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  1. swirl flap blanks are far far cheaper here: I ordered both and sent one back without issue customer service is very good when i called about sizes. Plus they are cheaper.
  2. Sadly not mine but Douglas Park Stirlings Demo, a friend is a tech there got some snaps of there demo arriving.
  3. what colours the leather?
  4. Least youve got a sense of humour mate lol. Like has been said they will take a bit longer to scrub in just be mindful they wont be as good as the pirelli's Kuhmos are £70 a tyre
  5. Your tyres are shit.
  6. where did you get the discs from?
  7. My 530d made 310hp and 644nm of torque.
  8. ive had both and the pre lci gave me nothing but hradaches!! I;ve had zero issues with my current 2009 LCI which ive done 20k in the last 2 years, i love driving it and with a map of the engine and box it keeps up with E46 m3's
  9. yes it is mate.
  10. only done 20mm with spiders, even at full load in the back zero rubbing.
  11. No idea how Ecotune done mine but it made 310hp and 644nm of torque
  12. Took the advice of upgrading brake hoses, Absolutely skint now lol be next month the time i get them fitted so in the meantime i'll start the cleaning and painting. Cheers for the advice guys.
  13. yeh £325 for discs and pads.
  14. So calipers and carriers on the way, ordered a set of discs and pads they are a bloody fortune!!
  15. Cool that was me i'll drop you a message mate.