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  1. Oil and coolant change plus new radiator, exhaust brackets and fritz manifold, it's been an expensive week!
  2. Will try to make it along to this, please add me to the list.
  3. If its purely noise you're after mine has straight pipes front to back with one rear silencer and is extremely loud!
  4. Not sure if they are all the same or not but my rears are quite concave and you don't see so many these days. I imagine they are quite an old wheel now? Mine are stamped Ronal on the rear
  5. Yes type 3 were available in 19, I have a genuine staggered set on my e60
  6. Omg Sam, just saw the pics, glad you are ok.
  7. Fitted the rest of the c post trim grommets I forgot to order last time, fitted brand new wiper arms as the old ones were chipped and corroded and took delivery of fritz manifold ready to fit next week.
  8. Looks a good project, what colour?
  9. Fitted new c post grommets, taxed it and thrashed it, couldn't be arsed to clean or polish it lol!
  10. Welcome along, nice looking car in a good colour (may be a little biased lol!), wheels look good, nice to see something a little different.
  11. Looking really good, keep us updated
  12. Thanks for that G man, I did actually source an led replacement light bar from the states and it did come to life and looked great but then went out the next day and it had gone out again?! The original board I removed from the obc also looked fine on removal.
  13. I too have had this issue after I put my car away for the winter a couple of years ago as well as the econometer working intermittently. As soon as the speedo started working again so too would the obc illumination and econometer, after a couple of days everything went back to normal apart from the illumination on the obc which has refused to work ever since? There clearly must be a link but as nearly everything is working again I don't really know what else to try?
  14. Tell us some more about it, looks a nice example
  15. Welcome along fella