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  1. Thats really for an air powered sander, i usually use a clay mitt its just as quick oh and seal then collonite.
  2. Got the centre exhaust box removed seems a bit more grunty noise wise, tomorrow i'm having to strip, clean and grease the rear brakes they are making a right squealing.
  3. i use magnatec its a decent price from these guys
  4. I use these.
  5. If you had said a 640d grand coupe then yes otherwise.... no
  6. Exactly why i keep a barclaycard platinum card handy for such things, will be doing the same thing in a few months at auto transmissions preston
  7. £500 on parts?? They 32 carat Gold parts.
  8. Took her to Glamis car show on Sunday with the club, ordered yesterday some side skirt extensions.
  9. Try some Gtechniq G1 on the glass.
  10. I'll drop you an email with what my car is etc and get a price.
  11. Looks like i'll be going to Automatic Transmissions in Preston in a few months then for a service and metal sump.
  12. so have you removed the swirl flaps?
  13. you can turn the brightness up in Carly, also my LED's are 80w and hidden inside and the cap is on fine.
  14. I had my first 525d mapped by Simon at emaps as long as your car is working fine he does a diagnostic check first then he will map it, I highly recommend him. I got my current 530d done at ecotune in Glasgow.