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  1. mobilejo

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Has anyone tried gummipfledge on all door seals? (the seal strip on the door, and the one on the car body). I put some on the drivers side only (front & back doors) and went for a drive - bloody hell it was like being in 2 cars at once. Total silence from the driver's side made the passenger side now appear to be extremely loud. Obviously I did the passenger side afterwards too. The silence is now deafening!
  2. mobilejo

    Alpina B5, new X5 and 8 series

    I see the new 3 as still a '3' - it will have the new tech for its time (every car does when its the new one), but 3 series quality & materials will always be 3 series level - better than a 1, less than a 5. Step up in tech - great, step down in 'feel' - not great. You've got to weigh up whats more important. For me, tech will ALWAYS age, quality never gets old. It would also be too small for me. The X3 is also of no interest to me - same tech as the G30, interior quality not quite G30 either. Whats the point? The X5 is a good proposition (if you like SUV's) on the basis that it has the new tech AND should be better interior quality than the G30 or at least the same (previous X5's have always been just a bit nicer to sit in than the equivalent 5). My only issue with the X5 is I moved away from X5's when I got into my F10 and now I would miss the way a saloon drives when pushing it. I do have fun in my G30 despite its size and to get 0-60 in 4.5 seconds in an SUV would require something stupid like a X5M, which would then return around 13mpg, cost 2x as much to buy and 2x as much to insure.
  3. mobilejo

    Specification Question

    This is correct - my car came with DK + 2 normal in 2017. When I had to get a whole new set of keys this year after a theft, they were replaced with DK + 1 normal key, as that is what you get now.
  4. mobilejo

    Specification Question

    I have gotten so used to the display key, I wouldn't use the standard key (although I do have remote parking so its necessary anyway), but when I didn't have my car for a while and I was using courtesy cars with normal keys, I don't believe I ever actually thought about the size saving while carrying those keys. I actually wanted my DK back if anything. Its taller & wider but its no thicker and that is what matters to me as my key goes in an empty jeans pocket, so I just need it to be flat really. I do find it very handy in 2 situations outside of remote parking - 1.) locking the car with passengers in it and de-activating the interior alarm sensor (double press lock button) - with the DK I can quickly check whilst inside the shop that I have de-activated (numerous times in previous cars I have not, and then the alarm goes off) and 2.) a very quick and convenient check that I have locked the car and/or closed the sunroof as I am constantly forgetting to close it when its in vented position. I have a 'skin' case on it that allows it to connect to a keyring without adding noticeable bulk.
  5. mobilejo

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    No, there is legislation on the dimming of the side mirror. Some EU regulation I believe. Can't blame BMW for that one.
  6. mobilejo

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    Had an A7 3.0tdi quattro for 6 weeks - my first deviation from BMW, the interior & tech sold me on it. Only had it for 6 weeks because once the novelty wore off and I had to actually drive it, I realised it was a very dull experience. Still can't put my finger on it but it just felt sterile. I'm sure an S/RS is better, but that was my experience in a std model.
  7. mobilejo

    530D - Buyers Regret

    Interesting viewpoint. I've suffered buyers regret previously but in the other direction; once had a 320d and then realised I should have got a 330d. I guess if economy is a priority over power, then I can see how you end up feeling how you do. The problem is, as economy increases, power has to decrease (all other things about the car being equal). You have to choose where you want to be on the spectrum and then realise that everything is a compromise in some way. How many miles do you annually? Have you worked out how much extra the fuel bill will be over a year in your current car? For me (8k per year) the calculations always end up being not as bad as I thought.
  8. mobilejo

    Car theft trends

    The trends in car thefts seems to be moving from least intrusive to more brutal - I've been following whatever news sources I can as well as the WM police online postings, and not too long ago there were much more OBD (re-programming a spare key) & keyless entry thefts (using that signal amplifier thing) and fewer actual car jackings. As time went on, the OBD insecurity was fixed by the manufacturers and I started to see less keyless thefts and more key burglaries where the thief actually entered the house to get the keys. I guess people got wise to keyless entry thefts and started taking precautions such as faraday pouches, moving keys further away from doors etc.. as it got more and more media attention. The thieves adapted. More recently, I am seeing a large amount of car jackings with some people getting badly hurt. Much more than previously. Again, I assume as people are getting wise to burglaries and are fortifying their homes, fitting better locks and CCTV etc, the thieves are adapting again. As most of you know, I had my car stolen by burglary - I had my eye solely on the keyless theft issue and wasn't too focused on actual burglary. I guess this is how we are by nature - we are reactive more so than pro-active, whilst the thieves are planning new methods that we are not focusing on. So what is next? What should we (as individual owners I mean, not 'society' - thats a different convo) be looking at as the next escalation? The thieves are clearly willing to do whatever it takes and as it gets harder to steal a car, they are not giving up. Where do you see this going? Was it better when the keyless/OBD thefts were the "in-thing" as it was generally less intrusive and no one got physically hurt?
  9. mobilejo

    Autowatch Ghost

    I'm in Bham and have also been contemplating this after having my car stolen (and recovered). I don't know the answer to your questions as I haven't done any digging, but one thing I need to look into is if having it installed basically kill my remote parking functionality.
  10. mobilejo

    HUD 3 lines/dots - what are they?

    Ah, if you were trying to activate SLI anyway, you may be in luck. You never know - this dealer screw up might actually work in your favour.
  11. mobilejo

    HUD 3 lines/dots - what are they?

    I'm guessing you don't have the speed limit display option, but for some reason the car now thinks it should be displaying the limit. The problem is, it doesn't know the speed limit, hence the 3 dashes. Dealer should be able to resolve that pretty easily.
  12. mobilejo

    Can't fit dash cam to 530e hybrid

    To be fair I'm with you on Halfords - personally, their low price is irrelevant because if they don't do the job to the standard I want for my car, the money I have saved means nothing compared to the frustration I would feel. Having learnt the hard way over the years, I now say never let someone work on your car if they are not well trained and experienced. Especially not to save a few bob. They have to start somewhere but let them start on the cheaper older cars in the same way we did (I'm guessing most of us didn't start driving with £40k+ cars).
  13. mobilejo

    Remote services

    LMAO, you know me well! Yes I will 100% confirm that the location check is a worthwhile feature - I used it to locate my car quickly after it was stolen (the stupid thieves were too dim to turn it off but I am guessing there will always be a handful of car thieves aren't very bright and you might get lucky like I did).
  14. mobilejo

    Retrofit heated steering

    They bought new steering wheels too, but because they were upgrading to M4 steering wheels, they weren't considering the new wheel as part of the 'heated' retrofit because they had bought the M4 wheel already (most of which would have been heated). A standard F30 steering wheel from a car without heating doesn't have the heating element in it, just like in the G30.
  15. mobilejo

    Missed these discounts

    But that 6 series is end of line, they have to offer a big discount. Its got to be hard to sell the very last of a model that is discontinued.