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  1. Grizzle_E60

    Winter tires/wheel alignment

    I put mine on this weekend also.
  2. Grizzle_E60

    M Sport Suspension refresh needed

    Bilstein B6 shocks
  3. Grizzle_E60

    M Performance Exhaust Fitted today - Sounds awesome!

    Such a nice car and now an awesome exhaust to finish it off, january cant come quick enough to find an F10 M5
  4. Grizzle_E60

    E60 intercooler upgrade options

    Wagner all day long.
  5. Grizzle_E60

    Best brake pads

    Hawk HPS 5.0 best pads i have ever used so far. The 535d pads are the same as the E60 M5 Best upgrade i have done is the M5 upgrade
  6. Grizzle_E60

    Parts - buy cheap buy twice !

    i always use realoem.com then get the part number and fire it into ebay.
  7. Grizzle_E60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    cheers mate ordered a set and they came this morning.
  8. Grizzle_E60

    Bmw, specialists, diy

    DIY that way i know its done right i always use the best parts available. Next year when i get an F10 M5 i'll be doing servicing my self again, i actually quite enjoy it, plus having a neighbour whos a MAC tools agent helps lol
  9. Grizzle_E60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    fire away fella.
  10. Grizzle_E60

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Big no no resetting the adaptions, you only reset them if you have fitted a new clutch so now your box will think its had a new clutch pack fitted and will change gear at full force, even using non ZF fluid its a no go.
  11. Grizzle_E60

    M5 F10 AC compressor removal

    No worries mate, i hope its a fairly straight forward job. No doubt i'll find out my self from next year lol.
  12. Grizzle_E60

    520d code reader

    if your just wanting to read codes and clear them then this is ideal https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Launch-Car-Diagnostic-Scanner-ToolFull-OBD2-Test-Engine-Fault-Code-Reader-UK/372405321317?epid=7010003493&hash=item56b5163e65:g:TEAAAOSwovBbdS6C
  13. Grizzle_E60

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    Massive YES!! This time last year i got 18inch Nokian WR-A4, managed to pick up a set of wheels cheap, Glad i did go ahead with it as the snow was one of the worst in over 7yrs here, car never got stuck once, in the wet especially on motorways they perform amazingly, all i will say is just because you have winter tyres doesnt make them instantly as capable or better than summers, i drive during the winter like i have bald summer tyres i.e with even more caution than usual, everyones different right enough but just a bit of friendly advice.
  14. Grizzle_E60

    M5 F10 AC compressor removal

  15. Grizzle_E60

    Track Rod End

    my car failed on outer tie rods, i was £60 each from ECP, fitted them myself was dead easy, and £60 for hunter alignment.