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  1. mobilejo

    Collision warning

    Yeah it's definitely not on your car then. I wonder what feature you need to get the emergency activation. Do you have 360 camera or just reverse? If the latter, maybe it's only with the 360 camera...
  2. mobilejo

    Collision warning

    I just checked, it's in the settings option (gear icon) on the left hand side of the screen which is only available when your reverse camera is on screen. The option in vehicle settings that you describe is for the forward collision systems only.
  3. mobilejo

    Collision warning

    Its called "Active PDC Emergency Intervention" in the menu. I can't remember its exact location - it maybe that you find it in the options when you are in the reverse camera screen. Or it may be in Vehicle Settings. I will check mine when I get back into the car and update.
  4. mobilejo

    Too many thieves about !!

    Yep, those pouches 100% work. My key was on in one. So the thieves just broke into the house and took the keys instead. In an odd way, now that its happened, I sort of wished at the time that they just used the keyless relay box method now - would have saved the wife being jumpy about going to bed after the break in. What I had to accept is simply that these thieves are total scum - use as many forms of protection as you can and don't stop at the faraday pouch - think about where you keep your keys, your locks on the house, alarms, CCTV, floodlights, dogs, self defence etc. They won't be defeated by a faraday pouch alone. I wasn't thinking like that before and I paid the price.
  5. mobilejo

    Collision warning

    It was not turned on as standard when my car was delivered, so they would have to place a positive obligation on the insured to activate the feature in the first place. It seems like it's now on as default on later cars. But I'm not sure if banning people from turning off a user configurable option could be used against you in a claim. Taken to its logical conclusion, that would mean they refuse to pay for damage done while reversing if you switched off the parking sensors while parking... What about selecting the lowest sensitivity setting for the forward collision detection system? Paying out when the driver is at fault (even when they have broken the law e.g speeding) is precisely what the insurance is for. I can see a problem with modifying a car by coding so it doesn't function as designed - but adjusting a user selectable option doesn't feel like the same situation. They would have to mandate that all safety systems are used to their fullest at all times.
  6. mobilejo

    Best price for MPPSK on G30/G31 540i (UK)

    I think it does. I think it was June they started putting in the PPF.
  7. mobilejo

    Best price for MPPSK on G30/G31 540i (UK)

    Where was that quote from? Thats a good price. The MPPSK hasn't been withdrawn, but newer 540's can't have it - the cars that have the petrol particulate filter to comply with WLTP are not compatible with the MPPSK. But the earlier cars that don't have the PPF can still get the MPPSK and BMW will still supply and fit it to those cars. I checked with a dealer about 2 weeks ago.
  8. mobilejo

    What did you try before you went for a G31

    Exactly. A true GFV is, as it says, Guaranteed provided you are below the mileage limit. The only way they can do you over is if you don't know your rights and they try and give you a trade in value instead of you actually exercising your hand over rights. ( or you have damaged the car.)
  9. mobilejo

    What did you try before you went for a G31

    GFV means that when your PCP deal ends, you can give the car back and walk away without worrying about the actual real world value of it. You don't have to be buying a new car at all; just toss them the keys and go home. At that point, even if the car is only worth 20p in the real world, your GFV means that you owe them nothing. Its basically protection against depreciation on your current car, and is not tied to any commitment to buy another car. It mans that PCP is akin to renting for most people, as they just pay their set monthlies and never plan to keep the car when the deal ends.
  10. mobilejo

    Collision warning

    I believe it's a std feature. The red warning comes on first, but if it thinks you are getting really close then it will activate the brakes. I would say test it out but that wouldn't be sensible!
  11. mobilejo

    Collision warning

    I set mine to the lowest sensitivity. I have to drive on roads with cars parked in the carriageway regularly and it slams on the brakes way too often. (*Much of this is down to the way I drive )
  12. mobilejo

    Online Entertainment

    It signed you out when the software was updated. Mine did.
  13. mobilejo

    Online Entertainment

    I have seen the message that certain apps can only be accessed while stationary, but never had that with Deezer and I use it 90% of my driving time. You need to be able to change track/playlist/album while moving otherwise what would the point be? Sounds like your car has just gotten momentarily confused. Check again when you get back in it next.
  14. mobilejo

    Twin Exhausts

    I'm sort of with you - I often think te M sport tips look odd; round looks more natural to me, but i'm not sure if it looks any better. When I had my F10 535d, I didn't like the exhausts being round on that. Now I have rectangular, I'm still not convinced. There's no pleasing me. I do like the meatier M550i tips though.
  15. mobilejo

    Twin Exhausts

    If I did not already have enough reasons to not want a Merc or Audi, the non-functional exhausts finishers they are using now would tip me over that edge. I have no issue with 'unnecessary' items which actually do perform the designed function, BMW live in this area sometimes, but I don't think they have gone down the route of fitting things that are simply 'fake'... yet.