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  1. Grizzle_M5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Douglas Park Stirling. which will need to be put on hold as i hit a deer on Saturday night, head light, bumper and possibly wing £5500 worth of damage. 4 weeks into ownership!
  2. Grizzle_M5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    That's what the service receptionist said.
  3. Grizzle_M5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Well booked her in for other bits and mentioned the leak, water ingress is not covered under warranty apparently.
  4. Grizzle_M5

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    have a look at DDPAI mini 2 cracking little camera.
  5. Grizzle_M5

    Chinese Winter tyres?

    had a terrible experience twice with Michelins cracking i've actually never bought michelin tyres since 2004, have always favoured Kumho's very underrated brand and when the Pilot super sports are finished on the rear of the M5 i'll be going Kumho PS91 As for Nexen wifes saab has them N'Fera model now on her second set never had any cracking issues and she also this year has Nexen winter tyres
  6. Grizzle_M5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    if they are cleared will this stop any potential leak? Assuming everything else is ok?, if so could i do this my self (so i know its done right) i'm guessing this will need to be a an annual thing to make sure this is kept clear it sits in the garage 99% of the time so i'm hoping once its cleared all will be fine.
  7. Grizzle_M5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    i've got the dreaded damp carpets only in the rear, guess it will be into the dealer in the new year then.
  8. Grizzle_M5

    Which Dashcam do you use?

    wifes saab has a blackvue, the E60 has autovox front and bluesky rear M5 has ddpai 2 mini front and rear 4k cameras
  9. Grizzle_M5

    Europe Next-2019-1

    Currently updating Thanks Matthew
  10. Grizzle_M5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Still got the E60 mate. I've checked the carpets tonight bone dry, saying that i wonder if them having put a new engine in has somehow cleaned it or what not sure but i'll get a look tomorrow need to change the pollen filter anyway and fot my dashcams.
  11. Grizzle_M5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    what age is your M5? i have a 2014 that has a sweaty window problem, initially was thinking pollen filters but now thinking the drain is blocked, i'll need to check the carpets in the morning, car sits in the garage all the time apart from tonight as i'm picking the wife up later and sods law its torrential rain outside!! Guess i'll be busy this weekend!
  12. Grizzle_M5

    Fuel filter intervals?

    m5's is sealed for life!
  13. Grizzle_M5

    Winter Tyres ?

    Nokian WR-A4 Nokian are the king of winter tyres.
  14. Grizzle_M5

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Sorted out her insurance
  15. So after 6 years on and off and some incredibly valuable info on keepin it well maintained from some really knowledgeable people on here the time has come to move onto something newer and a little faster. So i pick this up on Wednesday need to get used to that increased MPG! It has everything you could think of LED adaptive headlights soft close doors comfort access electric bootlid heated, ventilated and massage front seats heated rear seats rear blind Pro nav with DAB, TV and internet