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  1. That will be Courty above then lol
  2. newer cars dont have anything on the caps according to my mate.
  3. doing a bit of digging apparently shell make ZF's oil Shell 1375.4
  4. Out of interest do you guys think you deffo need to use the zf fluid??? could millers, fuchs, meyle be as good or exact same quality??
  5. I handed my keys to the wife she was taking our son out with her for lunch with a friend. I'm scared...
  6. advisory for a stone chip??? Seriously?
  7. Very interesting watch (sorry if its been posted before)
  8. The inner set of headlamps are cornering lights, your highbeam is a shutter in the headlamp which gives you the xenon highbeam. If left in Auto and you have highbeam on the highbeam is also adaptive i.e turns with the steering wheel. DMS are in southampton
  9. with non LED's in they are visible the inner ring is still brighter though, but i just think the led and turned up makes them brighter during the day
  10. They are just these mate Yeh adaptive xenons, i turned the brightness up in Carly although the inner rings are a bit brighter than the outer rings.
  11. Any decent garage would have checked the guide pins to make sure they are not sticking and are clean with fresh silicone grease on them. Copper grease should not be used on the pins as they will deteriorate the rubber covers
  12. I like being in a bush in a crack now and again lol. I run Kumho KU39 on the rears, i fancy trying the Kumho Ecsta PS71
  13. mines isnt full bmw history its a mixture of dealers and very good local bmw/mini specialists.
  14. 12yrs, i had rust bubbling in the same area, they fixed it without issue.