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  1. 2000 523i in Orient Blue

  2. 2000 523i in Orient Blue

    Don't know abt the previous owners thoughts abt interior tbh Black leather has its own place I guess as it hides all the small scuffs and other stains unlike beige. Re DSP, please take no offence but I think it was nice in its days but now it's way out of date in today's world, don't get me wrong it's still better than the standard radio player but now a days it can only be used just to keep an OEM look. Re the rust I am not aware of any visible, can't vouch for any hidden as I had the car for only 2 months and out of these two months I only used it only to bring it back home from seller, take it to MOT station and make some pictures in a retail park. Other than that it's been parked up on my drive ever since. Re your offer, I am sorry buts it's very low and at that offered price i would keep it.
  3. 2000 523i in Orient Blue

    I believe you have more than that as I regularly follow your projects, you spend more on a car than it's buying price .... Really liked your 523 double glazing project thread though.
  4. 2000 523i in Orient Blue

    Adjusted as suggested. Thanks.
  5. 2000 523i in Orient Blue

    @Loadmaster, thanks for your input. I agree with you and Duncan that being 23i it's not the most desirable model but I was hoping that being an original sports pack model as yours it may get some attention. It is unfortunate that I have to let this car go. I understand that I may need to go a little under four digits as it may not be the mint condition car but as Duncan rightly said it's a very tidy car with only 3 previous owners. @duncan-uk, thanks for your input, as you mentioned it's not the kind of car which will set fire, I just want add with your permission, this less desirable character also make this car a non-molested and helped it in remaining an original car as well.
  6. 2000 523i in Orient Blue

    Hello, I need this gone, though I think it is worthy for the asking price but i will listen to reasonable offers; if it helps. Regards.
  7. 2000 523i in Orient Blue

    I have recently got another BMW 523 in Orient Blue colour after selling my previous e39, but this car is not something i was looking for; therefore i am putting it up for sale. it is NOT a mint or showroom condition car and it has both good and bad points as with any other car. 1st the bad points: its a 17 years old car so has its share of car park dings and scratches. front bumper is cracked from bottom front headlights has condensation due to longer parked up periods, believe once will be back to regular use, it will clear out. being beige leather interior, it is very difficult to keep it clean or hide any scratches, seats would benefit from leather dye. front tyres will need replacing some time before next MOT Now the GOOD/INTERESTING Stuff: Low mileage car less than 85k (84700) driven only 3 previous owners Front wind screen has green tint on top ABS unit has recently been repaired by BBA Reman with a life time warranty, receipt is available for reference. it has SPORT suspension as standard from factory and has the individual black roof lining. Front seats are sports seats. Shadow line trim Multi function Sports steering wheel Air conditioning can still freeze you New wheel speed sensors on both rear wheels New front discs and pads 12 months MOT Service book been stamped up-to 83k As said it is not the mint car but an honest car with only 3 previous owners and with such a low mileage. It is unfortunate that i am done with this car and want to sell it. Somebody can have it and turn it into a very nice presentable car whilst using it as daily. i am looking for £995 OVNO for this car. I am based in Nottingham.
  8. HELP!!!!

    Hi Simon, Thanks a lot for your help and very informative input, much appreciated. Regards, Manee
  9. HELP!!!!

    Morning, I checked the big connector at ABS module in the engine bay with multimeter. i got help from Bimmerfest website for the test and possible values. http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4205801#/topics/356272?page=5 As per the website the values should be ranging from 1.7v to 1.9v (forward bias) and on opposite direction it should be 0L (open circuit/the reverse biasing). i am getting 1.7v to 1.9v reading in all sensors for forward bias but for the reverse bias i am gettting 1 for front sensors and values ranging from 700 to 900 for rear sensors. Can any of you please confirm whether theses values are right or i am messing up some thing. on the second test for resistance, as per the mentioned website the values should be ranging between 3.3Mohms to 7.7Mohs (slightly more or less), i am getting the values within the guided range. Does it mean that my wiring or sensors are alright or do i need to test the connector again (never used multimeter before and it was the first time for me to use it). is there any way that i can check he abs module as it may be at fault as well. Much appreciate your input.
  10. HELP!!!!

    Thanks will report back after checking. Much appreciated.
  11. HELP!!!!

    Hi valvetmonkey, Thanks for your in depth guidelines, plz bear with me with some thick questions As you said abs controller, did u mean the abs module in the engine box or is it the pin which is coming from the car, I understand from Ur suggestion is that sensor connector mean the female connector from abs speed sensor and abs controller is the male abs connector. Plz correct me if I am wrong and advise me. Regards.
  12. HELP!!!!

    Thanks for the suggestion, but can you plz guide me where I can see the sensor cable inside the car, I can see that it is going in the rear wheel arch through rubber grommet but how can I access it from inside of the car. Regards.
  13. HELP!!!!

    sorry, just realised that my post is duplicated, thanks for pointing out mate. managed to sort out the issue, much appreciate for your input. Regards.
  14. HELP!!!!

    as one issue has been sorted, the other is ready for the kind input. i was having the abs and traction control light, put the car on diagnostic and it gave me the error code of 30 31 and 32 on INPA, which i tracked to both rear sensors and one right hand front sensor. i have replaced both rear sensor but i am still having the error code. when i was changing the sensors, i noticed that the connector which was coming form car, was been covered in insulation tape, undid the tape and it appears that the wires were cut and covered. can any one plz advise the routing of the wires coming to the abs sensors so i can have a look and sort it. much appreciate your advice and support. regards.
  15. HELP!!!!

    thanks to all for the input in resolving the issue. i have sort it out. there was a cable coming from ignition to the lever which let engage the gear, image is taken from website to show the lever. i have wiggled the lever and steering rack, in the end undo the cable and put it back into the ignition switch, somehow it did the trick and freed the cable and enable to engage the gear.