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  1. Battery replace on E60 .... any gotchas???

  2. Your Thoughts On ECU Map Repository

    The biking community is far far more friendly than cars and i'm not a biker.
  3. Common Oil Leak Locations 530D E60

    Just get some All Purpose Cleaner and spray it over the engine neat, let it dwell then jetwash off
  4. E61 520d - engine replacement

    I dont see why not, probably a big job though.
  5. Creaky brakes

    Sounds like they are needign cleaned and greased using red rubber grease for the pins and mintex ceratec for the back of the pads thats what cured mine.
  6. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    yeh i just bent them back a bit, i changed the hoses to HEL £70 front and back.
  7. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    been there done that lol
  8. LCI Halos, whats the difference?

    one bulb per headlight.
  9. Wheel and tyre help

    I'm running style 124 that aren't staggered. Isn't the touring different for rear wheels? I'm not 100%.
  10. Problems with first start in morning

    I just get why the glowpugs would come on when opening the door, I'll need to ask my mate about my geekyness is itching lol.
  11. Winter Tyres

    I was £117 each for 245/40/18 Nokian WRA4 Have done about 60-70 miles they feel ok, still scrubbing them in right enough, had wheel spin at 50mph on the M8..... was a bit scary lol.
  12. Problems with first start in morning

    Thats wrong for a start, pre heat only starts when the ingition is pressed, and displaying "pre heat" if its cold is fairly normal, only would you bother if it showed for more than a few secs. Glowplugs also continue to heat after the engines started they arent just used to start and thats it they run on for a bit.
  13. you wont be able to do anythng to it all you can do is turn up the brightness.
  14. LCI Halos, whats the difference?

    yes they do. I also have Carly and was able to turn the brightness up for the drl's
  15. Winter Tyres

    Ah ok makes sense, My rears are at 3-4mm and was thinking the same but it doesnt seem that cold enough for them yet.