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  1. mobilejo

    Missed these discounts

    But that 6 series is end of line, they have to offer a big discount. Its got to be hard to sell the very last of a model that is discontinued.
  2. mobilejo


    I'm not sure how well they're selling, but I will say that my opinion is just my experience and I am simply not a fan of the Mercedes way in general so I could be biased. I don't what the reasoning is, but when you wanted to go fast it was reluctant to kick down, but often when just cruising the gear was too high. It was odd.
  3. mobilejo


    Interesting. I just assumed it would be a ZF as every one else uses them.
  4. mobilejo


    OK when you put it like that, it sounds odd doesn't it? It comes down to price v enjoyment; The e class is a much more expensive car and I had paid to upgrade my courtesy car to get the E, so I was judging a car that was costing me money to be in, to the insignia which was the free option. Much like in the real world, the E class costs more so expectations are different. Price being not a factor, the E class is a better car of course. But at even £10 a day, I prefered the Insignia and here's why: The E class was an AMG line with passive suspension (equiv. to the M Sport passive suspension I have in my G30) - handling wise it was all over the place; harsh over bumps but zero body control and wallowy during aggressive driving. It may have felt less wallowy on 20's like my G30, but that would certainly have made it even harsher on the bumps. The engine was fine, but the programming of the ZF box was poor; it was often in the wrong gear and even in sport mode it didn't seem change gear any quicker, just changed up later. We know how good the ZF box can be so clearly this is down to how MB have programmed the software. The infotainment system is dire and a complete pain to use - so unintuitive and laggy. The lag may be better with the upgraded full TFT widescreen dash. It felt like there was no consistency in the menus - you do ABC to achieve a result in the media menu, but to achieve the same result in the nav menu required XYZ. I was constantly frustrated with it, and I got on well with the systems in most of the other cars. The MB sport seat is smaller than my G30 sport seat, and I'm a big guy at 6'6. There is also less leg room, which at my height, is a game changer. Interior quality wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either - some bits felt cheap like the centre arm rest and the 'lid' over the cup holder in the centre console. Lastly, I thought I would love the ambient lighting as there are more colour options than in the G30. However the way it is implemented did not impress me; it was not as 'sharp' as the line of light you get at the top of the trims in the G30. In the E, it was bright, but more diffused and less focused. I didn't like it, which was a big surprise to me. Now the Insignia I liked because despite its more economical approach, I had lots of leg room, relatively comfy seating, and a basic but easy to use infotainment system that accomplished its few tasks without fuss. Nothing fancy but adequate without causing me any frustration. Also being a manual, I had no gripes with the gearbox. I love a good auto box, but I'll take a manual over a crap auto box anyday. In summary, the E class to me was like a bad meal at a posh restaurant, whilst the Insignia was like a good meal at a cheap cafe. The first aimed high and failed IMHO whilst the second had a very simple mission and got those simple things right.
  5. mobilejo


    Double post... But I will add the came back better than I left it before it was stolen - 2 new alloys & tyres and numerous self inflicted minor marks all repaired.
  6. mobilejo


    FINALLY GOT THE CAR BACK! Actually got it on Friday but have been enjoying it too much to post on here 7 weeks without my car and driving 9/10 different cars in that time has REALLY made me realise how much I love this car. Among others, I have had an E Class Amg line E220d, C Class Sport line C220d, Insignie 1.6d manual, Ford Edge 4x4, A class AMG line A180d auto and a few others as courtesy cars (I kept changing them as I hated them all except maybe the insignia which was not too bad). I also bought a 2003 325i coupe in imola red for a bargain price as a run around when my courtesy car period ended. Without a doubt, I enjoyed driving none of them on anything near the same level as I enjoy my car (the 325i is fun in an old school car sort of way though). I appreciate it so much more now. Glad I know that I hate the E class too, stops me thinking 'what if'...
  7. mobilejo

    What Can I Do With 'Connected Drive'?

    I clearly had some very daft thieves then. They took half the boot trim out looking for a tracker, gave up and then left the car to see if it got tracked The idiots could have just pressed a few buttons on idrive!
  8. mobilejo

    Cermamic Controls Retrofit

    The climate units needed coding in the F10 apparently (I looked at doing a ceramic retrofit back then), so likely to be the same in the G30 considering complexity only increases in cars.
  9. mobilejo

    Off work, sponge out!

    Pfft, only 6? Did you not hear - the new normal is 8 now!
  10. mobilejo

    What Can I Do With 'Connected Drive'?

    The connected drive/remote services "locate vehicle" feature allowed me to locate exactly where the thieves had hidden my car after it was stolen, and get it back. Without that, it would not have been found. For obvious reasons, I find it impossible to resist recommending it at every chance I get.
  11. mobilejo

    Re Mapping G31/G32

    G30 535d?? Do you mean 530d? I have a JB+ on my 540i and I know its there every time I put my foot down. Its not just the additional power but the more urgent turbo response that does it; its an aggressive shove back in the seat that the novelty has not wore off of in around 5 months of use - its a sharp contrast to the character in standard form. I agree that if you can forget you've modified it, its probably not worth it.
  12. mobilejo

    G31 Manual pdf

    I could never find a PDF download link, but the BMW app "Drivers Guide" gives you an interactive manual for your car, customised based on the VIN. If you have been given a VIN from your dealer, it will work. Mine did pretty much immediately.
  13. mobilejo

    Performance parts.

    Thanks. The thieves that took it obviously agreed. i did get it back though thankfully.
  14. mobilejo

    Performance parts.

    Damn I want my car back! Bloody repair is taking forever
  15. mobilejo

    Performance parts.

    The fitting is very simple - I did all of mine myself. If you don't feel confident with DIY, rest assured that its easy enough that the dealer won't mess it up and they don't have to mess with the car that much to do it all,