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  1. RIP Sir Bruce Forsyth, Thanks for providing many years of laughter to many generations.You'll be greatly missed by many. Condolences go to his family & friends. Rest in peace Sir Bruce. Sadly thats another legend we're now lost.
  2. Hi Anil, Long time no speak , How is everything? What car/s you driving now?
  3. Yeah i thought you did, How you getting on with your Range Rover?
  4. Thanks Andy_Ran,It took me a while to decide on what wheels to go for but i think in the end i choose the right ones.
  5. New Wheels & Tyres Are On :Wheels - Ferrada FR4,Fronts - 22 x 9 ET30Rears - 22 x 10.5 ET40Tyres - Falken Azenis FK453Fronts - 255/30/22Rears - 295/25/22 Hopefully going to be meeting up with my photographer mate very soon, who's going to take some much better photos than i can of it. Work done before the wheels where fitted : New genuine Lexus discs & pads, Painted brake calipers, New genuine Lexus suspension arms & linkages, Replaced the xenon bulbs for Osram CBI versions, Replace the sidelight bulbs for LED version, Fitted a HIDS4U 5K 35W hid kit into the front foglights.
  6. Stefan - She's looking good mate, total credit to yourself for how mint you keep her looking. Good Job Buddy. P.S - What you having done to the Wheels?
  7. E60530i - The BBS in the first picture are Genuine , But the BBS LM's shown in the second picture are replicas.
  8. Looks like from this article that the British GP is going to be no more. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/40518666 Whats peoples thoughts on this?
  9. Kenny : E63 Is the first generation 6-Series chassis code. I've fitted E65 / E66 7-Series headrests onto my E38 7-Series contour seats in my E39 5-Series. Also fitted E38 7-Series comfort rear headrests onto the E39 5-Series Touring rear seats. Both where a straight fit. Plenty of members over on BimmerForums.Com in the E38 7-Series section have done this mod aswell there if you need more info thats the place to find it. Tip : If your fitting the E65 / E66 7-Series headrests onto my E38 7-Series contour seats make sure you raise the headrest up fully before you pull it out.
  10. Stefan, You might also want to get the Injectors ultrasonically cleaned & flow tested if the new fuel pressure regulator doesn't solve these misfire issues your having. Jay
  11. Well the new wheels for the Lexus are finally here. Just gotta order the tyres for them now. Will reveal the wheels i've chosen once their fitted onto the car.
  12. RIP (DJ) Robert Miles, Thanks for making one of the most legendary Trance tracks of our time - You'll be missed.
  13. I've fitted the BMW F01 740D Thermostat - BEHR TI 32 88 to my 2001 540i Touring. Here's a link to a thread of people who've fitted the Behr TI 32 88 : Also check the condition of your expansion bottle as these are prone to cracking due to them being of plastic which becomes brittle over the years, You may want to renew the coolant pipes due to age aswell and it being easier to renew them while you've got the cooling system drained.
  14. Some tyres are manufactured to have a slight stretch to them, where as others are manufactured to have more a square sidewall.In other words you could fit two different manufactured tyres of the same size on the same size wheel and each one will sit on the wheel different.
  15. Well hopefully my new wheels & tyres will be coming towards the end of April so in the mean time i brought the following : 4 x Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensors. New Genuine Lexus / Toyota Discs & Pads For Both The Front And Rear. Also Brought Some New Control Arms & Ball Joints For The Front Suspension.