....

    Isn't that 350 miles calculated at 50mph constantly rather than launching?
  7. Anything is possible Chu. Just give me measurements or drawings of what you'd like. Think you would have to use ply or mdf instead of pine for woofer boxes?
  8. Now that photobucket is charging .....

    Cheers mate. I'll get that sorted. Done about 20 tonight manually and it took ages
  9. Now that photobucket is charging .....

    Can you download/export a load of pictures from Failbucket to your desktop? Trying to move everything to postimage...
  10. Rover 75 estate -2.0 V6/automatic/silver/67k miles

    They're alright actually. This shape is much better looking than the new shape too. A lot of car for not a lot of money!
  11. That's it for petrol....

    Batteries will run out well before petrol so you'll be able to catch up pretty quickly.
  12. Fuel injector tds

    I've got a set from an E39 TDS. Not entirely sure if they're the same.
  13. iPhone iOS 11 / 11.0.1 - Anyone having issues?

    Now, they were super shite.... Had a 610 or summit as it had to fit my pull car at the time and it was awful. Had a little joystick thing too which was a nightmare. Just bring back the olde phone boxes....
  14. Christmas coming up soon and I've been building toy chests well in advance this year to make sure late orders are still being able to be processed. I'll upload some more pictures soon when I've sorted a new Image host and transferred all pictures from Photobucket. Some pictures on http://www.facebook.com/carriescraftshop
  15. Piper's E61 520d Touring

    That's a nice looking bus you've acquired Chris. Well jealous! Ought to come and see you for a cuppa next time I'm round your way.