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  1. No they didnt mate, took me a while to find the right car with the spec i wanted, i kinda gave up on xenons and when i test drove the car i was just flicking switches and buttons and turned the lights on and lo and behold they were xenons, i was pretty chuffed lol. Wouldnt have another car without xenons or LED headlights.
  2. xenons bulbs are different from H7 halogens All LCI headlight come with projector lenses, some are spec'd with bi xenon other just halogen bulbs.
  3. yes it does mate.
  4. Castrol Syntrax Longlife 75W-90 You need 1.6 litres to fill from empty.
  5. i just ordered a set from BMW on Ebay with sensor for £74 delivered.
  6. Exactly the guide that's bookmarked mate cheers
  7. So my front pads are due to get changed really soon, going to do it next week as i'll have the house to my self all week Brake fluid is due to get changed to so will do it at the same time Question is what brand of pads are you guys running?? I've checked the discs and they are fine plenty of thickness on them.
  8. also get the engine mounts checked.
  9. have you tried clearing and see if it will start??
  10. I Agree ^^ its thee most stupid design ever and i almost guarantee its the sole reason they barely get changed.
  11. Ahhh yes The RIGHT way up LOL not that i have ever EVER done that haha.
  12. i've heard good things about this but then its only just came to the market, apparently made/blended in the Ukraine.
  13. £25 for 2 Mann charcoal, takes me longer to get the filter out the box then it does changing it lol.
  14. oil Filter
  15. These are from the link i posted above to eBay.