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  1. camera angle is a bit odd, but there is room to do oil changes. brake changes, machine polish and wax it, i can also open the doors fully, i would love a double garage right enough lol.
  2. i'll get better snaps tomorrow but for now..... the cctv can do lol.
  3. You can get either one, AGM batterys are fitted to stop start but they arent exclusively for them anyone can have one fitted. AGM batterys are better but stupidly expensive just now. i've used Tanya a few times
  4. I also speak from experience and by the looks of it two other guys, so its not 100% true they all crack.
  5. Totally untrue, mines arent cracked and they are OEM spyders.
  6. Really could be anything, if it was me i would be checking fuel pump, fuel flow and injectors. Any decent garage with a diagnostic machine would be able to do live data.
  7. when was the fuel filter changed?
  8. They look awesome man, he did message me to say you popped in with the car, what colour did you go for?? i went for Hyper Silver my self and love them.
  9. This is the ones I have they are 6000k
  10. oil and filter is cheap these days if your dong it yourself, BMW on the other hand is £175!
  11. on mine it holds the revs longer and higher than normal before it changes up, i tend to go the long route or drive a bit longer so it always completes its regen.
  12. i imagine the gearbox wont last long though.
  13. i bought a set of philips off ebay from a guy who bought them and used them for two days they weren't bright enough apparently, the date of the receipt to the date i bought them showed two weeks, they are 6000k i got them for £100 the pair i couldn't believe it, anyway long story short is the ones that were in the car are osram and 6000k i noticed zero difference between the two lol. So i still have the Osrams if your interested?
  14. Britemax metal twins although i just used the polish sealant (white bottle) then a wipe over with Carpro reload.
  15. Backbox off that thing weighs alot!! sounds a bit meaty now nothing too chavvy though.