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  1. brummieboy

    Perfect Service Again!

    Just to say thanks again for the first class service provided by Phil and the team! Part was delivered swiftly. Have a great Christmas, Dan
  2. brummieboy

    Long Time Lurker 1st Time Poster

    Welcome along Andrew!! Dan
  3. brummieboy

    M535i cleaned up ready for prom

    Looks good mate! You got that new car feeling again? what did you have done or did i miss a thread? Dan
  4. brummieboy

    Mint's 2016 F10 LCI M Sport

    Looks great mate! nice choice on the cinnamon interior too Dan
  5. brummieboy

    P 5UML - Some Updates....

    Love the look of that mate, admire the hard work that's gone into it Dan
  6. brummieboy


    An inspired thread! I'm always dismayed by the seemingly unstoppable decline of common sense, work ethic, and general decency that we are surrounded by. I hate it when some numb nuts don't park properly, so a space that could fit two cars can now only fit one ( frequently on our road with limited parking spaces ) I hate it when tossers are unable to navigate roundabouts and cut others up. frequently I find some twat on my right side trying to do a Rosberg. Choosing the innermost lane, not to turn right as he should do, but as a way to not wait in the queue and cut me up. I hate it when my car is in for work and I have to use the bus, because inevitably I will encounter some form of antisocial behaviour, like spitting ( how the hell can you think that spitting ON AN EFFING BUS is ok?) or smoking or fighting, or putting feet up on seats. And you know that if you say something, you're the one that's in the wrong! I hate that too. I hate it when some of today's youth don't show any 'nouse' and expect to get praise and paid for doing sweet f.a at work, and some are so intellectually lazy they ask endless questions before trying to ( heaven forbid ) attempt to solve a problem. I hate neighbours who don't show consideration with excessive noise etc. I hate it when people who work in service industries don't like to give service. I hate the tossers that scratch our cars to feed their simple minds. I hate the fact that I'm not allowed to punch all of the above people in the throat. Repeatedly. I hate the way these tossers make us feel, because I honestly think that I was not like this when I was growing up, and always showed respect to others, and always took pride in working hard! Not like these something for nothing wanting mother fuggas! Breeeaaaaaaatttthhheeee! I love you guys though. I think I'm gonna take the 5 out for a drive to calm myself down... Is this what confession feels like? Have a good day lads! Dan
  7. brummieboy

    Just ordered my new bike :)

    Was just looking at this exact model a few days ago, seems nice and light, great reviews online ( apart from the saddle ), and the price is great too! Be interested to see what you think, I'm on the verge of convincing myself I need it Dan
  8. brummieboy

    Lake District in the 5

    I'm slightly jealous! Hotel being paid for is a bonus! Enjoy it, I'm looking forward to getting back up there next year....Will definitely check out hard nott pass Dan
  9. brummieboy

    Lake District in the 5

    Hi mate, Thanks for the comment! I have a few more, I'll try get them up soon. My wheels need a refurb now to be honest. I did see a guy in an e46 with the same rims, the inner wheel was black and the outer dish was silver, looked fantastic! Cheers, Dan
  10. The closest I've got to this is having a car in the local bargain pages ...not quite front cover stuff though!! Nice one on the cover feature, car looks fantastic mate! Dan
  11. brummieboy

    Lake District in the 5

    Thanks very much Woozer. love your e34 Dan
  12. brummieboy

    My 3rd BMW E39 M// SPORTs story

    Looks a good un mate. Be interested to see the rust pics before and after, I have some on the boot that I need to get looked at! Dan
  13. brummieboy

    She's home :D

    It looks worth every penny mate, gutted about the bonnet though eh?
  14. brummieboy

    She's home :D

    You have a lot to be proud of.I've looked at the pics about 74 times already! looks very well maintained. How much did it set you back if its not to cheeky to ask? My car has been scratched up by some tossers on 3 sides, I really want to get it resprayed, but it would kill me if they did it again! Dan
  15. brummieboy

    She's home :D

    That looks immaculate mate!! What did you actually have done, or have I missed a thread? Dan