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  1. I've got Arnott Air Bags/Springs on my Touring - Can't fault them.
  2. It really depends on if you want to do a ''like for like'' refresh or if you want to make some improvements / add some OEM+ mods. Complete new arms / bushes from the likes of Meyle / Lemforder, Bilstein Dampers / Shockers - Think the B6 is a OEM replacement & the B8 is an upgrade. Eibach Front Springs - With the Rear height adjusted via INPA - Same as what Supertramp101 said - This would have been the route i'd have used if i'd not got a great deal on some BC Coilovers. Arnott Airbags - Have these myself on my 540i Touring and i have to say their quality is far superior than the OEM ones - Very well known company in the world of air suspension. OEM E39 M5 Rear Anti Roll Bar (RARB) - Helps the Rear feel more planted on the road also gives the Frontend a slightly improved turn-in response (I'm sure you'd notice the front end response with yours being the I6 as its Frontend is lighter than the V8s) Polyurethane Bushes For Both The Anti Roll Bars (ARBS) - Will help stiffen the ARBS thus keeping the whole car flatter during cornering. Beast Power Rear Anti Roll Bar Brackets - The factory ones are prone to snapping when used with poly bushes, they also rust then snap aswell. Rear Subframe Bushes - Meyle HD are the ones mostly used by users of this forum - Plenty of info on here about the Subframe bushes.
  3. Hi 5ers, Just wondering if anyone on here would be willing to part with : GENUINE BMW OUTDOOR CAR COVER FOR E39 TOURING. Even tho my Touring has got many coats of wax & ceramic coatings on it , i'm going sick of having to wash it every 2-3 days.Thinking that if i use a cover i won't have to wash it so much in winter time when its not in use. Please contact me via PM on here with price and where your located
  4. I came across these on Ebay.Co.Uk ; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RACING-DYNAMICS-BMW-E39-GENUINE-BODY-KIT-FRONT-REAR-SPOILER-SIDE-SKIRTS-540i-/112244388866?hash=item1a22497402:g:YiEAAOSw4GVYUOBw http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RACING-DYNAMICS-BMW-E39-GENUINE-REAR-BOOT-TRUNK-SPOILER-SEDAN-LIP-WING-540i-/112132872100?hash=item1a1ba3d7a4:g:JNMAAOSwNphWYL6j
  5. Utterly Stunning VelvetMonkey
  6. RIP George Michael Gone way to soon at the age of 53. 2016 claims another great talent. RIP.
  7. Lennox , I do want a private plate for it but not at the moment as i'm saving up for other things. The plate i really want is L3X LOW.
  8. If your talking spec wise then the Lexus is better - I found that out when i was looking to change, that most of the E65 / F01 7s don't have much spec on then unless your looking at 750/760Li's. Price wise an F01 will be newer (2009 / 2010) and the Lexus (2007/2008). I find that with the Lexus your paying E65 7-Series money for F01 7-Series spec. Only downside is that Lexus don't do Diesels - Petrol or Hybrid only. Oh and you get Lexus reliability.
  9. Thanks Mastacrx
  10. Hi Piper Its a Japanese 7-Series / S-Class Its got all the modern tech on it such as lane assist, self parking, auto handbrake - but this had back in 2006. The rear is a very nice place to be with its reclining seats - They can be even nicer if you find one that has the 'Rear Relaxation Package'
  11. Some recent photo's of the LS :
  12. Last of the N/A V8s - What about the E60 540i / E60 545i / E60 550i / E63 645i / E63 650i / E65 740i / E65 745i / E65 750i / E70 X5 4.8I as i'm pretty sure most of those had N/A V8s in them. Chris Bangle didn't design the E39, He done the E60. This 2004 E39 540i Touring is a genuine individual model , has 84K on it and is an Auto but is only £9000 http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201610208979102?onesearchad=Used&body-type=Estate&radius=1500&fuel-type=Petrol&make=BMW&model=5%20SERIES&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=price-desc&postcode=b346dt&page=2
  13. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201611109634383?body-type=Estate&sort=price-asc&fuel-type=Petrol&make=BMW&model=5+SERIES&onesearchad=Used&advertising-location=at_cars&aggregatedTrim=540i&radius=1500&postcode=b346dt&page=1 I'm sorry but is Hexagon having a laugh , £23.995 M5 Visuals - What a set of style 65's and M5 Mirrors fitted to a Sport.Also still has the Sport T-bar front grill is place not the correct M5 one. Low(ish) Mileage at 74.400k And being an 2004 & Manual makes it pretty rare i guess. Also just by looking at the photo's you can see one of front undertrays is damaged.So hard to say if its as mint as it looks. But £23.995
  14. Trumps WON IT
  15. The standard of driving now a days is beyond a joke : Phone Users (I think that if you get caught on your phone when driving it should be a 5 year driving ban and a £1000 fine, and if your caught 3 times or more, then lifetime driving ban plus 3/5 year jail term) Lane Discipline, Overtaking on side roads, Doing a million & one other things bar concentrating on driving. State of some peoples tyres is shocking, The amount of cars on the road with bulbs out (The amount of cars i see driving around with bulbs out is just getting silly now, And don't most of 'newer' cars have a bulb out warning come on the dash when a bulb is out) Coming at full speed to a junction then slamming on the brakes to stop, People who give you a dirty look because you didn't let them out of a side road onto the main road, People who block island, junctions etc that end up causing more traffic to build up just because they didn't leave a gap, People who don't say thank you for letting them out etc, Red light jumpers, This list could go on and on.