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  1. Changing oil with suction pump?

    Same car, and I found that it does take an age for it to fully empty. I had to play around with how par the pipe was inserted. I was also concerned with how much was extracted compared to the capacity (I think I got the capacity from the Castrol website). Suggest you drop the sump plug once you're not sucking any more out and check whether it's empty or not. That's what I did, and it proved that the pump was indeed doing the biz, given time and a little encouragement.
  2. Error Code 452A DPF Issue on 530d

    Thanks again for the replies, and the tip on glow plug removal!
  3. Error Code 452A DPF Issue on 530d

    Thanks Chis, much appreciated. So is this something to be concerned about in terms of the DPF dying on me, or does it just come on at a fixed mileage? In my case, I would estimate that is appeared at ~115k miles. My concern would be that the error code may trigger more frequent regens or something similar. I intend to replace the glow plugs in any case (I have already bought a set of six), but from what you say it appears that this will have no effect on the above error code. Any chance of clearing the code w/o DIS? Thanks again!
  4. Shock absorber compatiblity sport se etc

    Has anyone replaced the original "M Sport" shock absorbers (Sachs I believe are the OE manufacturer for both M sport and SE shocks) with Bilstein B4s? I am considering doing this on mine, as the Bilsteins are a little cheaper, and for some reason I imagine are slightly superior. For the E61 I think I'm looking at p/n: 22-212696 (fronts) 19-239828 (backs - E60 would be different)
  5. Hi all, Some background: I replaced the thermostats on my 530d LCI E61 about 3 weeks ago due to the engine temperature slowly deteriorating since I last replaced them ~3.5 years ago. I think the max temperature the coolant was reaching was 80-85 deg. when I did the DIY, so not massively low, but low enough that I thought it worth doing. Up until this point, I was receiving error messages for five of the six glow plugs. These error messages have been present for the past 2.5 years, without any associated issues. Having replaced the thermostats, I drove with the C110 scanner plugged in and have been seeing temperatures hovering around 92 deg. which I believe is where they should be. However, I have also seen a new error code 452A which is related to the DPF, along with the usual five glow plug errors. Since the thermostat replacement I have observed perhaps three regens occurring (exhaust temps hovering around 600 deg.), but the 452A error message remains. In each case, the temperature stays high for perhaps 10 minutes before gradually decreasing back to ~400 deg. As far as I can tell this is the behaviour that would be expected for a successful regen. The back pressure at idle looks to be below 10mPa after the regens occur which again seems about right, but clearly something is not happy. Also of note is the 'distance since last regen' figure is stuck at zero. Very Odd. I plan to replace the glow plugs when I get a chance. I replaced the controller about 2 years ago hoping that that would clear the plug faults, but that didn't appear to do anything. At that point I think it was showing errors for four of the plugs; the fifth appeared shortly after this. (i.e. some 1.5 years before the above DPF error code appeared). No errors are logged on the iDrive, so it is only through the scanner that I am aware that anything is untoward. Any thoughts / suggestions welcome!
  6. Hello I'm new

    Thanks all!
  7. Hello I'm new

    Hello! Been a member for some time now, but first post! Basically, I joined when I was thinking about buying an E39 Sport saloon some time ago. In the end it didn't make sense to sell my E46, so I gave up....til now! Unfortunately, I'm now hunting for an E39 Sport....touring, which seem to be rarer than rare. It needs to be the facelift model, and either 530i or 530d auto. Not too worried about milage, but very worried about condition! Any one seen a good one? I missed out on what looked like the perfect car, just 3 miles away this afternoon...gutted! Hello, and look forward to becoming properly acquainted.